Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas Decorations

So everyone has lovely Christmas Trees, decorations etc. You wouldn't know it was Christmas Here. I heard some people pay about 10,000 or was it 1,000 to put up lights in their house. I have no idea if it's true 'cause I never bothered.

Once during the holidays, my mum called me up, and I told her I was interested in getting a pretty Christmas tree. Then she asked me who would take it down. I saw a huge light bulb and realized that I was more lazy than I cared to stare at a plastic Christmas tree. (I can't imagine tying one to the roof of my car unless some people deliver which I doubt, 'cause I would have seen them do that on TV.)

So here are my Christmas decorations:

EXHIBIT A: (was a gift from my aunt): Christmas Flowers
I once watered the one on the right, like my grandma advised & it died much faster, like almost the next 3 days after watering. Maybe the temperature was bad. Anyways I kinda never watered again

off topic: TV Show: *smiles* a friend told me about it, so I plan to check it out, have you seen it?

Close Up:
I should probably just throw it away when the trash comes tomorrow

oh & this is what it should look like/ used to look like:
a random image from google, not mine, but they could pass for twins

EXHIBIT B: The Lonely Reindeer
One Christmas when my brother lived here, he got a reindeer, it was our only decoration. It stayed outside, alone, & lonely. I always joked it made eyes, at the two reindeer across the street. Before my neighbours used to go all out. Slowly one by one, as the year went out it became the usual dark street with no bright lights. This time a few just have Christmas plants on their Mailboxes, what are those plants called??? google sucks. Perhaps the Grinch lives in my neighbourhood & stole our Christmas spirit.

Here's my Rudolph:

That's all for today, see you tomorrow :)
oooh throwback picture from Christmas day, awwww look at my teeth before braces, I think it still looks similar to the current one i have now (cause you know this crap's gonna stay on for another year plus)


  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Bombchell Baby!!! The plants are called Poinsettas.

  2. Hahaa! My family loves the decorations.. when I was little my grandma had real trees! They'd be so tall we'd have to cut the top off! We're exact opposties in that aspect loll

  3. CCGroovy Poinsettas, definitely can't pronounce it, & havent heard the name lol.

    How cool!!!! WOW real trees!!!! how cool, that's pretty badass. I'll probably get into the spirit when I have kids.

  4. This post was hilarious cos i was lazy as hell to even bother to decorate my apartment but urs is PURE jokes cos ur reindeer looks like he's dying!!

  5. I like his show... Andrew Zimmer has a good one too.

  6. Aw, I am Muslim, so not Christmas for me...However, I always wanted a tree with pretty little lights, && decorations, but no such luck. Maybe when I get my own place.


  7. Merry Christmas Dear..
    A Happy New Year!

  8. I love that show girl ;) I like man vs food too. You look gorge btw

  9. haha oh noooo! poor poinsetta or however its spelled haha I am not a plant person either so don't worry. I am sure you did the best you could lol

  10. hey booski.. i miss you hope to see you soon
    (I was there briefly thanksgiving wknd)


    girl i am the grinch. I tried to get everyone to go to miami for Christmas but i dont have the spirit at all. But everyone was like Miami on Christmas... nooooo. so i'm bummed. no tree, no decorations, no stockings... i barely purchased gifts... oh well. maybe next year


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