Friday, December 31, 2010

Tumini's Birthday - Wednesday Halo Lounge Dec 22

For some reason I have decided not to photoshop any of my pictures. perhaps due to the fact that I'm super busy now, and I haven't posted everyday for the past days though I said I would.

A lot of people tell me I have great skin from my blog & I tell em it's makeup & photoshop. well these aren't photoshopped & I was having a crappy skin week!! (Can you imagine I got microdermabrasion at the spa, then I got breakouts!!!). Eitherways dont be deceived, I have spots on my face, i just cover it up well, imagine a dalmatians spots, now fade it out. yup you got me!

enough disclaimers :) this night was my girl Tumini's 24th birthday!! (she thinks she's now Old, but I'm still older so...) & apparently Luckie's is no longer hot on Wednesday (It's not even open), and Havana wasn't open. So we went to Halo, which was magically packed & no longer mellow halo (It's all VIP'd out etc celebs, blah, blah  on Wednesdays! who would have thought, gotta love Atlanta!)

So here are the pictures :)

As always: Getting ready pictures (aka goofy dorky shit)

Hmm people forget i have braces.... so...... (SEXAY!!!!!)

visible outfit:
* Top: American Apparel leotard * Blazer: Zara * Pants: American Apparel Disco Pants *

OK........... I'm done Cam-whoring: On to the Night:

My Ride: Nathan & Eddie
The crowd

The  FUN (all of us seemed to be wearing Blue & Black)
The Birthday Girl!! Tumini & her b.f.

b.f - Tumini & I

Peer Pressure

so cute there's a Male restroom, Female Restroom, & this restroom ;) lol

Gorgeous Mandy (lil sis) & I

The guys (lol the guy on the right is like me, Our eyes disappear when we smile! yay someone else!!)

Met some hotties: Dez & Miguel

Ok now someone said something crazy to Amanda. I wont point fingers I blame alcohol, but it was soo crazy & funny she ran away laughing when I took the picture.

The girls
The guys

Nope didn't go home, went to some after hours spot. Then.... finally went home super late & ate. smh. That night was so crazy, silly arguments, so much laughs or like Ify would say "catching trips" (Nigerian slang) so many crazy moments, and a lot of great people.

Happy Birthday Luv!! I'm so happy we're the good kind of similar ('cause you know people who have are too similar have a 50/50 chance of not hating eachother lol)

watch the stupidity unfold Our Twitters
*  Amanda ** Me  * Ify * Tumini * Eddie *

random: almost everyone in these pictures has a bb!! woot woot for team blackberry! bbm is the bomb!

WOOT WOOT TOMORROWS NYE, gonna be partying with 1999 people. & to all those coming to our event say hi :) tickets are sold out

Happy 2011 Y'all!


  1. How lovely! I love the bangs on you! They look gorgeous! So glad everyone had a good time!

  2. Photoshop or not you still look gorgeous hun:-)

  3. you always look so cute, ecspecially your hair! i cant wait to read about your nye!

  4. You looked fantastic..! And it seems everybody was enjoying themselves... that is what you are supposed to do when you are young and beautiful!!

  5. u look hot! Them red trousers are doing it for me haha.

    happy new year babes xxx

  6. you all look like you have the best times when you go out!!! Have a Happy new year and be safe!!!! 2011 is here already can you believe it?

  7. Miss you still look great!

    Love Grace.

  8. Miguel is sexy. I need to go out more in Atlanta!

  9. what you wore was very cute :) xoxo

  10. you guys look amazing!

    pls visit and follow my blog!


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