Friday, January 29, 2010

Jaimie's Atlanta Blogger Meetup @ Pappadeaux

So late last year Jamie from JustKissNMakeup held a blogger meetup for a few of us. It was Vampire themed (i didnt dress up though). I got to meet her sis Caityln who's a musician,

Kendall for the first time (who's now my bar hopping buddy) & Kendall's cousin.
It was a lot of fun, My first time at Pappadeaux!! omg it's sooooo great, it's sea food, and I'm obsessed with it. You should check it out & they have a to go menu.

we went to the one on:
Pappadeaux (Jimmy Carter)
5635 Jimmy Carter Blvd.
Norcross, GA 30071
(770) 849-0600
there are more locations so check for one near you.

camera fail lol


I love love love Jaimie! we're both obsessed with the same TV Shows, we have a online store together, live on skype until 4am and fight all the time like twins, though it's mostly about who Ian Somerhalder loves more. I'm glad I started this blog because it's help me meet a lot of great gals & some guys that I really love *insert awww....*

omg look at her makeup!! she's a badass makeup artist!!

I love Kendall!! we do the goofyiest ish when we're together!! we're going out this weekend, she's gonna try to get me drunk lol ('cause I've never really been).

Kendall also schooled me yesterday via skype on the 10 crack Commendments. lol yeah soooo sad I had never heard it. (Hip Hop Classic)

I got the:
Costa Rican Tilapia Lafayette grilled tilapia topped with fresh lump crabmeat, shrimp, tomatoes, capers & basil in beurre blanc with fresh green beans & spaghetti squash . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 oz. 19.95 . . . . . .7 oz. $16.95

Can you believe this is the 7oz smaller version!!! I loved it!!! I want it again, who want's to go to Pappadeaux's (the menu)

omg this is the desert menu!!! We played a vamp game, and I won, so Jaimie bought me creme brulee

Jaimie's makeup blog
Kendall's beauty blog
Caitlyn's music blog

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
Love Bombchell!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Best Designed Jersey Shore Quotes on Tees

Jersey Shore might have just ended but I'm glad they'll be coming back for another season, with their crazy drama!! OMG did any of you watch the reunion?? & dont forget the crazy quotes. Me & My girl Jaimie have a store: Mimi Deux we decided to design some Jersey Shore inspired shirts because like most of our friend's we are obsessed with the show! So for now Enjoy these quality made shirts that are under $25 bucks :)

(images are clickable)

"You Stalk My Whole Life" Tee

Snookie's quote: "My dream man is Italian, dark, muscles, juice-head, guido"

 The "Snooking For Love" below was a valentine special, so we made few & its currently sold out, but if more people contact us about it, we'll produce more.

We're currently working on more badass designs & fabulous finds for all you beauty lovers & tv addicts enjoy. Time to go fist pump, lol more like study for my midterm ick. lol

Love Bombchell

ps: after you buy your shirts, you can send us pictures in your shirts to !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Winner of the Battle of the Plastics: ImogenFoxyLocks

Winner: ImogenFoxLocks  with 38% of the votes (294 votes)

congratulations love!!! I hope you have a lot of fun with your $80 Mac or Sephora gift certificate:)

Honorary Mentions
Runner Up: Niki & Evan: with 18% (140 votes)  --- also winner of 1st male entry
2nd Runner Up: Fancy Bytch with 7% (57 votes)

Jaimie- winner of first female entry


Thank you all for playing in the Battle of the Plastics I really appreciate it, it was a lot of fun for me, and I'm glad both the contestants & viewers enjoyed it too. *whew* no more battles until the end of the year, perhaps just giveaways :) It was a lovely fight!

Love Bombchell

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How A Bombchell Should be kissed on Valentine's Day

so far I think this is the best kiss scene in any movie! Leap Year (2010) with Amy Adam & Matthew Goode . if you think you can do better, or you've seen better tell me about it below in the comments section.

alt video link , movie info matter her age

 ... or if the lights are on ...or off

but alas this is the only action this bombchell & you will be getting this valentine's day ;)

Love Bombchell
images in order sourcesource, source, source

Comment Competition
- Oz suggested this kiss from Penelope --- hubba hubba

-Moyo suggested the scene from The Proposal! it's so romantic watch it here (embedding isnt allowed so I couldnt put it on my blog)

....or watch the bootleg version

Meet The Cast of Vampire Diaries in ATL, LA & NJ

A lot of you on twitter know I debated watching Vampire Diaries or abc's new show The Deep End. But I'm a Vamp fan!! and during the episode Wendy from q100 announced that the cast is having a meet up at Cobb. (not Cobb Galleria, or Cumberland mall, but they meant the Town Center Mall at Cobb in Kennesaw).


Town Center at Cobb
400 Ernest W Barrett Pkwy, Suite 100
Kennesaw, GA 30144

(770) 424-9486

So... do any of you want to go? Meet Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley and the rest of The CW's The Vampire Diaries cast this Saturday

for more info:
sites: Q100 listing, wierd info from Hot Topic about buying a $25 dollar shirt etc, for other states CW.

I'm not fond of driving 35minutes to Kennesaw, and if it's a huge crowd I'd be pissed, BUT if it's a small crowd, OMG maybe I'll carry some crazy sign lol for them to take a pic with it ;)

Jaimie let's go!!!! And any other Atl people that wanna go leave me a comment, and we could all go :)
ps: my girl Jaimie is doing a very naughty giveaway on her blog, A Taste of Posion Paradise. It's sooooo cute!! she's giving a way a whip *it's pink* , dirty dice (ugh some chic in college never returned mine to me >_<), & edible body powder!! how cute!!! you should check it out!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Would you ever buy party clothes at walmart?

time for a non contest blog update!!!

Ive done it all at walmart, nails, hair, pharmacy, pictures, college equipment, we hungout there when we were bored, Subway, McDonalds etc, BUT i NEVER thought I'd buy clothes at walmart, like party; hangout at a bar; cool clothes; (socks don't count) & but worst of all I bought the Miley Cyrus' brand from Walmart.

*hides face*

how did this happen???
well cruising down the store, saw a bunch of cute clothes,&  it said Miley & Max Azria. but I refused to buy walmart clothes, *snob whatever* I might watch Disney shows but c'mon wear Miley Cyrus?! THEN I saw these gorgeous pants!! you know the ones that look like jeans but are actually tights/ leggings, with pockets on them? so that way we can pretend we're not hoochie? yup those ones!! they were on sale for $7!!! from $20. So of course I got both colors in black & one in grey. & did some extra walmart clothing shopping ;)

I now wear those grey pants ALL the time. I think I need to buy more so I'll rotate, have one for Monday, another for Tuesday etc lol.  oooh ooh I wore it on a date, & I have pictures!!

Its a badass line & its affordable, about $10-$20 (both images link to each product & 3rd to collection)

Anyways I love it!! & whenever ppl ask,  I happily  answer
"oh are those the Express pants?" and I go.. "nope got these at walmart for $7." lol

I hadnt figured out how to use my tripod then!! hence the great angle of the pants.

old shirt . forever 21 ♥  peach  tanktop . LA fashion district ♥  Pants. Walmart $7boots: shoeland: $20
*I was on a cheap roll that week, u shoulda seen me, it was beauriful!*

I dont do FOTD's because I wear almost the same exact makeup everyday. I've explained what I normally use  in this past post.

my computer keeps freezing so I cant add more pics from the night.

ps: if you think you might gain 6.7lbs within a month, trust me, take my advice & don't get them extra tight, cuz where the V meets, will tear! lol edited for KillaCam ur pants might rip *not that I would know* but I no longer have my black ones #I'mJustSayin.

Love Bombchell!
*welcome new readers- Ive already met pretty cool people like trueblood addicts, and Jemima J lovers*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


due to the fact that I have close relationships with a lot of the contestants some online, and some in person, after consulting several people, I believe the fairest way to determine a winner is to make it an OPEN VOTE.  meaning that the most voted Plastic entry will win.

The Votes & Number of the contestants are in Alphabetical order.  I have also made a collage in alphabetical order to remind you about each of the entries 1-17. If you want to see more of their pictures before you vote, here's entries Part 1 & Part 2. I have tried to be really fair, and have enjoyed this contest immensely & I hope you have to, so let's pick the best plastic.

This is the final battle! lets see who melts in the next 5 days. so vote. each person can vote only once, for one person.

(alt image link)

You can share this link with you're friends, and family to also vote.

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLASTIC below based on the rules of the contest. Goodluck & thanks for joining the battle.

(i believe this is one of the hardest contests to pick from because there are so many great entries, & lol I'm not being partial!)



$80 Gift Card Sponsored by

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Contest Surprise! a bigger prize thanks to !!!

Hello Ladies, I previously told you I had a lovely surprise!! I wanted to wait until the contest was over to announce it. The prize has been doubled! yes I said doubled! so that means who ever wins the battle of the plastics will win an $80 M.A.C Cosmetic gift card or an $80 Sephora gift card (depending on their choice) as opposed to the original $40 gift card :).

The owners of this fabulous website which I've been on since the started their website suggested that they would love to also sponsor the contest by doubling the prize because enjoyed the entries, appreciated the effort, creativity & saw the contestants were having fun. I definitely jumped on that, but didn't want to announce it yet to be fair to those who had already turned in entries.

do check out their website, it's pretty cool, it's like an advanced version of twitter, with facebook as it's mistress. You can keep track of your conversations when you @reply, see a sample of an image when someone posts a link, watch videos via links on Kukurooku rather than go to another site like what happens on twitter. if you join definitely add me :) @Bombchell. It's pretty fun with friends because you can sign in via Ning, Live & even twitter!!! It's pretty badass site so check it out!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last of the gorgeus Plastics

wow  the battle of the plastics is almost over! I cannot believe the amount of creativity that all the ladies & gents put into this. I'm so happy you decided to play. There are 18 total plastic entries with 19 lovely plastics.

I decided to split them into two groups, the last 3 entries from last week & the last of the plastics that made the deadline. numbers #10-18.   (click her for Part 1: entries #1-9)

& ps I will be announcing  a lovely surprise soon in relation to the main prize ;)

last week
10. Dith (blog) : as a rich dumb housewife. girl tell that hubby of your's I want to come too!! or just put me in your purse & let's fly away together! :)

11. Pop Champagne (blog): wow I'm totally blown away, loving the limo look, omg & look at her puppy. It's titled "A Reality Star Nobody," :sniff: so plastic & creative, my heart melts.

12. Sarah (blog): yay I was so excited to receive this entry today, such a lovely plastic doll, isn't she gorgeous!!! once I saw those lovely lashes I knew I had a crush!

Last  &  Final Plastic Entries

13. Nneka (blog) 80's Plastic!! how creative! she totally revived the whole 80's hip hop style with a plastic barbie twist. The new plastics are trying to melt the others.

14. Parisky (blog) wow. dear barbies this doll is out to get you! doesn't she look like an immaculate porcelain doll! Look at the one were she blows the kiss, isn't it amazing!!

15. Vanisha Dailey (blog):  love that you twists in her hair, & the bright makeup. aww isnt the last picture adorable!

16. Imogen Foxy Locks (blog) have you seen that movie with Tyra were the doll becomes real & cute. I think ImogenFoxyLocks definitely captured barbie in real life!! the battle just keeps heating up!! wow

17. Niki & Evan (blog) yay!!! omg I was beyond beyond excited to receive this. I got this at 11.42pm right before the contest ended, We have out first & only honorary male plastic!!! I love him so much & Niki of course too is gorgeous with her loving blade. I badly want to put both of them in my tv & pretend their a sitcom! they are beyond Stepford & plastic!!

18 KarBearPrincess (blog):  Last but not the least all the way from the Jersy Shore our honorary guidette!!! if you watch mtv's "Joisey Shaw" you know their all about being super fake. & she's quite funny.

**she supports the Bump it, Victoria secret is her bible, lots of eyeliner, her glammed heels "ducky" phone, and she's fist pumping all her way into the battle of the contest.**

wow 18 lovely & creative entries. & :sniff: 19 of the most beautiful plastics I've ever laid my eyes on. I couldn't have asked for a more perfect group of people. In a dream world, we would all live in one pretty pink bubble, the barbies, dolls, guidettes, stepford wives, husbands, reality stars and just plain fake boobs & lashes people & we'd have a heck of a party!!!

hope yall enjoyed the entries as much as I did, dont forget to check out their blogs, & keep posted for the surprise :)

Love Bombchell