Thursday, February 25, 2010

California Dreamin (part 1) Santa Monica

Meet My Awesome Italian Friends:
Valentino & Antonio
I've always visited LA since I was a kid, but apart from Disneyland, SixFlags & other theme parks I never did the touristy stuff. Until now! It was pretty cool to see all the places you hear about. (one day I should do the touristy stuff in Atlanta too).

Valentino was our guide, and he's one of the coolest & nicest people I know. Antonio was so funny, he just flew in from Italy the night before, and this was his first time in America, he didn't speak much English, and I don't know any Italian so it was a lot of fun, frustration with the language barrier, laughs, only Italian food, and tons of alcohol :)

first up the world famous Santa Monica Pier
200 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401-3126
(310) 458-8900
Looking down

Bubba Gump  Shrimp Company

Me :)

omg childhood memories!!!! I remember these were all the rage!!
Reminded me of Sex & the City

I took this pic because people where fishing on the pier - cool

Then we went to Muscle Beach! which was a close drive from the pier.

Hola Papi!! Hey Sexi!
People were really working out!! I was like? For real? this is like TV.
didn't want to bore yall with more workout/ equipment pictures. But it's crazy it's like a free gym in the heat, right by the beach. crazy!

You know what holidays mess up your workout, before this trip I used to hit the gym like it was a drug. Then during the trip I was freaked out there wasn't a gym on day 1. After this trip I went back to couch potato mode, Its quite hard to start working out when you stop.
LMAO!!!! Y'all Want Some Medical Marijuana? 

Dr's In! but We didn't go In.

We decided to go eat, drink & be merry!

We went to Il Fornaio della Spiaggia. Valentino had been there several times & liked it. The food was great, our waiter was hilarious and so nice, hey he complimented me a lot so I love him!. He kept speaking Italian to EVERY GUEST regardless of if you spoke English, Italian, French or Chinese. He could speak English but he would often reply you in Italian, and the guests had no clue if he understood their order & he would look at us and laugh, It was hilarious,.
We sat on the Patio
I don't remember how many bottles we had, so much bruschetta, and a ton of  other food & dessert. I remember there was this sexy man seating across from me, feeling so cool in his shades lol.

Antonio's Sampler

My delicious Plate! I finished it all!

I love this picture :)

Valentino - our awesome host :)
California Dreamin - thinking of you baby!!!

Can you see our AWESOME waiter on the left - Il Fornaio
If you want to go there, it's right opposite the beach
Il Fornaio della Spiaggia
1551 Ocean Avenue
(across from the Santa Monica Pier)
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Phone: 310.451.7800
More info from LA Times CalendarLive

Best dishesFried squid, stuffed focaccia, roasted artichokes, grilled salmon, chicken cooked under a brick, Tuscan chicken, affogato.
Of NoteMorning pastries and lunch weekdays. Dinner daily. Brunch weekends.
PaymentAmerican Express , Discover , MasterCard , Visa
PricesAppetizers, $5 to $10; pastas, $10 to $16; main courses, $13 to $19. Corkage $10.

however they have several other locations allover California & one in Washington, Vegas, Colorado, Virginia etc, checout their website.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! thought of you while I was there :)
Lol by the time we left Antonio was singing -- "I'm drunk in California...!!!" lmao

....then we drove to Malibu

Friday, February 19, 2010

Are you hiding?

I know I am. One of the hardest things to do is to fully be myself. It's much easier to follow a safe path, rather than venture out into the unknown. It's much easier to fantasize.  It's much harder to be yourself when what you are is not the status quo. It's so hard believe & chase a dream when I'm so scared of failure; negative judgement by those close to me, and filled self-doubt. But perhaps fighting those fears, and embracing your light is what it means to truly grow up.

"No one lights a lamp in order to hide it behind a door" but isnt that what we do? we should all seek the courage to stop hiding our lights.

I don't know much people who have fully accepted who they are, flaws & all. I haven't met people who truly follow their passions & chase their dreams. Most of us are still running, avoiding who we are.

I guess it's all about weighing options, in my case I don't have a kid to consider, a husband to worry about, I only have me but yet I'm filled with excuses. And still don't have the guts to say "Fuck it! This is what I am, This is my passion, This is what I want" but I'm taking baby steps.

To the few living without masks, shining your lights brightly & letting yourselves grow, congratulations!

image source
quote from one of my favorite authors- Paulo Coelho in - The Witch of Portobello - which u can read the first chapter legally & for free here.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm with Stupid!

I love the new Diesel campaign "Be stupid". & I find it pretty funny. so I'm posting  most of them for today's Non Mundane Mondays. Enjoy.

"Smart may have the brains, but Stupid has the balls"

lol you know you've taken pictures too! & probably sent it *I'm just sayin*

Stupid Is Creative!

for more:

Friday, February 12, 2010

How to Put on a Condom & Fun Sex Awareness Videos (F.L.F)

SEX: religion, morals, schools and everyone says abstain from it if you're not married. How I see it people are gonna do it regardless like they've done throughout history, so if you're gonna do it, do it right &safely.

I'm obsessed with movies, soap operas etc. So today's Freakin.Love.Friday is entertaining & educational. It's a mix of soap opera style short sex (/ sex ed) movies & videos on how to put a condom (male condoms). so save this page & show it to your friends.

**no porn ...PG 13**
Prevention is better than cure.

Video 1: Jasmine & trifling Paul

I remember questioning a friend, on if she had asked her then-current-guy if he had been tested, she laughed like I had lost my mind, and told me it wasn't sexy to ask him that. I was like fuck being sexy, you better ask him & kill that moment, rather than wake up with some STD

Video 2: How to Use a Condom Correctly
(((edited: CORRECT VIDEO)))

Video 3: Christina and Ruben/ Rueben & Tim (ATL I see u!! lol just wrap it up)

I dont see why people are shy too ask. If you're planning to screw his / her brains out you better man up & ask if they've been tested. Shit ask to see the test. Best believe I dragged a guy i was dating to get tested for HIV (fuck trust I wasn't taking his word. some "Ripleys believe it or not" could happen & I'd catch it from "kissing" him), he respected me for it, we went on a free HIV testing night here in ATL, STD testing was a diff day, and I looked at that result *whew* he wasn't lying lol. I might have a brain and all but best belief I used to be scared I'd catch something of my ex roommate cuz we shared the same toilet. 40 ppl in a yr was a tiny bit much.

A lot of college campuses do free testing, when you go to your gyno you could also tell them to test everything, std, hiv, breast lumps, herpes, trust me I dont play, even if you think someone is the virgin mary better get them tested!!!

Video 4: How to use a condom (it makes references to uncircumcised penises)

I'm gonna beat it into you! over & over again! (oh gosh that sounded dirty >_<) Video 5: How to use a condom --- Ladies this has a Valentine's feel

Last Video 6: Theresa & Luis

sure we've all done stupid shit *guilt* be it kissing a random person you just met or more.  but it's a new year, we're all grown, so protect yourself, get tested, get your partner tested 'cause fucking without protection is so 90's. this is the 21st century experiment with different condoms and stop being shy. & if no one wants to teach you, watch these videos over & over again & practice with bananas, carrots, and cucumbers. and ask your dr to be sure, but if your like me & your uncle is your dr, then just watch these over & over again.

Sources & Additional Info
***All the amazing hot & educational soap opera videos are by Safe In The City: website, youtube page.
**Above image: Violet Blue (sex blogger, link: modern guide to safe sex free download! 18+)
*** condom info
** Planned Parenthood: Condom facts like 2 out of 100 people can get preggers when used correctly & how to limit this
So what's your experience in the dating world been like when it comes to condoms & stds etc?

hope you enjoyed this :)
Love Bombchell

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bombchell's Unofficial Valentine Meetup in ATL on Feb 13th

FEB 13TH EDIT: because of the snow, we will not be able to meet at 2pm but if it melts some ladies are still willing to do the movie or everything at a later time. guess we have to improvise :) I'll hit everyone via cell or email

Hi yall

I'm having a mini-Meetup on the 13th. which is this Saturday. So far it will me Me, Jaimie, Cait, & Jill. So come join the 4 of us :)

We will all first meet at Lush Cosmetics in Lenox mall . Lush is having an all day event, where they'll give out gifts, snacks etc. & from there, we'll go across to Phipps Plaza to watch the movie Valentine.  This should be a lot of fun.

here are some pictures from a previous Lush event at a perimeter mall.
dont  have high hopes for this weekends Lush event, because that was their grand opening lol, so I doubt there'll be half naked men or women but I'll be happy with any free gift & awesome discount. and meeting awesome people.

I'm so...... excited to see the movie Valentine! which I posted about here.

If You Are Interested in Coming:
Comment below/ email me ( It's open to everyone, all ages, bloggers, those on twitter, facebook, readers etc.

Kendall & @60watz you better bring your asses here! lol unless ur also booed up on saturday.

Love Bombchell

Monday, February 8, 2010

Very Funny Point-of-View Videos (college humor)

I'm really excited about these videos for Non Mundane Mondays. I really loved these videos and found them hilarious, so hopefully this will cheer up your week, and give you a little clue into the male or female mind from these P.O.V videos

All of today's videos are created by CollegeHumor

Video 1: guy's P.O.V Your First Kiss (on a date)

Video 2: POV Girl Buys Condoms

Video 3: POV Guy Buys Condoms ..... lol I hope must of you guys don't do this!

Video 4: POV: Really Hot Girl. (lol smack yourself if your also guilty of thinking a few of the things she said)

Video 5: POV Guy stuck in history class: (LMAO shame on you for thinking this. lol I admit the clock thing has happened to me!! I'm like dang!! 2hrs 30mins. I look up omg 2hrs 28mins!)

another non pov funny video
Video 6: Why Girls Don't fart!

you can watch more videos by College Humor on their youtube page, main site, twitter, or facebook.

Hope you all enjoyed these videos, stop by next Monday for more videos, and heck out past ones.
Love Bombchell

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Badass Fafi x Adidas Leather Jacket

so I was on 80's Purple, and I saw this badass fafi leather jacket & fell in love!! I just called the adidas store by my house, they don't have it yet, but the current season is on sale.
so these are from the Adidas/ Fafi Spring/ Summer 2010 Collection! You know I love fafinettes! C'mon I was even a fafinette for Halloween.
other image sources: Fafi's blog, Hypebeast, & High Snobette.
They also have other apparel & sneakers.

My fave kicks! wtf are kicks?? I need to go to, is it just Nike, converse, or everything: Stan Smith
According to fafi
all the pieces are inspired by my own closet, stuff I founded in vintage stores or during my trips. This is a very colorful spring/summer 2010 collection to celebrate the end of a cold winter, good times with friends, get noticed at airports and music festivals!
The lady at the adidas store said she can see some of the stuff, but she's not sure if the jacket will come to the store at Lenox, I really hope so, so I can get it & my fave sneakers above (the 1st one)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Beautiful Agony: facettes de la petite mort (F.L.F)

I haven't done Freakin.Love.Friday's in a while! where art and naughtiness come to play and get you ready for the weekend. So I decided to start this year off with a bang.
pic stolen from amero

Have you heard of Beautiful Agony, if you have, naughty.... naughty..... It's basically a site where people take their "O" faces a.k.a during orgasm. and It also has videos. So you can see a picture of someone or a video of their face/ shoulders while they have sex or masturbate, but you only see their face, expressions, hear their voice, breathing patterns etc. male, female, couples sometimes etc. So it's not your typical porn. I guess there's nothing wrong in watching faces, you look at my pretty face everyday, but the difference is you know what their doing, and it might get you off mentally or creatively.

Buzz Humor has a Scarlett Johansson Look Alike, you can watch it there free
1. Scarlette Johansen here
or here

2. LOL this video is funny!! couldnt finish it I got to finish this post

3. Bad ass song by Jean-Michel Jarre called Beautiful Agony!

According to barepause
La petite mort, French for "the little death", is a reference for the refractory period following sexual orgasm. The term has generally been interpreted to describe the post-orgasmic fainting spells or unconsciousness some lovers experience after an intense orgasmic experience. More widely, it can refer to the spiritual release that comes with orgasm, or a short period of melancholy or transcendence, as a result of the expenditure of the "life force".

I'm not crazy about porn, i prefer litereotica, what can i say? I'm truly a geek. watched it with some friends and we hated the story line (yea yea people dont watch it for story lines). I would rather watch a movie like Unforgivable, Trois or maybe Zane on cinemax with a truck load of sex than just bad porn. So if i to watch porn, I'd skip the hardcore bumping uglies, and watch the pretty stuff.

So if you ever wondered what people looked like while they orgasm, and regular people as a matter of fact, then this site is for you. Or if your just curious.
ps: it's a paid site
pps: you can submit yours

Site: Beautiful Agony

that's all for today's Freakin Love Fridays ;)
Love Bombchell

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Neighbor

edited Feb 10:

background image on my letter was by Gary Minish and he'll send me anonymous insults or maybe worse if I dont take it down. So I'll put up a different letter later.

95% of the time I always use creative commons images, and do not intend to steal anyone's work or take credit for it, and everyone knows Im super crazy about crediting everyone on the net cause I know what it's like when people steal my shit.even when it's creative commons, I sometimes email the people letting them know i used it. & I always try to find stuff that can be modified, so If I made a mistake my bad! but dont come at me anon, when you can be polite about it, I said the background was buy u, and linked it, didnt know it couldnt be modified, found it on a different site, and went above and beyond to find the artists website to link, hence from my linking him, he found this, and left me some anonymous comment on Formsping! formspring!! yup formspring, where people anonymously ask me crazy questions like if im a virgin; my favorite food, or makeup tips . Thanks man for using email, and I woulda probably been apologizing profusely. now Im just irritated.

Have your neighbors done anything to piss you off? I really almost put half of this letter in their mailbox. *sigh*

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When A Bombchell Falls...

... she falls very hard.

Garrett Neff for the S/S 2010 campiagn of Blanco photographed by Hunter & Gatti (source)

song: When I Fall in Love - Nat King Cole

I can't help it. I'm always optimistic. I love hard.  I let my guard down. I keep trying because when the right person comes, I want to give my all, with no guards. But  the more times I fall & hurt myself, the more scared I am of getting up to try again.

...she falls freely
(movie: The Notebook)

....sometimes blindly

...& she falls over & over again.

Daniel Henney (from Seducing Mr Perfect)

... she falls deeply & passionately with everything in life & it's sometimes overwhelming lust ... in love .... with hope ... in heartbreak ...and in love again

James Blake (my sister is so sad Australian Open is over, she actually watched it for the sports) I remember him  from when he had the dreads! my limited tennis knowledge. gosh he's beautiful!

while starting this post, I was watching vh1's Storyteller's for the 1st time with John Mayer, and this song came on. & I thought how perfect for this post! it just fitted the mood & vibe. Your body is wonderland :)

...but no matter what! though it might take some time, she'll stand up high again ;) cuz that's what we do

Love Bombchell!