Friday, March 19, 2010

Do NOT take a lifelong learning class or Workshop at Emory University

I'm still on a blogging break, but just a warning to those in the Atlanta that I advised to take the Creative Writing Program at Emory. (and others looking for higher learning courses)

I am retracting my statement. The professor is cool so that's not what I'm against.

BUT if you take the program be it Fundamentals of Golf I, Latin Dancing, Sailing — Just for the Fun of It, or the $400 Creative Writing Workshop I.
Weapon of Choice 1 to use on the Bitch: Hello Kitty Saw

MAKE SURE YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ATTEND THE CLASS. and even if you hate the first class, they dont give fuck, no refunds.

All I'm saying is be careful, If you're in an accident; will be out of the country; need to take care of somebody; hated the class; or just want you're money back,etc. NO re-nigging. Your money's pretty much gone. So just pretend you're donating money to the program. unless they receive

"Written withdrawal requests (email, fax, mail) must be received before 5PM, five days prior to class start date, in order to receive a refund less a $25 processing fee."

I should have listened to a friend who warned me about the program though for other reasons.
Weapon of Choice 2 to use on the Bitch: Hello Kitty AR 15

if you know u'll be present for all 5 days of classes, and have a measly 400 dollars to spare, check out their exciting classes, and they are also affiliated with one of the best universities in the country, so this will be very enriching.

don't forget to contact Donna Samia ( or Christopher Yu , who will be so happy to help you sign up and assist you with any sign up problems :)
yall have a fun day.
Evening at Emory
going back to my blogging sabbatical. I need to de-steam so

- going shopping to Fredricks of Hollywood with my girls.
- had a blast on St. Patty's day
- & i'll pray for the bitches that work at that office who can use my money to snort some fucking coke or adderall for all i care.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga's Telephone Official Vid feat Beyonce

wow I have to admit I'm pretty blown away. This video collaboration with Lady Gaga & Beyonce lives up to the hype! It's so creative, and I want every costume & outfit in it. Amazing video, some parts are a bit.... nudish but it's gaga, it's expected.

ps: look at the bottom right of the video, beside the speakers, you can change the quality up to HD!!

I think this collabo is way better than the Beyonce's VideoPhone  video that had both of them in it. Did you see the makeup. they looked like dolls.

I love the gender bending etc. & her jail scene tough look.


- the part about her not having a dick ala all the rumors

- My siblings wondered if Beyonce would only have one costume change since, Lady Gaga only had one in the B video

- y'all have to be honest, lady Gaga looked super skinny, like Sarah Jessica Parker uncomfortable skinny, almost anorexic in the B video. BUT in the dance scene in the Gaga vid, she looked normal size & gorgeous as always, and B looked a bit chubby.

*sigh* gosh I hope all the B & Gaga stans dont try to jump me!! fuck its my blog & I'll be honest!! stans or not. however that was the only scene & I giggled

- I loved the ad placements. PlentyOfFish (dating site), Virgin mobile (do we have Virgin in the US???), Coke, Polaroid etc

I cant think of a video more creative than this. I have to give it to Gaga & B they are fabulous entertainers.

Thanks to Vevo for their amazing clear quality!!! what did you think of the video? It's like a cool movie right?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Restaurant Week, Eat cheap in Buckhead & Don't have an affair in NC

quick random info I just found out about.

1. If you are in Atlanta. Apparently it's Buckhead Restaurant Week. This week from Saturday March 6th - Sunday, March 14th. You can go to participating Buckhead restaurants & east a 3 course meal for only $25 !!!!!! pretty badass

some participating restaurants are: Blue Pointe, Ruth's Chris Steak House, Pricci, & A lot more fab restaurants.

I'll probably stop by some with friends this weekend. check the website out for more info on participating restaurants.

2. If you live in certain states like North Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New Mexico, South Dakota and Utah. You might want to think twice before having an affair with a married man or woman. Remember the  commandment "Thou shall not covet thy neighbours wife?" Well it's kinda like that lol.

This law is called Criminal Conversion. & they can sue your ass for sleeping with their spouse.
Criminal conversation is the name for a civil lawsuit sounding in tort (a kind of injury to the person) based on sexual intercourse between the defendant and the plaintiff’s spouse.

It all sounds crazy, so if you have a bad spouse, and you don't want to divorce, but want to make them pay move to one of those states. people have gotten thousands on dollars and some over a million. Crazy! Though you should not be with someone who is taken. It might be tempting but anyone in a relationship that wants to cheat with you is a bastard and doesn't deserve you.

& you know in case your spouse isn't cheating but you still want to sue someone, how about you aim for
Alienation of Affection
An action for alienation of affection, on the other hand, does not require proof of extramarital sex. Despite this difference, an alienation claim tends to be more difficult to establish because it is comprised of more elements and there are some additional defenses. To succeed on an alienation claim, the plaintiff has to show that (1) the marriage entailed love between the spouses in some degree; (2) the spousal love was alienated and destroyed; and (3) defendant’s malicious conduct contributed to or caused the loss of affection.

That's all folks.

PS: Wet Willies is now open in Atlanta. It's in Lindberg by Tongue & Groove, and Taco Mac, I'm back on Blackberry Messenger. woohoo. & Dating is complicated! Took a creative writing course & I love it!!!!!!!! I'm so excited to start writing.

cheating sources info: one & two.