Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lovin Leopard/ Cheetah Nails

I'm currently digging ... Leopard/ Cheetah Nails.

so i did a DIY on my chipping nail polish and it's cute :) my base is purple, pink inside, and black outline. but only 4 fingers are done, ring & pinky fingers.

1. My fav color combination

the chick's outfit & nails look pretty badass (link)

2. You know I love dark colors. (WahNails). I Love Love this!!!!! (the grey appears to be a matte nail polish)

3. POW!!! non leopard but still loving it (link)

4. Colors (phreshpaints)

5. Colors (WahNails)

6. Do It Yourself Tutorial

Hope you enjoyed this, or got inspired to try it out :)
edit: Ladies you should check out Sally Hansen's Nail Art Pen, they look like felt tip coloring pens, but have nail polish in them and you can design whatever you want. That's what I used. then a top coat on top.

so this should make it easier if you dont have a steady hand. (it's sold in all stores, walmart, cvs, etc and online in various shades)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Twist Restaurant with Kendall

Kendall (her blog) & I were having a girls night out, to bitch about guys, eat, drink, flirt, goof off etc. At first we went to Tequila something, formerly called LOLA. but it didn't have much going on, so we went to Twist.
Pretty Kendall came to pick me!!!

Twist Tapas Restaurant
3500 Peachtree Road Northeast
Atlanta, GA 30326-1236
(404) 869-1191

Twist is one favorite hangout spots in Atlanta. It's located in Buckhead (which is a nice neighbourhood), gosh I think I know the menu there. I go there all the time. Like the post on Ashleigh's birthday, I go there on dates (noonish), hang with friends, drink.

Imagine my surprise when I found out they were having an all you can eat!! fo only $10 bucks. I had the whole menu about 2 or3 or 4 times. I can't remember. lol yeah it was earlier this year.

That's all folks!

ugh It's allergy season! I sound like crap! red eyes! sinus!! so not sexy.

Monday, April 12, 2010

my head is all mushy

I love books!! well novels, especially romance. I started as a kid, and I don't see the point in stopping now. I'm already a hardcore romantic so why not keep sipping the koolaid?

Books are totally orgasmic. I get soo happy when I enter a bookstore, totally delirious. so Last time I was at Borders Bookstore, I was asking people on my blackberry messenger to suggest books. And one of my lovely friends Temi who has been on my blog a few times, suggested I try an author, but I had never heard of her. sooooo........

She sent me her collection of the author by mail, and threw in an author we both liked. A book a night. these are 17 ways to keep me happy, jaded, and a total mush. This is probably the worst time to deal with guys, they all have Spring Fever, and are trying to seduce & bed every girl, but my head's in the clouds!

you know I love love movies! well I love novels more, it's like a day long movie. and yup I've declined to go on dates because I was reading a novel. dorky & proud :)

Off to shower!! trying to plan something fun for my buffday.

Thanks again boo!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

This made me smile.

As a kid I easily remembered the approximation 22/7, but this diagram might have been easier. Just like I used my fingers for my 9 times table (multiplication).

ooh for those who don't know the 9x table trick, i found a video :) 

now you know :)

links: [chicagonow][geekologie]