Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hanging in Atl with my girls from London - Kili, Brenda & Mary

So for the past two weeks I've been hanging with my cousin Kili, an her two friends Mary & Brenda, who are pretty cool.  Some of yo might remember the last time my cuz visited from london in this post: shopping in Atl. It was Mary & Brenda's first time in ATL, and my first time meeting them so had to show them a good time ;) Therefore we partied every night, ate a truck load, shopped, flirted and still woke up in time to go church at 8.30am. Then we went to Miami. I just came back on Monday from Mia, and they went back to London.

so of course I have some non incriminating pictures to share of our holiday.

sadly my camera died!!! I left my charger in DC so I couldn't be in d much pictures!!!! and cam whore! *tear drops*
Meet the Girls

Summer 2010 - London Girls

hmm I just realized that most of my friends have two names or Nicknames. so It might be confusing at times.

so here's a quick cheat sheet.

Me: Michelle "Bombchell"
Kili / Valerie
Mary/ Carmen
Brenda (@brehanna)

My other cousins that live in ATL that you've seen:
Nneka/ Victoria
Cynthia/ NK

lmao!! I know....... confusing. random info: I have 2 middle names, and my paternal and maternal families call me a different name from all my friends *shrugs*

took them to phipps plaza - so not affordable!!! they have Jimmy Choo, Tiffany's, Saks, Versace etc

then we at at Twist - the Thai curry is my favorite, and became the groups favourite, though I super loved the mac & cheese, and the rotisserie was cool. Our waiter was funny (well except the part he kept spitting on us :( and I kept calling him the wrong name for half our lunch)


My fave food at Twist Tapa's Atlanta is the Thai Curry with Shrimp, Chicken & Korean Noodles
with Baby Bok Choy………$12 (pictured above)

then headed to lenox to shop, went to hang out with some friends from Texas, who were here for the Atlanta greek picnic hosted by Tiwaworks.

then they gushed when we met Dexter and his friends. lol I kept laughing 'cause many of us see Atlanta as the Black San Fransisco/ Black Hollywood. Atl's mostly black, but I'm prety much used to it that I forget people from other cities aren't used to seeing this many black people, it's a lot of fun, oooh and Atl also has a lot of black gay guys, which you get used to seeing when you move here. Just like you get used to seeing a ton of black celebs daily. so when I see a white flamboyant gay guy or white celeb it's soooo out of the norm, I stare like it's magic because I'm so fascinated.

most of the pictures in this post are from Brenda's Canon DSLR, hence they are so nice & we both arent in much of the pictures. in case you wanna know:

Brenda's camera is a Canon EOS 1000D

then we went home to rest: more Twist to come, pool party, & Miami pictures.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fuck Me Pumps

So a while ago I bought these bad ass F Me Pumps! (ps: Amy Winehouse has a cool song by the same name)

I was inspired by this scene in Secret Diary of a Call girl. couldn't figure out who the designer was for the black patent shoe with pink soles (I've seen yellow, red, maybe blue, but not pink), so if you know the designer do say.

Anyways so I googled!! & ended up buying the shoes via amazon because they were cheaper in my size. Apparently they are stripper shoes or similar, like I care. BUT OMG the stiletto heel is 5 3/4 inches, almost 6 inches!!! I'm almost 5'8 tall so do the math.

It's cute so I got it more for fun, than usability. However my cousin is about 5'5 and got plane black ones, and they don't look as dramatic. It feels funny & super high on, but everyone else that wears it looks normal to me.

Shop here: for 47.25 (was $65)

2. Amazon


reminds me of Dorothy & the wizard of Oz.

3. The main official website for Bordello shoes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Re- Count!! Correct American Apparel Winner & 2nd winner ISAAC

whoops. Thanks to an anonymous comment, I realized the winner in the last entry that I posted a few minutes ago was wrong. great catch!! :)

Apparently out of the 21 comments, there were 15 enteries, not 16 (one was a double post). Thanks for catching it!!!!

here's the recount explanation. (click to make bigger) between no 6 & no 7 was the mistake.

Correct Count

New Winner Random Number:
ReCount Winner

omg!!!! i swear this is spooky!!!!!!!!!!!!! or today's your lucky day. The randomizer picked no.11 Kendall again.

so due to the weirdness of this giveaway I've decided to try again & give a second person my line pass, so you can use it & cut the lines (^_^). do wave to me when u see me in the line.

And the 2nd winner of the line pass is no 13. ISAAC!!!! 

to Isaac : pls email me your full name so I can give you the line pass, my email's bombchell[@] Congrats luv!

Thanks for playing & next time I promise to recount 5 times, before posting. *shy face* :)

WINNER- of the American Apparel June 10th $50 sales card & line pass


I got a bunch of commenhts 21, and 16 were participating in the giveaway. (there was an extra one with no name though). I used to choose a winner.

Congratulation Ms. Kendall!!!!!! 

the winning number was number 12. who happens to be a fellow blogger that I'm cool with. very random that kendall won. BUT in the entry she didn't write her real name. I guess I didn't specify & everyone funky-fied their enteries. I wish I could give out more sales credit, but I'll try to hustle some more next time. (ps: I promise it's not an inside job that this crazy chick won!! lol incase of any doubters)

To Kendall: email me (bombchell [at] your government name, so I can send it to the AA rep, and we will get you your $50 sales credit & a line pass

& thanks to everyone for playing. I plan to be there tomorrow morning after I hit the gym (or vice versa), wish there was time to plan a quick meetup. hit me up on twitter if any of you will be there in there Friday. @BombChellATL

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

American Apparel Flea Market comes to Atlanta!! & Lucky reader will win $50 credit & a line pass

Hello Everyone!! GREAT NEWS *jumps up & down*

guess what??!!!! American Apparel is having a huge flea market - with over 100,000 pieces up to 85% off. (They even have some stuff as low as $1!) <<< I know!!! crazy!!! 'cause u know their stuff is a bit expensive. so just imagine the Disco Pants I wore in this post cost $78 so let's assume you find it at the flea market, you'll pay only about $11.7!!!! CRAZY. I'm sure other shopaholics have done the math ;)

ok so the information:

This is American Apparels only stop in the South, so they wanted to make sure all my readers were in the know - because it's going to be big!

American Apparel Flea Market
Atlantic Station
20th & Fowler
Atlanta, GA 30363

THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, June 11th 10:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday, June 12th 10:00am - 8:00pm

Also, here's the Facebook event link if you want more info, or to RSVP

now the GREAT NEWS!!!!
***One lucky reader is going to win a $50 credit for the sale, as well as a line pass!!!***

1) follow this blog (top right)
2) Comment saying "My name is **** and I love American Apparel"
3) Join the facebook group  OR click the share button below this post & share on twitter, facebook, your blog etc. (lol yall dont be greedy with info,lol share it)

A Random winner will be announced Thursday before 11.59pm. so make sure you come back to check, so we can send you your gift and line pass

Pictures from other AA Flea Markets :)
Miami Sale

Miami Sale

Toronto Sale

ps: to other bloggers, please feel free to post this flyer for you Southern American readers. tnx babes!!
Luv Bombchell.

... see I look out for y'all ;) *kisses*

for those of you that can't make it to Atlanta this weekend check out American Apparel Global Site for more info & shopping

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lux & Current Sushi - DC

the ladies getting ready!! woot woot time to go out, after my day of boredom.

gosh my boobs looked huge that night ;) lmao

We got to Lux
649 New York Avenue Northwest
Washington D.C., DC 20001
(202) 347-8100

hmm it was African music night on Friday, and Jide's graduation party


no freaking idea who this chicks were. smh

so we left.... after a while... and turned the road into a photoshoot lol

Hilda & Temi (remember she gave me the novels!!!)


then we headed to Current to party some more, and called it a night (well after McDonalds, we called it a night)
1215 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20036-2649
(202) 955-5525

There was an on going joke that there were the plastics & the naturals. you could guess what team I was proud to be on! extensions, lashes etc.
Team Naturals

Team Plastics Old car 

Sunshine - the graduate


That's all folks. then we partied the next day. A lot of people on fb asked me bout me & my cousin's outfits. so I'll tell you ladies they are American Apparel Disco Pants -$78. shhh. you can buy from the website here.

Laters! Luv Bombchell
hmm and regarding American Apparel I have some good news for those in Atlanta.