Friday, July 23, 2010

My New Makeup Look - Products used & trying Individual Lashes

Ok so I recently bought some makeup, and this has been my current look. I don't do much makeup tutorials/ what I'm wearing because I always have on the same thing, so since I switched, here it is. & I also got a lot of questions on my eyebrows & lip gloss.

It was also my first time trying on Individual Lashes instead of the strip. i tried watching youtube videos, and asking Mary for tips, and at the end of the day, you take as much advice as you can, and when you start battling the glue, you screw the advice and do whatever you have to do to make the lashes stick. However i must have done something wrong cause whenever I took a shower a bunch fell off :( This never happened when i got them professionally done, but I saved about 25 dollars for the same look.

so basically I have 2 days same/ similar look, and what I used.

1st Look: getting ready to head to Marlyand (July 13th / Last week)

lash closeup

2nd Look: few days later in MD, took it with my blackberry bold 9000 and had it as my bbm profile picture and a lot of people asked bout the makeup.

& Here are the tools.

diff from my normal routine is the MUFE Foundation, Mineralize (thanks to trying Kili & Mary's makeup in Miami), and the lip stuff.

ps: I bought a lot of stuff from the MAC Store  (not the reg department). 
For those in GA the MAC Store is at Perimeter Mall, & you can use your 30% off pro card there

1. HD Definition Foundation - number 175 - by Make Up Forver (MUFE)  *still wonder if i need to mix it with another color*

2. Photo finish - Oil Free - Original Primer - by Smashbox
Primer is the first thing I used on my face, to give it a smooth look, before applying my makeup, you should definitely own a primer, they also sell cheaper brands in walmart, and target.
3. Right Image - Cremesheen glass - by MAC   --*applied lipstick before lipgloss*

4. Viva Glam Gaga  - by MAC - (aka Lady Gaga) *limited edition*  ---------$14 buy here

5. Eyebrows - Spiked - by MAC

6. Eye pencil - Smolder - by MAC

7. Mineralize Skinfinish Natural - Dark - by MAC

8. Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 - NC50- by MAC  *to cover dark spots/ blemishes*

9. Powder Blush - Sweetness - by Mac

The lashes I used: Ardell Naturals - Knot Free - Short & Medium
1st time aint so bad huh :) -------- lol ok now look left, do u see that lash falling he he he ;)

All done :) lol u might notice in the camera phone I no longer have lashes, that's cuz one night I vexed and removed the lashes, and I forgot to travel with mascara or strip lashes he he.

Hope you enjoyed it.
Laters luv.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My first pair of Christian Louboutin's

woot woot. ok so sure this wasn't on my 2009 xmas Lust List, but I thought it was. I didn't need it, but thanks to conspicuous consumption, the media, fashion, musical lyrics, "look at my red bottoms! shove it in your face I'm a fashionista and own real Louboutins!!," I really wanted one!!!

Hey, I'm just keeping it real, we can be honest with each other, right? It's a fashion statement, and Sandra Bullock rocked it in The Proposal.

So.... anyways was considering buying a cool one... you know so everyone would assume of course I had a million pairs at home, but I decided to start with a classic and work my way up. It was a lovely gift and I was super excited to get it, I couldn't believe that finally my label whore dreams were coming true *sniff* *teardrops*

You know you are a shopaholic when after you own it, you don't really care to open the box or wear it for a while.

So here are the pictures.
The Blogger in me refused to open it for almost a month until I found my camera charger --- yes very sad! lol

some people have shoe dust bags, why don't I have one??

I'm a size 10.5 which should be a 40, but I fit into the 42! so please make sure you try em before buying them. They had some Mint green ones on sale at Neiman Marcus for $599, luckily it was my size so I tried this style "Very Prive 120," it fit & I ordered the black ones for normal price (bout 5 inches).

random ish:
-omg some shoes were supposed to be "toe cleavage!!" um what *_* I opted out on those, sometimes a girl has to say no to certain fashion trends.

-This is what it looks like after 2 nights of wearing them doing normal stuff like going on date, cousin's birthday, lounge.
smh You'd think I walked a mile, or danced a storm

People asked me about the price but since it was a gift I couldn't remember - found the answer yesterday :)

-they don't go above a 42, but if you are Paris Hilton or similar you can get them custom made.

-on a comfort level: they're okay, not as comfortable as flats, not unwalkable like some heels.

Found these great links on how smarter people like you can protect your  red bottoms & Christian Louboutin shoes if you care, or just say screw it and fix it when it gets really bad.

Just got back from MD got a lot of catching up to do :( 

PS: if any of u go to the Manchester United game in Philly & see some fanatic black chick with a Vuvuzela say hi to my sister ^_^  Amanda, lol.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pic of my Damon braces, Tan, and some Miami pics

so last post I told you I got braces, lol here's the picture of the night I arrived in South Beach Miami:

and you can also see the tan. During my master plan I failed to realize that if I should get a tan, my previous makeup would no longer match, and it became too light.

that night:

Learnig to smile with braces lol
Then my camera died!!! (I tried to take a few more the next day though) so no pictures of the girls, or new guy friends. The club is called ROK something, can't remember, it's right beside the Shore Club around 19th and Ocean.
Kili took this pic later @ the Shore Club with her camera. u can see my tan more

For the other days luckily I had a few other girls there, so  I could borrow powder that matched my skin more. but lets just say most of my trip in Miami I couldnt wear makeup :( talk about depressing!!! I was forced to be a natural. Me! Natural! Same girl who did battle of the plastics, it was hard, more so because I have shitty skin (skin take no offense but u know u have issues).
My gorgeous Tan without my old makeup :)

Ocean Drive

We at here almost everyday lol and TGI Fridays

Kili & Mary

Yes I finished it ALL!!!

Could barely chew pasta since my braces made my teeth sensitive

$136.02 for 3 people, and this was with a discount & lunch special!! smh wtf Miami?

Brenda joined us

We need this in Nigeria & Atlanta!! -- the fan shoots out mist/ water to cool us down in that horrible heat

Carmen's super gorgeous - gosh after hanging out w her for 2 weeks I had an eyelash complex, and my want for a tattoo got stronger!

Their Hotel was so fucking awesome - Shore Club - prettiest I saw in South Beach

Oh & they had a private beach -- can you guess where I wanna stay next time?

I LOVE Sergio!!!! he was so funny, well they all were

Our new LA friends

ps: as much as I photoblog you'd think I love taking pictures right? oh no ma'am I run away from pictures like crazy. Especially if it's someone else's camera, and I cant edit super flaws, or delete horrifying pictures. & like last year I was in Miami my camera died!! on the first night!! so a big thanks to brenda & kili for a lot of the pictures.
Tons of new friends - at the W

WOW the only bikini picture of me, u can see I'm obsessed with my blackberry

I love Edna- she's so cool, can't wait to go to London to see everyone

This picture they had was gorgeous

More London girls - new friends

HA HA remember last post I told u Brenda was done with the Tanning!! proof she hid from the sun

& That's the gorgeous Brenda when she's not hiding

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of my trip. I should be in DC tomorrow. I have a ton of work, so I hope I see the daylight, or better yet the nightlife. laters

so this was my 2nd time in South Beach. (for pictures from Last yr/My first time in Miami)
Love Bombchell

ps: oh yeah I realize unlike last year I didnt take/ steal much beach pictures. I only went to the beach once on a beach date, all I did for days and night in Miami was eat, drink, shop, hangout, party, eat, sleep, in that order :)