Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Celebrity Teeth: Before & After --- from tow up beyond repair TO perfect

Y'all know I decided to get braces, some people ask why, since my teeth were okay and not horrible or jacked up. well why not have them perfect? or as perfect as they can be?

A smile can make a difference, it might be slight but when you fix your teeth be it veneers, braces, invisalign etc it's definitely worth it. When deciding on getting braces a lot of stuff might run through your head, like kissing, social awkwardness, reduced attraction, the fact they might have to pull out your teeth or what not. But just think in a year or two, you'll have the perfect smile. take any celebrity's smile, now put it in ur face, Trust me a lot of them went born with "Hollywood smiles."

I've had a lot of friends fix their teeth, and though slight, it makes a lot of difference, he or she is no longer the person with the "buck teeth," extra teeth, spaced out teeth or what not. A lot of people have asked me questions since I got braces, and i tell them all, "Why Not? the Benefit outweighs the process or cost." However I have so many friends with normal teeth, normal imperfections, and to be honest it's not a big deal, it's normal.

And to all those happy with their smiles no matter what nay sayers say, please keep it that way & don't change it. Do you! & make "you" happy. This post is to give those who aren't sure or afraid the extra push, because these pictures definitely helped me make a decision, so i decided to share em with you, to give you hope, inspiration and as entertainment for everyone :)

We all know most of these celebs, but what you might not know, is that they got some dental work, and you probably just assumed they got prettier as they got more fame or money. You will definitely be shocked by some of the celebrities because you probably never noticed, so rather than lay out all the pictures, I think a slide will be more fun, so you can guess who they are & pause.

You can pause on a picture -- glide your mouse on a picture & click PAUSE

hope you enjoyed the slide. Have u ever had any dental work? & if u've ever got braces questions or whatever don't be shy to email me.

Love BombChell

ps: but please be warned!!! too much of a good thing is a bad thing, over whitening your teeth can make it super sensitive and a huge regret.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Amanda's 21st Birthday at F.A.B & dealing with a horrid weave

My little sister Amanda finally turned 21 on August 4th, so we went out to celebrate a couple of weeks ago on August 6th. We went to F.A.B which is a restaurant that was turned into the club for the night.

That's the birthday girl :) at the Club.

But before I got there I had a huge dilemma!!!! My hair was a birds nest. If you're on my twitter, you've heard me complain about it. It was sooo bad. Dear weave, why on earth do I continue to experiment with different brand names!!

Honestly at Beauty Mart in Jonesboro their doing a buy one get one free, so I spent like about only $200 on 4 packs, and ended up using 3 packs of hair. OMG what a mistake. My hair sheds!!! the floor is a mess. I comb can barely pass through it, and let's just say by the time this night was over, we could put a comb through it!!!

So anyways, I didn't go to dinner, cuz Im super vain & refuse to leave the house looking a hot mess, my sister is my sister, so was understanding. I also wasnt going to go to the club, but considering all out friends flew in from Maryland, and London, c'mon, I decided to put up a fight & use the strongest Hair tools own, and take a freaking shower & party my ass off.

My sister's also moving to the Caribbean for a year for Med School so this was her 21st birthday / send off party.

& Here are the pics, cuz I'm such a blogger :) trust me pics are fun and all, but I'm sure people gave me the side eye when I took pictures of the elevator at the club lol
The tools I used- Chi Heat Protection, H2Pro Flat Iron, CHI Silk Infusion Serum<< bad hair savior, Curling Rods & Showered

ARGH!!!!! It's a Nest! It's a Tree, It's a Bombchell??? No!!

This stupid hair couldn't go bone straight, and all my friends know this flat Iron is a G!!! Like it will straighten a crooked man
YEA B!!!!! Now that's the BombChell I know!

went sans lashes, Im feeling the Gemma Ward - Alien Hottie
Love this pic cuz you can see my outfit, and I dont look fat --- take that Hot Pockets & Marble Cake
White Pants - from Bebe, 
Top: American Apparel unitard, 
African inspired Necklace: Guy stand at Perimeter mall (opposite the MAC Store - never take his 1st or 2nd price, try to knock it down)
Boobs: Genetic (Amen!!!!! can u believe I used to be a B Cup freshman year in college)

MY GIRL LOLA: omg we didnt realize we both wore black & white until we saw the pics we took together lol

Was pretty cool, had bout 3-4 Floors
Loved it, was thrown by Prohecy Events, Luther's pretty cool, we got a nice deal for VIP, had a ton of fun, but omg ATL has been super hot like 96-104 degrees, and lets just say I could barely feel the AC in the room. You know it's a restaurant. However I'd be super happy to be there in October, when the outside forces wouldn't affect me, my makeup, or my horrible weave lol

FAB Atlanta (French American Brasserie)
(404) 266-1440
30 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd
Atlanta, GA 30308

The parking was right beside it, they charged $10, and the nicest guy ever worked in the building and helped us find our way down, and where we parked when the club was over.

My sexy cousin!

Sis & Lola

My Little Bro: Mancini & My cousin Sunshine


Ma pretty girls!! gosh they BB, SKYPE, & PHONE EACH OTHER lol

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Robot Needs joke.

This made me smile, don't act like you didn't know I was a dork. My professors are always going on & on about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, and this is basically a robots hierarchy of needs lol

Robots Hierarchy of Needs
Girlfriend's Hierarchy of Needs

In order to get the joke, this might help:

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Fav Free Summer Music, Kanye's Power Video, Making of the Video, & Gossip

Check Em Out Below :)

so I watched the KanyeWest Making of the video:

That's a lot huh!! very intriguing, scary, and super duper creative, like a lot of work went into it, pretty impressive.

Then I saw the final video, it's not what I was expecting after seeing the Making of the video, but it's very different from what's out there, and it's genius. Love the details.

ps: Kanye's on twitter @KanyeWest, and says the craziest ish. ^_^ I love him. (& follow my new & only twitter @BombChellATL)

on twitter he said: This is not a video, it's a moving painting.
So some of the other songs I'm listening to this summer include.

1. Chris Brown & Tyga's fan of a fan mixtape with is a free download --- he loves y'all and made it for yall. I love it especially

--04 --- Dueces [play it --give it a few secs to start]
-- 10 - Like a Virgin
(ps no 2- What they Want:  Made me *_* guess he aint a kid anymore I like it too though lol)

(wtf my zune player has two number 2 songs! but I like both ^_^ the other is 02 - Holla at Me )
Download here

2. The ERAera - upcoming band- very different - unique- upbeat- pop/ hip hop/ techno
the beats are pretty sick, words etc. I'm friends with them & saw them win this awesome battle.
To all youtube video makers: here's free music you can legally use ;)

I love love-
--03- One More Day [Play It]
-- 04 - Cloud 9
-- 05--- Find Yourself- reminds me a bit of the lion king & black eyed peas *thumbs up* and yet very different
well actually all 5 :)
Download Here

3. Drake's album: Thank Me Later

thank you Drake, This album is the most repeated album of my whole summer!!!!!!! Like I wake up, shower & play to this album.

ps: Fireworks is about Rihanna too lol
---- 02 - The Resistance --[Play It]- I think I played this song at least five times a day all summer.
---- 03 - Karaoke

I also like Fall For Your Type --[Play It]- not sure what album it's from -- super short though :/

4Mike Posner

- Cooler than me - - [Play It]
free download

5. Eminem - Not Afraid

 - - Pumps me up to go out & actually do something

My sister is about to burn me some Nigerian music from her summer trip before she heads for the Islands.
So Ladies & Gents what do you think of them, & what's on replay in music player or in your car? so i can check em out.

Random: but music related. Saw these pictures today & I'm shocked. Like sure...... I've heard rumors etc but I never believed it, I'm actually shocked Queen Latifah is actually gay. I think I'm a billion light years behind on celebrity gossip. so I guess this might be the answer to the question "Is Queen Latifah gay?"

[pics source]  Queen Latifah & Janette Jenkins  also shared in on Alicia Keys & SwizzBeatz Honeymoon. <=== lol dear Mistresses, Groupies & Sugar babies around the globe do you know what this means ^_^ there's hope he might actually wife you. lol ok imma stop being messy.