Sunday, October 31, 2010

Am I camera shy?

More of a photoblog

so today my mum wanted me to email her a picture of me for the bank (don't ask). so I sent a picture. she said cute picture, but I should send one facing forward. HMMMMM...... I looked, and I could hardly find any suitable pictures. I then realized almost all my closeup pictures are at an angle 0_O <<< surprised face. and to make make matters more interesting, in most of my face forward - none angled pics, I'm making a goofy face.

maybe it means I'm camera shy or something, I dunno. But these are pictures from Nneka's birthday, we went to Twelve Hotel in Atlantic Station for Professional Relaxation.

Oh and to answer the question I actually dodge the camera..... when other people take it. See when i take it, I can take 100 and delete the 96 I don't like :) I can be goofy, and myself, and not feel self conscious. so I guess it depends on who's taking the picture.

The Birthday Girl: Nneka

 Her Sis: NK

 The Party:


>>> My new twitter pic <<< my fave
hmm not sure why people think I'm sweet. sure I'm 75% Sweet, but if u know me I'm also 25% b!*#h
= sour patch kid, lol

Monday, October 25, 2010

Aja - Art of seduction Pics & vid

with my cousins Nneka, (me), & Cynthia

so Labor day partied, partied, slept, threw a pool party with friends (pics on facebook, add me, right side bar).

oooh for none US folks Labor day weekend was the first weekend in sept. This event took place Sept 5th, at Aja. It was a lot of fun!!!! some people thought it was too boughie, I thought it was one of the best events of the weekend. Parking was crazy, the valet line went all the way down the street. I secretly considered taking a cab, cuz I wasnt gonna walk from home in heels (remember those Loubs I got, that ish aint that comfortable, u'd think money = comfort lol).


Someone probably said something stupid as always Timi & NK/Cynthia

Video of Event:
there were so many cute guys (and girls) there. def had fun. Jazzy pha also showed up to party. pretty classy location & a lot of people, check the video out, the club nation did a great job with the video.

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