Friday, December 31, 2010

Tumini's Birthday - Wednesday Halo Lounge Dec 22

For some reason I have decided not to photoshop any of my pictures. perhaps due to the fact that I'm super busy now, and I haven't posted everyday for the past days though I said I would.

A lot of people tell me I have great skin from my blog & I tell em it's makeup & photoshop. well these aren't photoshopped & I was having a crappy skin week!! (Can you imagine I got microdermabrasion at the spa, then I got breakouts!!!). Eitherways dont be deceived, I have spots on my face, i just cover it up well, imagine a dalmatians spots, now fade it out. yup you got me!

enough disclaimers :) this night was my girl Tumini's 24th birthday!! (she thinks she's now Old, but I'm still older so...) & apparently Luckie's is no longer hot on Wednesday (It's not even open), and Havana wasn't open. So we went to Halo, which was magically packed & no longer mellow halo (It's all VIP'd out etc celebs, blah, blah  on Wednesdays! who would have thought, gotta love Atlanta!)

So here are the pictures :)

As always: Getting ready pictures (aka goofy dorky shit)

Hmm people forget i have braces.... so...... (SEXAY!!!!!)

visible outfit:
* Top: American Apparel leotard * Blazer: Zara * Pants: American Apparel Disco Pants *

OK........... I'm done Cam-whoring: On to the Night:

My Ride: Nathan & Eddie
The crowd

The  FUN (all of us seemed to be wearing Blue & Black)
The Birthday Girl!! Tumini & her b.f.

b.f - Tumini & I

Peer Pressure

so cute there's a Male restroom, Female Restroom, & this restroom ;) lol

Gorgeous Mandy (lil sis) & I

The guys (lol the guy on the right is like me, Our eyes disappear when we smile! yay someone else!!)

Met some hotties: Dez & Miguel

Ok now someone said something crazy to Amanda. I wont point fingers I blame alcohol, but it was soo crazy & funny she ran away laughing when I took the picture.

The girls
The guys

Nope didn't go home, went to some after hours spot. Then.... finally went home super late & ate. smh. That night was so crazy, silly arguments, so much laughs or like Ify would say "catching trips" (Nigerian slang) so many crazy moments, and a lot of great people.

Happy Birthday Luv!! I'm so happy we're the good kind of similar ('cause you know people who have are too similar have a 50/50 chance of not hating eachother lol)

watch the stupidity unfold Our Twitters
*  Amanda ** Me  * Ify * Tumini * Eddie *

random: almost everyone in these pictures has a bb!! woot woot for team blackberry! bbm is the bomb!

WOOT WOOT TOMORROWS NYE, gonna be partying with 1999 people. & to all those coming to our event say hi :) tickets are sold out

Happy 2011 Y'all!

Friday, December 24, 2010

2 things I really need to work on in 2011

1: Anger Management
2: Patience

However I can't think of how to work on this. Any ideas?

In 2010 I worked on patience by:
a) Not breaking my tv when it lost satellite during a good show
b) Not honking my horn too much at stupid atl drivers, and apologizing to God sometimes when I found out they were old.
c) Not cursing out ATT when I lost my internet connection

In 2010 I worked  on Anger Management by:
a) I didn't work on it

IN 2011:
1) I should get those stress balls
2) Serene music
3) Learn to meditate
4) work out to get anger out ....I wonder if it'll work or maybe some type of scent for my room might help
5) research alternative thought process to avoid getting angry

I just told my cousin Nneka  that "In 2011 I need to get anger management," she replied "There's a whole lotta Nigerians who need to sign up for that class." lol.

To any readers out there are you patient? do you get angry? have you found a way to deal with this? hmm maybe a self help book or something. What are you things do you want to work on in 2011?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What are you doing for NYE?

Ok so different people have been blowing me up asking what I'm doing for NYE (New Year's Eve) & where I'm partying.

I'll be @ the Biltmore Hotel with Prophecy events. The party's gonna be hot. Just like the party the W for spelhouse. Like most NYE parties, I know people wait last minute & tickets are likely to get "jacked up" or soldout.

If you live in ATL Email Me if you want to pick up tickets (I'll probably be at a bar or mall) or you can buy tickets online here  (go there for more info)

Last year had over 2,000 people.

Advance tickets are currently $30 (reg $50) and vip is $1,500 (it includes 10 people, 3 bottles, no waiting in line) <<<<<< you know what's crazy to some people that's chicken change, to those people be my friend, and call me everytime you party ;). & To the regular people, I'll probably be in the ballroom counting down with you.

New Year's Eve Atlanta 2011

The Biltmore Hotel Ballrooms
817 West Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA 30308

I considered throwing a dinner party, but I've never thrown one. Any advice on hosting a dinner party I would love to have one next year.

So what are your plans for NYE?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The 12 Hour Date

So on Sunday I went on a 12 hour date (roughly but it was about 12 hours)

He drove 6 hours here, 6 hours back, so it's only mathematically fair that it be a great date & equal to 12hours.

I'm sure you're wondering what on earth is that. I'll tell you some of what it included, and you can leave the rest to your imagination (but please keep your imagination PG13'cause the date was PG13 or 15 lol)

It included going to Houston's because we both loved the food there.

2166 Peachtree Rd NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Neighborhood: Buckhead
(404) 351-2442

(yelp reviews, main website)
You can find various houston restaurants in LA, San Fran, AZ, New Orleans, Texas, Florida, NY, NJ, Memphis, Kansas, DC, Boston, Denver & of course ATL)

I got one of the specials Trout, & he got the filet which was well seasoned with a loaded baked potato instead of spinach. The food there comes out fast!! and the people are nice. I normally get the Hawaiin Rib Eye!! but decided to be adventorous. um I think the rib eye i get costs about $27 or $29. to give you a price range. (try the yelp review for more price info etc, they had cheaper stuff, and for a salad hater, I love their salad)

Then for Dessert
We decided to go to AMC Fork & Screen to watch the Tourist with Johnny Depp & Angelina Jolie. I loved that movie!!! made me miss Venice (don't be deceived I went there only once when i was a kid, lol not like a yearly thing, wish it was). gosh I really need to travel!! It was a beautiful movie. You should see it.

@ AMC Fork & Screen you can eat, order food, order alcohol ;), Kids meals (OMG BE SPECIFIC that you want the kids meal i once paid $70 taking 2 kids there to see Megamind, my 1st 3d movie =)

I got a mango milkshake mmmmmmm. he got candy lol.

Through out the date we laughed, joked around, talked, etc perfect gentleman

That's it for today. So dear reader what would you do on a 12 Hour Date?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas Decorations

So everyone has lovely Christmas Trees, decorations etc. You wouldn't know it was Christmas Here. I heard some people pay about 10,000 or was it 1,000 to put up lights in their house. I have no idea if it's true 'cause I never bothered.

Once during the holidays, my mum called me up, and I told her I was interested in getting a pretty Christmas tree. Then she asked me who would take it down. I saw a huge light bulb and realized that I was more lazy than I cared to stare at a plastic Christmas tree. (I can't imagine tying one to the roof of my car unless some people deliver which I doubt, 'cause I would have seen them do that on TV.)

So here are my Christmas decorations:

EXHIBIT A: (was a gift from my aunt): Christmas Flowers
I once watered the one on the right, like my grandma advised & it died much faster, like almost the next 3 days after watering. Maybe the temperature was bad. Anyways I kinda never watered again

off topic: TV Show: *smiles* a friend told me about it, so I plan to check it out, have you seen it?

Close Up:
I should probably just throw it away when the trash comes tomorrow

oh & this is what it should look like/ used to look like:
a random image from google, not mine, but they could pass for twins

EXHIBIT B: The Lonely Reindeer
One Christmas when my brother lived here, he got a reindeer, it was our only decoration. It stayed outside, alone, & lonely. I always joked it made eyes, at the two reindeer across the street. Before my neighbours used to go all out. Slowly one by one, as the year went out it became the usual dark street with no bright lights. This time a few just have Christmas plants on their Mailboxes, what are those plants called??? google sucks. Perhaps the Grinch lives in my neighbourhood & stole our Christmas spirit.

Here's my Rudolph:

That's all for today, see you tomorrow :)
oooh throwback picture from Christmas day, awwww look at my teeth before braces, I think it still looks similar to the current one i have now (cause you know this crap's gonna stay on for another year plus)