Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming VERY Soon: Bombchell's Digital Treasure Chest

My Digital Treasure Chest:

I love to stalk the net, and I probably spend a huge part of my day on the internet. Sometimes when I see something, my brain bookmarks it, and at times I assume the whole world has heard of it. Or sometimes I find something so random, cool or beautiful, and I’m very happy I found it.  I would like to share stuff I find with you. The armoire in my room is pretty eclectic, and has inspired me to start a series called my digital treasure chest (I still wonder if i should have called it my digital armoire, same concept i guess). In my armoire, I have a drawer filled with magazine tears.

While looking through a magazine, I save random tears, it could be because I like the vibe of an image, the outfit, the hair style, or the mood, my reasons range. I also have a cute treasure chest that has Cd’s & 2 d.i.y stress balls. I also have dried flowers, cute candles from college; playboy bunny shot glasses, an empty big bottle of Smirnoff vodka, a record player and tons of books. For the longst time I've wondered how to share stuff in a non chaotic fashion, that would sort of make sense so thanks to my armoire, tumblr, and galadarling’s Things I love Thursdays I'm finally inspired on a method: Just label it. Thanks to my friend Tumini who helped me decided on a name, I wanted to call it Stalker Sundays but sounded too creepy lol so I had to rework it.

In the Past:

♥ I’ve had Non Mundane Mondays: which were mostly about funny videos, or anything to brighten up your Monday. I should bring it back.

♥ I’ve also done Freaking.Love.Friday (F.L.F) which was about artistic naughtiness.

So I look forward to sharing my digital treasure chest & finds with you.
You know what, here’s a picture from the top part of my armoire.

oh gosh I bought the beethhoven clueless, cause i guessed why not? lol. To be honest I actually want a bunch of reggae & love records  (& Kanye of course).

that's it. 
Luv Bombchell (^_^)


  1. hey what do you use to edit your photos or add features like words and speech bubbles to them?

  2. "artistic naughtiness", I like the sound of that...Bring back F.L.F too!


  3. @Yinkuslolo I used photoshop. I wrote the word, then changed the layer style. there arrows which are like lines, that i added.

    to edit your pictures you can try for free which gives you those features online & more like face editing, and you can even edit your facebook pictures. Another program thats free to download is

  4. This should be interesting! Happy New Year dear..


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