Monday, January 17, 2011

Coming VERY Soon: Bombchell's Digital Treasure Chest

My Digital Treasure Chest:

I love to stalk the net, and I probably spend a huge part of my day on the internet. Sometimes when I see something, my brain bookmarks it, and at times I assume the whole world has heard of it. Or sometimes I find something so random, cool or beautiful, and I’m very happy I found it.  I would like to share stuff I find with you. The armoire in my room is pretty eclectic, and has inspired me to start a series called my digital treasure chest (I still wonder if i should have called it my digital armoire, same concept i guess). In my armoire, I have a drawer filled with magazine tears.

While looking through a magazine, I save random tears, it could be because I like the vibe of an image, the outfit, the hair style, or the mood, my reasons range. I also have a cute treasure chest that has Cd’s & 2 d.i.y stress balls. I also have dried flowers, cute candles from college; playboy bunny shot glasses, an empty big bottle of Smirnoff vodka, a record player and tons of books. For the longst time I've wondered how to share stuff in a non chaotic fashion, that would sort of make sense so thanks to my armoire, tumblr, and galadarling’s Things I love Thursdays I'm finally inspired on a method: Just label it. Thanks to my friend Tumini who helped me decided on a name, I wanted to call it Stalker Sundays but sounded too creepy lol so I had to rework it.

In the Past:

♥ I’ve had Non Mundane Mondays: which were mostly about funny videos, or anything to brighten up your Monday. I should bring it back.

♥ I’ve also done Freaking.Love.Friday (F.L.F) which was about artistic naughtiness.

So I look forward to sharing my digital treasure chest & finds with you.
You know what, here’s a picture from the top part of my armoire.

oh gosh I bought the beethhoven clueless, cause i guessed why not? lol. To be honest I actually want a bunch of reggae & love records  (& Kanye of course).

that's it. 
Luv Bombchell (^_^)


  1. hey what do you use to edit your photos or add features like words and speech bubbles to them?

  2. "artistic naughtiness", I like the sound of that...Bring back F.L.F too!


  3. @Yinkuslolo I used photoshop. I wrote the word, then changed the layer style. there arrows which are like lines, that i added.

    to edit your pictures you can try for free which gives you those features online & more like face editing, and you can even edit your facebook pictures. Another program thats free to download is

  4. This should be interesting! Happy New Year dear..


Hope you enjoyed reading my blog & the comments, & also wishing you a lovely day.

Love BombChell