Thursday, January 20, 2011

Strut Your Stuff & Hanging at Twist with Charles n Ada

not sure why I'm still up. My sleep schedule is really screwed. haven't been able to sleep yet. earlier:

This is now my favorite lip shade!!!! It's absolutely gorgeous. Its really red, almost with tints of orange. Its by MAC & it's called "Strut Your Stuff." I went with 3 friends & we all got it. I might go back and buy a spare because it's Limited Edition. Its absolutely gorgeous!! It's highly pigmented, I'm not wearing anything underneath it or on top of it (it also looks lovely with clear gloss on top).

The lighting distorts the image, and makes me & the lip shade appear lighter,(its much darker & vibrant in person). I've made a screen print of the swatch from MAC, so you can see right shade

click image or go to the MacCosmetics website then go to Lips>>>>Lip glass>>>Kissable Lipcolor  (make sure you click the right color!!)

so earlier today, few hours ago, last night went to Twist with my buddies Adaeze & Charles ((funny thing, their names are similar to me & my own brother, but instead my variation is Adaora))

yay 1st time Ada & Charles are on my blog.

This is where the damage occurred *insert sad face.*  As always I had my Thai Chicken Curry: 

(food pic from my summer post)

& Charles got us strawberry daiquiris.

(pic courtesy of his Twitter @charlyboyjr)

lol yeah if you read my blog I'm sure you've figured out that Twist is my fave hangout spot in Atlanta.

Gosh I felt sooo... sick after eating all that. I wished my tummy were a fridge so I could open it, and take out some of the pasta. It was delicious though :)  This ear I've been eating smaller but frequent portions, so I guess my tummy couldn't handle it. Before I could comfortably wolf this down, an appetizer, 2 creme brulees for dessert. I always feel like I need to finish my food, even when I'm full, it's silly, but next time I'm definitely taking a "doggie bag" once my meal go the tables , that way I won't feel like I'm wasting food, nor will i leave feeling sick (or I'll be smart & get sea bass like Ada).

It was such a fun & spontaneous night! I definitely love this two. BYE
No wonder the waitress was laughing!!! wish I knew, cuz i always make faces!

Got a favorite lip shade or hang out spot? I would love to read about it. Post your fave shade/ spot via twitter, facebook, or your blog  (can be an old or new post)& then submit the link here:

goodluck to all those starting school, I feel you... totally suck, but sadly we gotta suck it up
Luv bombchell


  1. that red is gorgeous! I've been avoiding MAC lately but will be making a trip this weekend buz I have no brows left. LOL. I hope that color is there. LIKE i need a new red -__-

  2. @ KillaCam thanks luv. lol i told myself I was only going to buy Spiked for my brows & studio fix, but i ended up buying so much more random stuff, and forgot my spiked lol so I have to go back.

  3. mate! You're lucky you can succesfully rock red lipstick without looking like your dated aunty in trad! YUCK! I look ridique in the stuff but like i said, u look gorge xx

  4. Love the Lip gloss.. Gives you this sultry look.

  5. love the lip Michelle.

    and i love your bbm pic. too cute.

    miss you =)

    I'll be in atlanta next week! I'll be hitting you up

  6. honey you are adorable!
    by the way I saw the video made by cats!
    I cried!! It is just amazing!
    love you

  7. I love seafood! I suddenly feel hungry now that I have seen those photos....

  8. MAC always has great looks great on you. Check out my MAC post on their new Spring Line under my post "MAC JEANIUS COLLECTION" at

  9. love this lip color! you look amazing in it!

  10. Hey great blog!

    My favorite lip color is called pink sapphire ...
    By Lancome!

    Check out my new blog and pass it on if you like ... theres more to come!

    ps.i love that song Oleku!JAM... not nigerian but GH & have nothingbut 9jafriends :)


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