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{Love Story} Tom Ford and Richard Buckley

I didn't know Tom Ford was in a relationship. This article is pretty cool, and will melt your heart. Their story is so touching, and fun, I could see it being a romantic movie. *big sigh* It's like boy meets girl, they fall in love quickly, one chases the other. But this is guy meets guy. I love meeting or hearing about couples who stay together for so long, especially if they decided to move in together or get married after knowing eachother for a short time because it's different from the norm, and makes me believe that love exists and can breaks boundaries. I'm a total romantic, and I love dramatic love stories, cheesy love stories, gosh when i fall in love it has to be great. Enough about me, this is about Tom Ford & Richard Buckley's love story.

The Out article talks mostly about how they met & dating each other, and talks a bit on some trials and tribulations they've dealt with seeing friends with Aids, past relationships, we get to see a starry eyed Tom that wanted to grow to be a big fashion designer, Richard getting sick etc. It's a good story & you should definitely check it out. They've been dating each other for 24 years!!!! pretty impressive

some excerpts:
Every time you think, I love you, I really believe you have to say it. If you think about holding their hand or kissing them, you do it. I do it all the time.
- Tom

Tom Telling the Story:

You can look at someone and feel like you’ve known him forever. The first night I ever had drinks with Richard I felt I knew everything about him. He has the wildest eyes -- like an Alaskan husky. They’re not blue, they’re not gray, they’re a color you’ve never seen before -- they approach silver. They give away absolutely nothing, yet they are completely mesmerizing. We first encountered each other at a fashion show in New York in 1986. He was 38 at the time and the fashion editor of Women’s Wear Daily. He was confident and handsome in a way that made him almost unapproachable. His stare was so intense that it completely unnerved me, and when the show was over I literally bolted out the door and down the street to avoid him. Ten days later, my employer, Cathy Hardwick, sent me to the office of Women’s Wear Daily to retrieve some clothes.

Richard telling the story:

I had been back in my office about 10 minutes when the phone rang.


“This is Tom Ford from Cathy Hardwick. I was calling to see if I could ask you out for a drink or dinner some evening.”

I was totally thrown off guard, because I was starting to think he was a stuck-up little prick, so I said, “Well, tonight and tomorrow night I have business dinners. Wednesday evening I leave for the country and Thanksgiving weekend. What about a week from Wednesday?” He said that was fine. Then we stayed on the phone for a few minutes and he actually started talking to me, and I thought, He’s not stuck-up at all. Finally I said, “Look, the dinner tomorrow night is tentative. If it is canceled, can I call you at the last minute?” He said, “Sure.”

Well, that was an adrenaline-charged 24 hours for me, because I had no business dinners, no Thanksgiving in the country. Nothing. Nada. At 4:23 Tuesday afternoon I called him, said dinner had fallen through, and asked if he was still free.

This post made me realize that Tom Ford doesn't age. I just had to do the math, they met 24 years ago & Tom was 25, so now Tom's 49!!! wow he looks great. I can't believe Tom Ford will be 50 this year!!! I wish them both so much more love, and many more happy years together. Their story is so beautiful i want to cry.

Here are the links to the Out Magazine article. 
You can find Tom's side: Page 1 
& Richard's side of the story : Page 2 

images are from the out article.

I love hearing about couples so if you ever want to share your story email me!!


  1. Tom Ford is my favorite. For one of my fashion classes, I had to do a report on a designer, of course I picked Ford. When doing my research, I came across their relationship, && yeah I want a love like theirs'.
    && Tom Ford does not age, god he is a beautiful man. Have you seen The Single Man?


  2. @Cupcakes & Cosmos Just googled the movie, found the trailer:

    loved the outfits, looks like a period film. so I Netflixed it, and the reviews are great. I'm adding it to my queue. Thanks Luv!!!

  3. i like this post im up 3:45 reading this,,,, i blame you lol =)

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  7. Aww I love a good love story! They are so adorable together! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  8. Ha, your welcome! I kinda want to believe that the movie is about him && Richard in some way.

    I am totally shocked to hear you never been to a basketball game. Its not like I go every game, but been to a few, && its really the only sport I understand, kinda. && the players aren't that bad to look at either.


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  11. Awwww... that's a really sweet story! :)

  12. oh wow I had no idea either - so sweet! x

  13. Awe what a great love story! I have to check out the article!

  14. OMG I think my heart just melted!! *sobs*
    this is so cute...the lies...its all so natural *sigh*


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