Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my HOT guy friends

Someone jokingly said that I probably run a harem, because I have so many female friends lol, and a bunch of them have appeared on my blog. I know.... I know, I never put my guy friends on my blog or facebook. BUT its because no 1. I  have more female friends no. 2. I go out more with females & no 3. though i talk about dating, I've never put pictures or named any of the guys I've been on dates with, well except maybe Mr C. I have a battalion of friends, and some of my friends are actually guys. So this post is dedicated to some of male friends, who just happen to be cute hot.

My female friends make fun of me that I shouldn't be single, and i should just pick one of my guy friends to date, lol EWW.. ICK... EWW... lol joking guys!  So the 9 guys featured will be it'll be a mix of my real close friends, facebook friends, and blogger buddies. (which is how i like my females ;)

1. My best guy friend on earth! Mr Justin Anthony!

he's seen me without makeup, we've worked out together, he has seen me go crazy, I remember a period where I'd call, and call, and call again, about 20 times until he picked up, or sends me a text saying he was working. We talk about relationships etc. love him to death. And ladies he's actually single ;) I always feel so short beside him & I'm 5'7.5 (he's like 6'7 or something odd lol)
His Links : BLOG | @SportsAgent4U

2. Desola London
he's a super sweet heart & funny. We threw an end of summer pool party together last year, might do one again this year. He also has an accent, nice! last time I checked, single too :)
Twitter: @YourMVP

3. Meet Solieen, hot, sexy accent. Been visiting his blog for a long time now. One of my male blogger buddies. His Links: BLOG | @Soliheen | YOUTUBE |

this is a vid blog of his from the  Hot Date / worst date post:

(oh yeah....  sorry ladies this one is taken)

4. Bawo: my Mr P90x, I love that he's allergic to shirts. he's a great friend. It's funny how we met, I saw his picture on bbm via a mutal guy friend & stalked him into friendship (ok well not really, but kinda). He's pretty cool & I believe he's single, and ladies he's a Kappa, #JustSayin lol. Perhaps I should set up a matchmaking shop & hook my girl with my guys.

ok had to steal the 3rd pic from twitter for those who needed a chocolate fix! just being nice :)

Twitter: @BawoSutra

I feel like I'm exploiting my friends, lol!!!!! hmmm who else (but I took permission to post this, they just didn't know what exactly I'd say, or which picture I would use)

5. Iso
OMG! my childhood crush. I had the hugest hugest crush on this guy from age 4-10. funny I'm still friends with him and about 6 more people from kindergarten and primary school. I thank heavens that I didn't go to the same high school with him, and I moved to the U.S instead of the U.K. He currently lives in Nigeria though.
Twitter: @IsoEtete

he doesnt upload much pictures, so I had to take these pics  that were tagged via  family & friends

his brother on the right's also a cutie

6. Jullian Good
one of my cool facebook buddies, I actually remember him from myspace!!!! good gosh I miss myspace. Last time I checked he was single
His Links: @Docgoodin | FACEBOOK

7. Sakayat - one of my coolest fb buddies, we haven't talked in a while, but we've been facebook buddies forever, i don't even remember how long, so best believe when I hit London i'll be buggin him :) He's so gorgeous isn't he!

8. Mancini - well he's my little brother, and he's always honest with me, and pretty witty, so why not. I'll probably strangle any chick I know that talks to him. yes Im "that sister." When my friends joke around that my brother's cute & they want to hook him up, I gag or give them the death stare. He's kind of safe now, cause he's away in college, awwwww freshman. (I'd post about my older brother, but he just moved to... and ... I dont have enough death stares & gags to go around).

My Sister Amanda & Brother Mancini

Last pic is from 3 yrs ago, sadly he's even more buff now, I might need a bat to chase away the girl (>_<)

9. I'd show you my M.I.A friend/ former bestie Hugo, but he's wearing spandex in almost his pictures, since he tends to take pictures on halloween, or when he's inebriated. This idiot has fallen of the face of the earth. I have fun memories of when I went to college in the boonies, and I didn't have a car, so hugo will pick up me up somehow, even though he had a DUI: he'd find someone to pick me up, we'd go clubbing in Atlanta, then they would take me back to school around 1 or 3 am. I remember him calling me randomly to go to a John Legend concert (who i was sooo into & got to see backstage) *sigh* Memories, I love this idiot. This is the only non-Halloween picture I have of us: from this post

pic from 2 years ago

10.  Okay that's it for now. & if you're my guy friend, you're hot & I didn't put you up, it's because I don't want any other chick looking at you!! cuz it'll be a girl fight! & I'll whoop her ass lol (or probably cause I might have a crush on you, so you I dont really count you as a friend) :). 

& ladies I believe they are currently single, and spread around the globe, maybe I should have put their locations lol.

gotta go work on my resume, tired of objectifying my friends for the greater good :)
Luv Bombchell


  1. thanks for the eye candies! added to my awesome day :)

  2. yo michelle i'm so confused but u sure need to hook a sister up. i'm definitely feeling sakayat and iso cos i know i can't hv 'em all but i hope i'm not been greedy by wanting more than one ;). ur gurl nicki

  3. Hot dayum! *wipes drool off keyboard*

  4. You are so wrong for this...... I'm just going to go back to studying and pretend i never saw these pictures.

  5. Chell seriously party all night & go back to skool! Wow!! & that's a great friend to drive you back!:O,(y)!

  6. Geez Louise! Those are some hot guys yo!

  7. Ahhh Michelle AMENNN!!!! I have fallen in Love Over and Over again looking at these boys.. I mean Men (Minus Mancini- I dont want to die). Soliheen and Hugo are ITT *kisses guys*

  8. All these guys are eye candy ! Definitely some head turners ! Bombchell can we get a top 20 list going ?!?! Lol.....S/O to #4 he's so Karasmatic ; )

  9. *Cleans drool* Ummm I want...ALL OF THEM!

  10. MMmmm...You should have just called this post "eye candy" I knew HOTlanta was the place to be...*startsjobsearchinginatl* he he

  11. S/O to the two guys confident enough to rock a speedo! all the guys are so hot *blowing kisses* i totally agree with Dani, we need to get a top 20!!! i want more lol

  12. Oh this was fun!

    1. The marrying kind. Love his eyes!
    2. WOW @ the 3rd picture.
    3. OMG, what a cutie!
    4. Who doesn't like chocolate?
    5. Your childhood crush, how cute! OMG, what if you guys end up together? Too cute!
    6. ---
    7. Hot! && he's Indian, I need to go to the UK.
    8. Cutie! (I don't want to say alot, && also, be a creeper, since hes is 18-19 years old) You have hot family! How many brother && sisters do you have?
    9. I effin' love the shape of your brows.

    Can I have #1, && maybe #3? Okay, thanks!


  13. Thanks to you, I gonna be stalking #3 now via his blog.


  14. OH GREAT.


    Nice way to start my Wednesday tho

  15. and I live too far


    But great way to start my Wednesday off haha

  16. Dam it! It's freakin great being a woman! These are like real men not celebrity wishlists! geesh I need to compose myself!

  17. Chocolate rain!! OMG mami loves what has graced her eyes. You know what? Iso looks like T.I.!

  18. glad you cleared things up at the end. i was wondering how i didn't make this list. lol

  19. DAYUM!!!That's all I can say...

    ...I think I need to look at this post again...

  20. OMG your guy friends are sooooo hot!
    I need to move back to ATL asap!


  21. So my plan is to bookmark this page, I luv ur blog too, but dayummmmm, this has made my day, so uhm, i'll have an order of the number 1,2, 4 and 10, to go please,but if u like u can add the others lol

  22. OMG, I'm fanning myself! have hawt friends! Hope your SO is hotter?!

  23. haha they are really handsome !

  24. What a friends!!!!you're gorgeous. Follow you=)

  25. umm.. so when are you going to introduce me? lol

  26. great pictures!!!!!!
    love your style!
    follow u now

  27. haha you got a lot of hot friends! hook me up with one! :D

  28. Hot dame. excuse my french, but damn girl. God is good, yes he is lol

  29. Oh my freaking gosh I need to hang out with you immediately!! These guys are so gorgeous. I'll have all of them, please. Hehe. ;)

  30. I will take number 4. I mean damn I am in the area.

    Serious though.

  31. This is not fair.
    Only you all these HAWT guy friends.
    I need to relocate.

  32. Charles oputa should be on this list

  33. Ha ha ha may I just say: you're a very lucky girl:-) I really enjoyed this post!

  34. sexy guys! And a big thankyou and hug for you for always commenting on my blog. you always made my day because you often comment :D

  35. you are hilarious and have some uhhh cute guy friends!!

  36. to have all Hot male friends.....what a gift and curse! LOL

  37. Haha for the hot guy friends roundup. As I've gotten older (and married) I've found it harder to keep male friends and I definitely meet more new females that I can call friends. So cute that you're playing matchmaker - I am always thinking about how I can hook my single friends up!

  38. OMG Michelle! You can't just post these pictures for all those single women out there to see and want to stab themselves in the eye! Kidding. I am surrounded by men, you know. In a team of 35 men, only one cute guy and he is MARRIED! Bah!

    But thanks for making my day. Love and hugs,

  39. First time on this blog and I must say I'll be bookmarking it!

    Drools over your pool of guy friends. They must be very protective of you. aww, lol!

    This blog post put a smile on my hectic day. Much appreciated!

  40. Woohoo, I made the list... lol

    Who told u I was single though...?

  41. How am I just seeing this! Hotness everywhere, ohmydays!

  42. I take em all but SPECIAL EMPHASIS ON #4... Tell him we share that krimson & kreme love & then direct him this wayyyyyyyy



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