Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shameless on Showtime (New TV Show)

Shameless is one of fave new shows out this season. I randomly caught it, and haven't missed it any Sunday (I don't have DVR so I better catch it on, or on repeat).

Its pretty dysfunctional! well it's above & beyond dysfunctional but that the beauty of it. I've only seen 2 episodes & Ive seen so many things are wrong with the characters. here's a little glimpse

The Dad
- schitzoprenic
- horrible dad
- drunk
- no job
- basically pretend he's a drunk "mouch" living with them, and you'll get the picture

The Kids

  • I can't count how many they are.
  • I see kids everywhere, red headed kids, kids that look like twins/ same age, and even the baby looks half black
  •  I have no idea who owns these kids, or how they got there

Their Neighbour/ Friends/ Landlord
-their the type of couple to have a conversation with you while their having sex, and go right back to it
- one works online, via webcam
- i love that their interracial & so fucked up.

The Love interests
- one of the kids is gay/ in the closet (sleeping with his married boss, that has kids)
- one's dating a luxury thief (super gorgeous though, I'd consider it too, ok maybe not)
- oh gosh now this one takes the piss: this character is messing around painfully with a lady & humiliating himself just for a warm bed & fine cuisine.

Most of the characters major & minor are quirky, intruiging, crazy, & lovable. I'd much rather love them from my TV screen that to know someone like this.

gosh I love fucked up characters!! & showtime feeds me my love

Catch it on SHO Sundays @ 10pm ( or whenever they repeat it same night, or via internet sources that might or might not be legal  like SurfTheChannel, TvDuck, LetMeWatchThis as of today these sites just have the UK version)

Shameless time schedule

whoa apparently BBC used to have this show to, different actors, so my UK readers might be more familiar with it. Have you seen the new Sho version or the older version, what do you think? 


  1. My husband and I watched one episode. It's different, but very interesting at the same time!

    I'd go nuts if I had to live in such chaos. Still, it's cool to see this dysfunctional family's bond. Somehow, they make it work!


  2. I've got so many shows to catch up on, but I absolutely love that you said takes the piss... so british ;)

  3. I blogged about this show a few weeks ago! Love, love love it...

  4. great post!!!!!
    love this pictures!!!!!


  5. I need to see this. Thanks! m.

  6. Very cool! I will definitely have to check out this show, it looks really interesting!

  7. Ooh William H. Macy? He plays such awesome characters. Thanks for the intro and I really hope they play it in Asia!

  8. This is based on an English show by the same name, Shameless, which is currently in its fourth series... it is fantastic, and i would love to see the US version. I have read that the English one is a lot darker than the US one, as it was felt you guys wouldn't watch if it was too dark. What do you think?

  9. OH bloody hell! Americans copy EVERYTHING!! Skins now Shameless? BLEURGH!!

  10. OMG yes to all the British Shameless fans,

    WOW im blown away, I saw the 1st episode of the British one, and it was the same!!!! same mannerisms, the reversing of the car at the restaurant, the lines, lol totally Shameless!! lol


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