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20 Fun Things you should do in Atlanta

These are mostly based on fun stuff I've done & enjoyed.
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1. Find your perfect spot. Mine is a restaurant/bar in Buckhead, I go there with girlfriends, dates, to hangout, drink, eat, on the prowl, birthdays etc. All in one spot, and it's free parking! find your spot.

2. African Clubs. most clubs in Atlanta close at 2am, but African clubs close at 5am or 6am. It's pretty cool that I can go to one of these clubs and have fun listening to Nigerian music etc. for fun days, I go on special event days hosted by dejavu, rising sun, djecool or rarely I host a party etc

3. Kiss on a first date - it's fun, especially if he's cute. I'll be honest most girls in Atlanta are single. The ratio of girls to guys seems like 15:1 and if you take away gay ones, which is a lot, the young ones, the unattractive ones ... you see where I'm going with this? very few guys + lots of gorgeous women = very few guys that want relationships. so have fun, be naughty, if you like him, kiss him, you never know. It's a once, twice or three times in a life experience, I'm not judging. (& people don't always limit yourself to race & ethnicity, sometimes try personality & height).
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4. Atlantic Station - there's bars, a movie theater, shopping, a gym, bowling alley etc. I call it "a little Gotham city," because it's so cute and looks like it belongs in a movie set, it's a like a little factory made city. I love it.

5. Lenox & Phipps - best or most expensive shopping you can find in Atlanta. Pretty interesting on the weekends (there's a free shuttle called the BUC Ride that goes to these malls, and the hotels in the Buckhead area)

6. Little 5 points - eclectic shopping, dining, and various subcultures.

7. Online Dating - there's the free, or paid options like &, or if your dreaming of grandeur, goodluck with Or easier alternatives like facebook, like i said, I don't judge (well maybe with I do judge, but It's not like i judge

8. Strip Clubs: our strip clubs are huge!! people come down to go to our strip clubs, I could name most of them and what nights are good, races of strippers, and names etc, and I've never been. Yup, i'm so used to answering questions about the strip clubs, that I'm like a tourist map.

ps: yeah women do go the strip clubs here, there's barely any taboo, and you might even find club photographers there, or you could check out the male strip club called Swinging Richards

9. Pole Dancing or Strip tease class with friends: that was really fun, we only did one watered down class, but it was still a lot giggles & we intend to take a full sexy dance course sometime.

10. Clubbing - Atlanta is a party city. some people call it black Hollywood. Unlike LA where everyone's an aspiring model, actor or filmmaker, here everyone a musician, stripper, or video girl. and of course we have our Dr's etc but you know I'm talking about the scene. And I love it!!! You can party everyday, and not have to repeat a club. I really mean everyday!!! Sunday used to be the best but now Monday & Thursday are competing. A few years ago, over summer break when Buckhead used to have a lot of clubs, my cousin and I clubbed for 2 weeks straight without repeating a club/ lounge. now that's dedication.

11. Blogging. - I started blogging about living in Atlanta & random stuff about myself, and I've got to meet a lot of cool people via blogging.

12. A good maid. - trust me sometimes a girl needs some quality help that's cheap and safe. when you get a good referral save it! You never know when you might be too busy to clean, throw a party and need help or something.

13. - pretty cool fun way to meet people with similar interests such as soccer, cooking, movies, girls night etc to make friends or hangout especially if your new to town (the also operate outside Georgia)

14. Stone Mountain Park - touristy  (went in college on a field trip, its actually cool)
Stone Mountain (image via FlamingoEduTours)

15. Georgia Aquarium - tourist attraction. I think it's the world's largest aquarium, you've seen it in several movies, and should be fun to go with friends, dates or the family.

16CNN & World Of Coke. - tourist attraction

17 MLK center - tourist attraction

(I admit i haven't done 15-17 because I'm not really into touristy stuff but people love it)

18. Comfortable Gym & a Workout Buddy: If you don't like gyms, we have a lot of gorgeous parks.

19. Fox Theatre: I don't know how you'll get there, but go there. It's one of those places that everyone ends up going to. I went there for a Spring Formal in college, and for a New Years Eve Party. Some go there for prom, and others actually go there to see plays!! it's lovely!

20. The High Museum of Art: I love this place!!!!!! If I'm ever proposed to in public, I want it to be a grand museum, I remember seeing a similar event in LA and it touched my heart. I love museums. (& normally i would hate to be proposed to in public especially on a talk show)

There you go, 10 20 random fun things I believe you'll enjoy doing in Atlanta.

[I originally typed out 90% of this post on April 5th last year but never got to post. I'm really I found it, it's a bit tongue & cheek, but pretty true, and I think you'll enjoy doing some of this no matter where you are]

I would love to hear about things you do in your city (even if it's Atlanta), so post the link below so anyone interested & I can check it out. (comments are also welcome)


    This was very helpful and I plan on moving to Atlanta in September.

  2. I seriously need to go to ATL! I think I am going to find my husband there. So serious!

    PS: Coke is there? I effin' love Coke, I want to work for Coke, after my fashion career. Um, yeah.


  3. I have done 4, 15, 16, 17 and I guess that makes me a touristy person. Although i went to the MLK center cos i had to do a feature on it for my school's newpaper. Oh, yes and i blog too :) So add number 11 to my list.

    Lived in Atlanta from 2002 until i left for med school, never been to a single club *Hides head in shame* Don't judge me. lol. I guess that should be a secret i never tell anyone.

    @Cupcakes: No, you probably won't be finding ur husband there. Bomchell got it right on the guy to girl ratio.

  4. @ Lexy: glad i helped (^_^)

    @ Kemi: Thanks luv

    @ Cupcakes: yes girl, Madame Sting knows! there's mostly just women here, u'll learn to be fly & single lol. there's a few guys but.... *sigh*

    @ Madame Sting: um what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u haven't been to a club in Atlanta!!!??? they should have staged an intervention before u left.

  5. thanks for this! my girl who's originally from the bay, but lives in l.a. right now is moving to atlanta in june i believe. i'll def show her this. she needs to have a line up of things to do for when i go visit her :)

  6. Huh. My #1 would have been... Bombchell. :)

    Thanks for the suggestions. I hope to make it back there someday.

  7. Actually... I had a question. What's the best strip club in Atlanta? I haven't been to a club since my 20's, but I never made it down there - just Texas. I always heard, though, that ATL had the hottest women and the best clubs. Real women, too. Sexy bodies. No pasties or $1000 lap dances.

  8. yeah I've been on plenty of fish before, it's actually not a bad site to meet people! and haha I used to love strip clubs until this stripper ripped me off paying for a lap dance for my friend and now I don't go anymore!

  9. I've never been to ATL, when I come I'm looking you up!


  10. yay! love this.. great random lists, but you need to do another.. like 10 things you MUST try while in atl.. a restaurant, a museum, a first friday puhahahaa!

  11. Hi!
    That's so funny because I call Atlantic Station Gotham City too. It is very reminiscent of a movie set. Love the list. There is lots to do here.

  12. The stonemountain peak looks very similar to Aso Rock at Abuja in Nigeria. Check it out **

  13. Where would you say is the best place for a young single guy to meet women?


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