Friday, February 25, 2011

{Freakin . Love . Fridays} The Sexy & Artsy video collection

Why Not bring it back: the artist naughtiness that you missed ;)

I saw a video on TheWritingBudhha which led me to check out which then led me to various lovely videos especially Greg Williams's Vimeo. I saw too many videos I loved & couldn't help but bring back F.L.F. This week's F.LF consists of videos. & $armin also thinks it's a great idea to bring the meme back.

:::before you watch the videos. Mute the blog music on the top right::::

I love the Rain, I always have since I was a kid, I find it so beautiful & mesmerizing.


3. Lol I swear I do this in my room, beside my 2 mirrors (one is full length & makes anyone look 10lbs lighter, I love it! It's My $10 feel-great-quick-therapy & the other mirror is normal, and just upper body).

As much as I go out you'd think I dance a lot, I don't. I'm sort of shy or insecure about dancing, so i just do two steps. It's an odd cycle, I grew up being shy about dancing - to being the girl dancing like crazy at 5am in club Europe without a care in the world, and preferred dancing alone rather than with boys (felt restricted when trying to be in rhythm with someone else) - to being that girl who doesn't dance anymore. Perhaps because my friends and scenes have changed. But however, one thing hasn't changed, I still dance like crazy in my room, with clothes, underwear, strip, everything, no inhibitions.
cool dance video

4. So I went on his vimeo & found more cool vids by Greg Williams : Agent Provocateur : I LOVE LINGERIE!

now for some sexy actors/ actresses:

5. Megan Fox for Esquire by Greg Williams:
I think Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women ever!! *sigh* I keep meeting Engineers, IT guys & Accountants, you'd think one day I'd meet a videographer or photographer so I could have bad ass pictures or a video like this. *sigh* guess I'll do it myself! watch & see :)

6. sexy ass Jude Law by Greg Williams-

& this reminded me of

7. Matthew  McConaughey's Dolce & Gabbana Perfume Ad: The One

8. collage of hot men, many of have have net stalked or would like to stalk:


  1. You are one crazy chick! And you make me laugh. I'm still trying to figure you out. One of these days.
    I love dancing by myself too. My thing is, no one can keep up so why even bother.
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. lol love you Mark. see you get it!! one of my friends claims that sometimes I'm not in rhythm, but truth is other people are scared to let go or they're just excruciatingly slow dancers lol.

  3. I love this...I love rain too, not that many people like rain, oh well. & goodness, I can't dance, I did something last weekend on the dance, floor, I think it was dancing, but I am not sure...I have no rhythm, but whatever I doing, it was kinda fun.
    Seeing #4, I need a trench coat...& a dude!


  4. WOW some seriously sexy videos, and I too have always been shy about dancing! So with you on that! Also must admit that after seeing some of these videos, I'm seriously inspired to go on a diet... :P

  5. some steamy videos these are

    lovely thing you've got going here...

  6. Ummm... Love the vids... am just getting started with them, and with my lousy connection, it would take forever. Loved rains but last year got an overdose...

    You make me smile, girl. you give Geeks a good name...

  7. I love this & I love your blog!!! Stop by someone and I dance wild in front of my mirror constantly


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