Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Fashion Problem} ill fitting dress pants

sorry the pants in question can't really be seen in this post, I was running late and didn't have time to mount my camera to a tripod. Most of my pants are baggy and oversize, I can see Sosa nodding.

It feels weird when dress pants are tight!! You can see those weird squiggly lines at the crotch area or is that how they are to fit? I just started wearing skinny jeans that are actually tight about a year or 2 ago. I don't think it's appropriate for anyone the see the size of your bum in dress pants, cause it's mostly for work, church or to be proper, and when they're tight it seems too sexy for these places (I sound so prudish).

Everytime I shop I console myself with a line Oprah said, about how most pants that are ready-made aren't perfect for most consumers, and we need to alter or tailor our pants. So... I buy big pants with the pretense of tailoring them to fit me perfectly in the future (one day I will).

So yesterday this is the exact brand & style I wore (above, & me below).
I really need to fix my eye ASAP

The pose is odd, normally there are no scrunches, just bagginess

Unfortunately as you can see my pants don't fit like that.  I can fit  both my hands comfortably into my pants, with some space left, luckily my pants don't fall off my waist. Buying pants is so hard, these are a size 10 from Express, I love the length, and that its not too snug. It's so hard to find big, rightly, fitted comfy pants. They seem to be too big, or too tight, or scrunched at the front area. *sigh*

I'm sure there's a trick to this, I just have to figure it out. What if I go to an alterations company and they jack up all my pants!! then I would have to buy new ones, and start all over again. You know what? in boarding school I actually got my uniforms altered.... hmmm.... this actually makes sense and might be the right solution. The only problem is, then I knew exactly what I wanted, and now I'm not quite sure how pants are to fit, or how on earth to wear a scarf correctly, gosh grown up clothes are so complicated.

Oh yea... you might have noticed my eye hasn't healed yet, been super busy and haven't gone to the pharmacy  all week. But I will today! Procrastination.... smh


  1. I have that scrunched in the front problem with a lot of the dress pants i try on. It's frustrating.

  2. Mycamel toe is something else I tell you. I find that express pants give me a good fit but if it's too tight then the camel toe effect. So usually I go a size bigger. But then my waist is loose so it's a huge mess trying to find the perfect pants.

    Love your hair here btw!

  3. @Madam Sting & Hell Notes for Beauty
    omg thanks. You two have made me feel so very sane, I thought i was the only person with this problem!!!

  4. I think the squggly lines are as it should be unless you're completely buttless - no offense to anyone.

    Sorry about the eyes, you should get it looked at.

  5. LMAO, i agree!!!! There is an older woman in my office whose pants are so tight you can see her cellulite.. it's really disturbing. I used to really like Express Editor pants years ago, but I think they changed their fit and now they give me camel toe - I've heard Theory makes great slacks but they're pricy so I'm waiting for a cute pair to go on sale. :)

  6. I do have that problem too, but I also hate that I can never find pants that are long enough with heel. A lot of my pants look "jumper" with heels.


  7. Hey Doll.

    So I was too distracted drooling over your hair to even notice your pants. I started reading the post and was like Oh yeah this is about pants. But I think its okay to scrunch just not look saggy. You know clothes aren't tailored to fit our bodies correctly. I get my work dress pants tailored b/c I have ocd when it comes to stuff like that.

  8. @Sylvia: U want to add to my addiction!! there's a theory store by me, I might stop by to peak in & add it to my dream closet.

    about wrinkle / scrunches: thanks ladies, now I'll feel normal if i have those.

    @ Amber: bwahahhahahahahaha I love you girl

  9. I'm short, so I have a hard time finding dress pants that fit properly. So far, Talbots, Ann Taylor Loft, and NY & Co. work wonders for me. Anything else, I have too many problems with.


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