Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lady gaga Lipglass, Ada's Photoshoot & Figo Pasta

Trying the Lady Gaga Lipstick with the Lady Gaga "Lipglass"
Ok so normally i wear the M.A.C lady gaga lipstick with the real image lipglass (as you can see here). I guess I used it too much & my Real Image lipglass finished. I decided to try & replace it with the Lady gaga Lipglass.
My Lady Gaga Lipstick

Review: I'm not sure how I feel. Sometimes the lipgloss looked okay (mostly the beginning of the day), but as the day progressed I felt like it looked really pale,  almost as if I was wearing white lipstick. I dont think it goes with my skin tone. Maybe it's because face makeup gets darker after a while of wearing it, and the lipstick stayed the same pale pink, whatever the reason, it was very odd, & I felt like an odd mime. What do you (nicely) think about the gloss on me, yay or nay? eitherways gotta finish the tube.

Atlanta was really sunny on Saturday, about 69 -71 degrees!! So i indulged, didn't wear a jacket, and I committed what a lot of people consider atrocious, I let my bra strap show & no it didn't match my top. If it makes you feel better, it got cooler at night, so I had to put my jacket on, and the straps were finally hidden.

Later that day Mean Mugging, while I was waiting on Ada  to take my picture, lol apparently she took a bunch like this one, it just didnt flash so I had no clue lol

I think I lost only 2lbs all January!!!! how??? oh well

So we went to the MAC in the Cumberland Mall to get her makeup done.

Her makeup artist was Tasha, a really nice lady, you should definitely check her out.

Adaeza & Makeup Artist Tasha (Cumberland Mall) --- thanks for the tips :)

I also met Alicia this weekend (Ada's college buddy), she's pretty hilarious, and a bunch of fun. Might have to crash at her spot when I'm tried of being land locked & need some beach & sun.

At the shoot. she used photographer Mr Jeno, which one of her friends recommended (his site, pretty badass work).

good gosh I look..... in this picture, but you can see what I mean about the Lipgloss!

behind the scenes --- lol thats sounds so cool. ok... I'll stop

Then we finally drove back, gosh the place / drive was so.......... far!!! If I were the kid in the Toyota Highlander commercial, I might have scored 2 movies, well 1.5.

At the end of the night Ada treated us to Figo. I heard about this pasta place a week ago, and how they make their own pasta from scratch as you order, pretty cool huh? Surprisingly the food is really affordable. bout $4 for the pasta, whole wheat, spinach or regular, and $4 for the sauce (so you mix & match what you want). They have about 7 or 8 locations all over Atlanta (Buckhead, Perimeter, Vinings, West Side, Decatur, North Point, Litle 5 Points, North Point, & I think Virginia Highlands), you should check em out.

We went to the Vinings Location:

2941 Paces Ferry Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30339
Tel 770-431-4988
M-TH 11:30-9:30
FRI 11:30-10:00
SAT 12:00-10:00
SUNDAY 12:00-9:30


Do you think they noticed my flash?

And I know ladies might ask. Ada's extensions are our friends brand . I've had mine in forever so it looks.....  yeah ready to be redone, been months.

Thanks for the meal babe!!

Too hungry to take a clearer picture & forgot to order it whole wheat or spinach

I know I'm doing a competition, but I felt better since my competition is Ada :)

& PS: I LOVED ALL THE COMMENTS IN MY GUY FRIENDS POST. They were pretty hilarious!! they deserve a post of their own. Most Ladies enjoyed them & so I'll listen and probably do another in a few months, and then I'll officially be out of guy friends :)

Hope everyone's having a good year. Happy February, & try to revisit your new year's resolutions.

Luv Bombchell


  1. dang mama, check out those lips & legs! you look gorgeous!

  2. GIRL you look gorgeous in the first photo! the gaga color looks great on you too, one of my fav lippies. Are you going to get her 2nd one that comes out in a few wks?

  3. OMG, you did the picture thingy, cool! It looks good. When I wear my men's white hanes tshirts, I wear anmail print bras to show off, is that the same thing? && yeah, I don't like the lipgloss on you. I tried the lipstick on, && it was just EEWWW on me, so I am not fan of Gaga's pink shade. The pasta place sounds cool, I wanna come to A-Town, && you can feed me.


  4. I love lipgloss! I wish I was in Atlaanta, it's a snow blizzard here right now!

  5. Its not easy for me to find a good pink lipstick too but u look way better in it than me lol, These days im mostly stick with brown 'nude' colors.

  6. If I were into women, I'd be all over you.
    Does that answer your gloss question?
    Your Friend, m.

  7. I think the lipgloss looks nice! I think pale colors just takes a little getting used to. Keep wearing it!

    Whitney Sherrell

  8. I think the lipglass suits you as is..

  9. Thank you! The lipgloss is really "barbie" pink!

  10. the lipgloss looks good on you. You guyz are so lucky. its freezing in the DMV..

  11. Couldn't stop reading this post! I LOVE IT. This seemed like SO much fun.

  12. Gorge post here! Love the pics! And yummy yummy to the pics of the food :o)

  13. So many things to say....

    1) love the gaga lipglass but more importantly, that foundation you are wearing in that picture is FLAWLESS

    2) you LOOK WONDERFUL! the weight is probably falling off slower cause you are already so slim

    3) whole wheat pasta?!?!?!? my favorite

    4) the weave is POPPING-- I went to the website.. what type are you wearing?


  14. SHE LOOKS SOOOOOO purrrty!! x

  15. yup i get what u want to say about the's a perfect one,and still it looks great on u,but it's so different shade in the tube and on your lips...great pics in the post!:)


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