Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lunch with friends.

This is definitely called procrastination. I need to behave myself & go work.

Here are a few pictures from Lunch yesterday & Today.

So yesterday Melissa & I went to Fresh 2 Order. it was really yummy!!!!! I loved it. I don't have any good pictures of the food because they were partly blurry and just not right. Luckily at the end of the night, our waiter, James taught me to use my new lens (it arrived yesterday Im super excited, hence these quickly posting pictures: I got a Sony 50mm f1.4)

If you follow me on twitter, you've heard me complain about my swollen eye!! well it's come down, so I no longer have to be a diva & wear shades at night, smh. Lunch ended up being late, well really really late. But it made the food even more delicious (OMG if you go to Fresh2Order you need to ask for their bread!!!!  melt in your mouth yummy croissants, that seem to be trickled with honey, they taste so heavenly).

The weather was so lovely.

I couldn't figure out how to work my lens.... see how the bottom is blurry?

My girl Nelly, (1st time on my blog, heeeeey). You'll probably see more of her when we go to Miami

The weather today was absolutely lovely!!!!!!!!!!! So met up with J & went to the Tavern @ phipps. Funny yesterday I took pictures of us, not food. & Today I have pictures of the food, without us.

Omg my food picture looks professional!!!! YAY lol thanks camera & post processing on photoshop
hmmm... did it taste as good as it looks??  Yeah it did, didn't eat my veggies though.

his food :)

Thanks for lunch babes!!!!

Omg I can't believe I posted this fast, I'm really procrastinating. I'd rather go watch I AM NUMBER FOUR, than work :(


  1. I'm very hungry now. Oh... for the food, as well.

  2. I love the eye makeup in your profile pic. It looks so glamorous!!

    x X

  3. OMG, now I want to eat...and eat...and eat!!

  4. that looks absolutely never looked so exquisite!

  5. Glad your eye is ok now! And wow, the food looks mighty delicious! You know how to eat a good meal :)

  6. Sexy wing eyes! I can't do wing eyes for the life of me, god I suck...
    I need new cam!
    The food looks so good, you have me drooling, not cool...


  7. love your lips! what are you wearing on them??

  8. Wow that food looks amaze, I'm so hungry now! xx

  9. @ Cupcakes, girl I keep practicing my wings eyeliner, glad u like it :) I used MAC's Liquid eyeliner, it almost like a brush

    @ Anon: my Lipstick is by MAC called High Tea & lipgloss on top is by MAC called Super.


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