Friday, February 11, 2011

To post purchase receipts or not?

Many of us have wish lists, and when we get it, we're excited to share it with friends, and blog readers. Or sometimes we want to show what you got that might interest you & we include the price, such as lipsticks, camera's or clothes.

(psst: you can easily make your own custom receipt here)

Now the problem occurs when stuff is pricey. Some people see it as bragging when you buy something that's priced above the norm. I like looking at blogs & websites & oohing & ahhing over how much it cost; cheap deal, or psycho expensive.

I recently purchased an item on my wish list, and plan to blog about it next. Unfortunately I'm worried about societal constraints, and never want to appear like I'm bragging or crass.  Saying how much an item costs is now more acceptable, especially if the person your speaking too might be interested in it, however posting receipts of prices above $200 can be seen as offensive & classless. Receipts help show validity, and bring more truth to a post, but Im torn.

So I would like to know what you think. And it will help me set precedence over future posts. You've read my biased opinion & logic, so please help me make the right decision.

             THE POLL RESULTS

EDIT: thanks for voting. Poll was opened from the 2nd & I closed it to make my post today the 17th.

These are the results. Over half of my blog readers (58%) think I should post receipts, 24% don't care if I do or don't, and a small percentage think its distasteful (14%). so...... Receipts it is :) thanks for the comments, poll & responses. (& to the few who think it's distasteful, I feel you)

PS: I changed my hairstyle!!!! Goodbye bangs

last night I did my hair & decided to out go with Ada & Uche, yup even though it snowed!! SMH I know. (it never snows in Atlanta, so even when it's less an an inch no one goes out! lol & the news channels constantly warn us about the severe weather, while people from other states think we're nuts & freaking out about nothing) 

C'mon you know when you get your hair done, you wanna go out. & You think to yourself "someone!! anyone!! must see my hair today!!" Best believe I was feeling myself. Battery died at the lounge/ club so no pics :(

apart from these :

Hair stylist: Nneka! as always (call her do get your extensions & layering for under $100)
Hair brand: SheIzAdiva (contact info:  -- This is my first time trying Indian Hair (I got it LONG 14" 18" 20" & 24") & I love it. 

That's all folks :)
Luv Bombchell


  1. LOVING the new hair doll!! Suits you and the hair is a keeper!! Thinking of upgrading too but I just get so bored and always chop 1/3 way through lol

  2. @ Onyxsta aww thanks love!

    LMAO!! I told my self I need to stop randomly cutting my hair. I decided not to get a perm in my hair this time, so now I'll try to iron it straight, and put the rest in extensions. Trying to go natural.... we'll see if it works this time.

  3. You could talk about your purchase and even say how much you spent if you want picutres of said purchase but why put up the reciept?
    If the item was $50 would you post the reciept? so whats the idea behind posting it otherwise?

    Like you rightly said a lot of people [myself included] will wonder why u'll post a reciept of an expensive purchase. Of cos this is just my humble opinion. You should do what you want to.

    Your hair is really nice.

  4. Gierl, who the hell cares what some ridiculous critical people think! Post your purchase and SHOW IT OFF!!! You probably worked hard to buy that thing and its your right to show us, and trust me, WE WANNA SEE!

    You look so pretty, bangs or not, you can pull off any look cuz you have such a pretty face.

    I enjoyed this post and I hope to see one with your new item to show off to us! :)

  5. @ Anon:
    thanks for the hair compliment, and i really appreciate your opinion. ok so i'll answer the question. The reason behind the receipt as opposed to just stating it, is validity and a receipt gives it a legit truth.

    Someone could have an 10,000 + hermes bag right?, and you honestly doubt if it's real or even a cheap Lipgloss, but how else do you know it's real, or she's saying the truth on how much she paid. a receipt right? hence the dilemma.

    LMAO thanks boo!!!!!!!!!!! lol I care!! but I'm trying not to. your comment makes me smile & want to say to hell with it, I'll post whatever i want, but I dunno, I guess I'll see.

  6. Show reciepts, who the hell cares?
    All my blog post are mostly huals, && I feel alil' show offey, but whatever, its my blog...

    I like the new hair, very Kim Kardashian like.


  7. I don't know about them, but show me i want to see what you bought lol. You look like a... yes Cute as always.

  8. I'm all for showing what you got. However, I'd say don't post the receipt people can always google the item if they're interested or you can hyperlink where one can get it- that way it doesn't seem like you're bragging..

    PS- love the hair! indian hair is the way to go (esp. if you take good care of it)
    PPS- you are such a naija babe-- 4 packs of hair 14" to 24" haba! he he :p

  9. Its ur blog! U can do watever u want but posting a receipt might initially get a O_o from many.
    I mean cos u got it for a certain price does not mean i'll get it that same price.

    But sha sha do u.
    Hair looks nice btw. Ive never been able to go past 18 inches when it comes 2 weaves but I'm sure d braids I'm rocking right now are a good 24. lol

  10. All my days I think I lost my comment!

  11. I think it really all depends on the reader's view. Personally, I think it's quite interesting to read about "haul" posts and i don't you should ever feel like you're being "show-offey".

    Haul posts makes good contents on blogs :) It's your blog love, and one purpose to having a blog is being able to express yourself.

    I can definitely see the need of posting receipts for "big" purchases. Let's all be honest, of course your readers may want to know or have proof that the products you're posting on your blog are "legit." Just like how I posted a receipt of my Balenciaga bag on my post, since I don't want people thinking my bag is "fake' lol!

    Btw, I'm loving your hair!!! It reminds me of Kim K's. So voluminous and sexy ;)

  12. thank you ! And I'm lovng yor hair, it's always nice getting your hair done !

  13. Love your hair! Now you look like a sexy adult woman.
    It's your blog, do what you want with your receipts. Unless I got a great bargain on something, I don't think that I could ever post a receipt. But then again, I'm on a quest to get rid of everything I own. So I guess I'm really no help at all.
    Your Friend, m.

  14. You last comment on my blog was too funny :) My bf is half Chinese and half Iranian and neither side of his family has cute guys imho. I'll be on the look out ;)

  15. I think the ticket validates the post and voted yes. And your hair looks great.

  16. Umm the hair is...GORGEOUS!!!! The hottness if I must say so myself!

  17. LOVE the new photos!!! YOU are absolutely BEAU-TY-FULLLL!!! Your Blog, Your Choice of what, and how you choose to post.

  18. Nice new haircut you look gorgeous


  19. Now I am curious as to what you bought--I say post it you want too or put a link where you got it from and if people disagree, they can just "x" out the page.

    Love your hair, for some reason, I want to try lace front, but I have seen a lot of crampy ones--any suggestions!


  20. The hair looks amazing. Can't wait to get mine done, and have long, wavy and glamorous hair again...x

  21. LOL I love the fact that we literally just switched styles....I had bangs done yesterday x

    YAY! the bit i voted for in the polls are up....I freakin' love how different your blog is xx

    Gave you a Versatile Blogger Award x

  22. @ Jadore:
    I don't wear lace fronts because I also dont like most people's installations, I prefer people to wear it as a half wig. And it also messes the front of your hair, so I wouldn't suggest it.

    But if you really want it, I have friends who sell it, rock it & love it, email me & I'll send you their info.

    But if you want this extension (I got a sew in) you can email the address I listed above :)

  23. Love your hair girly!!! So chic and fab!!!


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