Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yay Finally bought my Hermes Belt

Okay so.... on my list lust list last year (2009-2010, my xmas wishlist lasted a year) I wanted this belt. I don't know why I've wanted it so much, but I have. At first I saw it was just a cute belt that I always saw around, so I decided to get it. Then I saw how much it was & was like wtf!! So... I put it on my lust list for the year & told myself I would get it before Christmas, well no on gave it to me, so I finally got it for myself few days before Christmas 2010.

You know what sucked was that I couldn't "borrow" from my mum's closet because her waist size is different.

I used to want the blue one, but I decided to go for the brown & black reversible.

Before I bought the belt I heard mixed things, like you can't buy a belt without a buckle etc, price differences etc. So I'm going to clear the confusion up.

The catch is:
1. You can buy as many straps as you want (without buckles)
2.  BUT to own a buckle you must by a strap. (so pick your buckles wisely, I chose the braised one for now)
.... so this means, If I want to buy an additional buckle for my belt, I have to buy another strap.

They are sold separately which brings the price to what it is. (after last weeks voting result, with most people in support of posting receipts or not caring, I've added the receipt to the bottom for those interested in seeing how the buckle price, strap price, freaking tax come together)

if the image doesn't show: it says , belt  leather 390, buckle 195, Subtotal 585, tax 46.80. Total $631.80

ooooh & reason why you shouldn't buy a fake:

a. You're smart enough to compare it to the original & you wanna make sure it's a Grade A fake
b. It' a gift and you don't know
c. you don't plan to visit Italy with it, cause you could end up in jail.

oh well I promise to do the above, because you can see how embarrassing that $10 fake I got one year from Cali is. I actually wore it once (well the black of it) & I'm glad to say I've trashed it, & promise to never wear a fake again, unless it's a, b, or c which I'll still avoid for peace of mind & paranoia.

Funny enough I've wanted this belt for 3 years!!! On my trip to the Hermes store here in Buchkead, I learned that they don't bite, they are actually nice, they're not stuck up, and the lady, Manuela explained to me how one really tiny bag cost $27,000 (I couldn't help but burst out laughing, apparently "it's croc"). She was a good sport, & I didn't feel weird about not currently affording a $27,000 bag (can you imagine the tax!).  From surfing websites I've alway stared at Hermes Birkins & Kellys, and from the net on the difference I assumed the Kelly was always smaller. I saw a big bag & assumed it was a birkin in my head, so i asked what the bag was and she said it was a kelly, .  Well she explained to me the difference between a Birkin & a Kelly. It's not the size difference, but it's the difference in the straps. The Birkin has 2 handles (straps) & the kelly has just one Handle/ strap. For those who've watches Le Divorce you remember the whole big deal with her Kelly bag.

(image via Those 4 extra inches )

The sad thing is I'm that girl who might choose to starve, not do her nails, and not buy clothes, so she can save all her money to buy one big item like this bag. LOL heeeey we all have our vice, some collect coins, shoes, go on trips, or a Vitamix 5200 blender for a raw foodie. Currently mine happens to be with photography (UGH even photography is expensive). Are they any cheap hobbies??

Oh the location in Atlanta: (it's right by the Buckhead Library & the new Fados Irish Pub)

Herm├Ęs of Paris
3393 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
Neighborhood: Buckhead
(404) 233-1011

That's all folks, so I'm curious what the last big purchase you made that was over $200? (equivalent to €147, £123.69, ₦30,645) & you can list the price if you remember it.


  1. OMG gooo girl, you picked up a great investment piece, and if you've been sleeping on it for 3 know you need it. Great color pick also...damn that replica one is...*SMH*. Thanks for showing us the receipt, that makes it so much easier instead of going to look it up, ask you, etc...on my lust list now!

  2. @ Sylvia

    yes girl 3 years. when I got it, my cousin Nneka was like "Finally!!"

    lmao the replica..... girl I don't know what I was thinking!!!!!

    :) glad the receipt helps

  3. niiiice!and I thought 2,000 was expensive for a bag I wanted, yikes!

  4. It's gorgeous babe! Congrats on finalliy getting it! I love how you posted the receipt as proof! I think most bloggers should when they purchase products over $200.

    I also wouldn't mind giving up a little to get what I want ;)

    BTW, my last purchase over $200 were pillows that cost $260 each but I got it buy one get one free from MACYS and beddings for a little less than a $1k from the Macy's hotel collection, which was also on sale :)

  5. Love your new belt !!! at hiding under ur covers-smh

  6. I love seeing receipts! I agree it's best to save for something you really like. Nothing compares to the original honestly, you made a nice pick.

  7. You have a lovely blog girl! Wow and I thought $200 was too much for a bag I got recently! It's such a fab belt though and definitely a great investment.

  8. thank you !
    I want that belt too !

  9. Wow that looks really nice, I like the buckle alot!!!

    Ok this might be intrusive and feel free to not answer. But you seem to be able to afford some pretty expensive items, and I was wondering what you do career-wise, and how you save up to be able to buy what you want.

    Again I apologize if this is intrusive and you reserve the right not to answer. Thanks!!!

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. why..u can't take a different opinion..hmmm i wonder

    2. um..... . "I" AKA "BOMBCHELL" AKA owner of the blog. posted the comment above, then deleted "my" comment.

      I answered in 2011, then deleted the commented I posted. and u ask me this in 2013 smh.

      learn to read. I did not delete any guests comment, just mine.

  11. OMG LOVE that belt! Infact I love everything Hermes *sigh* As for Birkin vs Kelly, I'd choose the Kelly. However, I do feel like there's no point starving to get a Birkin (or any Hermes bag actually) if your closet/lifestyle doesn't match; it'll just end up looking like a fake--know what I mean?...

    Last expensive purchase Manolo Blahnik clogs- got it on some mad crazy times: end of summer or xmas/new years.. xo

  12. LV Speedy 40 is on my lust list...Its been on it forever. I can't never save my money.
    I am proud of your new belt. And love that is does have a black side. If I buy anything cost more then 100$, it needs to be black.

    & I don't think I spent more then 200$ on one thing, I don't think I ever did that, but like a total of many things, yes...


  13. @Sher: lol my friend told me Im wearing her rent. girl 2000 is still a very nice expensive handbag. & Id rock it all year or 3.

    @Fun Size: lol those pillows better give you the sweetest dreams ever. But I feel you, cause I remember seeing them when I was looking for sheets years ago.

    @ Anon: That's fine. One method is invested in a credit card, which is probably bad, but I always aim to pay it off before my cycle ends so I don't incur any extras apart from what I spent.

  14. I need to get my BF that belt, but in the near future! However I want to be cheap and get him a Ferragamo instead, sigh. The last thing I bought for over $200.00 was my gucci bag, In the near future I smell a Celine Bag and/or Gucci jelly flats purchase!

  15. I bought a pair of vintage RayBan Max Austin sunglasses. (I actually bought two. One in black and one in tortoise.)

  16. Ok its 2012 and Im lusting a hermes belt. Am I late on wanting this belt,?Shuld I move on to some other want?

    1. It's a classic so you are not late.. I am so wanting it too. :)

  17. Loved this blog post of yours :) And it was helpful too as I was searching for the price of the belt online just now.. Google sent me here :P
    As for the Hermes, I own a Birkin, which I love, and I think it is actually worth it saving for one.. Hope you have already gotten one by now :)

  18. Did you buy it online?!
    if yes where?!

  19. I just purchased a $3,000 spa package that includes facials and massage all year round... I never knew the Hermes belt was that affordable!!!

  20. I may be late too but why is it sooo expensive??? I really liked your belt but that seems way too pricey for a belt. Id like to know what's so great about it to pay so much.

  21. I do hope you'll blog on something like your choice of girls bedding sheets and designs. I really love your style and I'm kinda curious how you arrange your room.


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