Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm a PC!!! i don't want to switch teams -- got a new computer

ok so it's been a really long time since I blogged. was out of town with friends & I was M.I.A to the cyber world so.... let's catch up.

I have a shitty computer. My left click button doesn't work, so I have to use touchpad/ trackpad above it & tap to do everything including photoshop. My computer used to be super slow, so I bought new memory ($100). The battery sucks, but been too lazy/ cheap to spend another $100 on a better battery. It's been a year plus battle with my computer.. and now finally the back cable isn't working. I have to twist the back cable in order to get power. Sadly to fix all the problems, they will have to open the computer, bla bla touch the motherboard.... blah blah costs almost the price of a new computer.

SO...basically I have to buy a new computer.

Should I buy another PC that will stop working in 2-3 years as usual, or Should I try this annoying apple computer that people rave about and claim it doesn't crash.

what got me  was resale value. A greatly cared for and used PC, 2 years later can sell for $10 and a greatly cared for and used MAC can sell for $800+. No need to say more.

So after searching I deciced the 17inch Macbook Pro, with anti glare, 8gig, quad core i7 woul d be perfect for me. Originally worth $2,500, and with my customizations would be $3,000. Then Reality hit & I respected myself and got the cheapest Macbook Pro available which is still waaaay too expensive in comparison with Windows (and that still hurt).

So I got a 13inch Macbook Pro, Dual Core, and added more GB (cost $1235.52 ).

PS:: if you buy one, make sure you do the student discount for your school. I got a $100 off from my school

YUP it's freaking glossy!!! so reflective. don't you hate seeing your reflection when your trying to work or watch a movie! 13 inch's don't have antiglare!!! :(

FREAKING GLARE.... TEAR DROPS!!! can u see my reflection!!

1st thing I did when enable right click etc!!!!

3 hrs I can't get back ( since i exchanged this computer for the core i5)

Then guess what!! 2 weeks later I found out that Apple decided to release a new MacBook Pro 13inch i5 which is faster and better than my dual core. FOR the same price I paid!!!!!

so if this happened to you, you have 30 to trade it in for the newer model. (when I exchanged it for the newer model they gave me back $48 ---- well honestly i was 34  days late, but they gave me "a one time courtesy")

(I'm still using my messed up PC until I move everything to my mac---- :( I really love windows :( and will miss it!! well not really, I'll prob add Windows 7 OS to my MAC)


  1. I want a mac book pro for the longest and refuse to spend my money if only a good samaritan would come along lol.
    Hope you enjoy yours<3

  2. you'll love it i was the same way but once i went mac i never went back!!! you'll see the difference in your photos, vids, and everything and the bonus you do not have to deal with pesky viruses!!!!

  3. Congrats on the new macbook pro! I There's definitely a big difference going from a pc to a mac but i'm sure you will love it!!!

  4. Totally didn't know you could enable right click... good to know! I've been "commandin" it this whole time!

  5. @MW: Girl I feel you!!!! trust me.

    @♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥: I really hope it works out.

    @Fun Size: Thanks love, I hope so.

    @ofarealy: LOLZ glad to help (^_^) we'll figure it out together, i asked at the Apple store thats why I knew.

  6. You can partition your mac in such a way that you're still able to use windows and such. Ask any techy people you know.

    1000+ is way more than i'm willing to pay for a laptop sha. My 5yr old Toshiba still works okay.

  7. I made the move to mac a few months back after my new 17" toshiba crashed....and I am not going back. You will love it, I got the Macbook Air though and I love it. Now that I am hooked I have been calling the apple store trying to purchase an ipad 2.

  8. Now that I have a job I'll switch to Mac but I'm nervous lol. I'm such a PC person and not a techie person so anything too complicated scares

    Keep us posted on how it is.

  9. you wouldn't regret getting one trust me!
    It's worth every penny.

  10. Bon courage on changing computer systems. Most people love the Mac once they get it figured out.
    Nice to see you around.

  11. awww your boo is sooooo purrty! I love catching my reflection when I work cos I'm a vain mutherrrrr....LOL
    I thought u were gonna say u bought an actual PC laptop and I'd have slapped some sense into u....its true what people rave about and after dealing with HP's customer services last year, I had to switch teams too!
    Essay OVER lol

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  12. Right click is already 'enabled'... Just use 2 fingers to click...

    Multi-touch baby... get with the programme...

  13. I want one, but my financial future is looking real bleak..

  14. Congrats on youe new mac. Hope this one lasts longer : ).

  15. I hope the Mac works better for you than the old PC. You should have got an iPad?

    BTW, I'm looking for support for my second book. There are more details on my blog, but I can send you a copy for a review or twitter party. Let me know.

  16. I have recently decided my next laptop will be a MAC, this post gave me a look into what a person switching from PC to MAC will deal with. Thanks!

  17. I'm actually switching to a mac today! my laptop isnt even worth saving at the point. Im missing an "I" key (but somehow it still works otherwise id be copy and pasting the letter I lol) and an up arrow. Ive spilled nail polish and food on it, dropped it etc. anything would be better than this but i figured id pay a bit extra to see what this mac stuff was all about.
    that glare does suck though, forget about ever working outside when the weather gets nicer (well for me anyway)

  18. love the new laptop! i have a macbook, iPad and iTouch, love them all!

    at the time i got my laptop, i got the cheapest one around, got it for $799 ($200 instant rebate at microcenter during Apple Month). it's plain freakkkkin amazing! sad part is i want a newer nicer one but mines is gonna last soooo long so I just have to suck it up and wait till it dies (or the hubs takes it and buys me a newer one, lol).


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