Friday, March 25, 2011

Monkey Joes with my little cousins

When I was a kid and summer in LA my aunt would take me and my brothers, sisters, cousins etc (trust me it was like the Brady Bunch) to Six Flags, Disney (every year), Knotts Berry Farm, once to Sea World, Raging Waters (which was the best) and Universal Studios. & of course Chuck E. Cheese.

That's a lot! So now I'm kind of a grown up, so I decided to take her kids somewhere fun. My little cousins came to spend the weekend with me & my sis. She took them to Church & after their Kumon Homework I took them to Monkey Joes.

I wanted to take them somewhere fun that they had never been to, and trust me these kids like most have been to Chuck E Cheese. So I asked people on twitter for a good suggestion similar to Chuck E. Cheese here in Georgia, & Monkey Joes  was suggested by  @CidGal02@Cajun_peach , @LngHrThkRedbone, & @ScorpionGold. I had never heard of this place, so I checked out

the website

and called the location close to me  in Tucker GA (they have other locations) and I asked if they had games etc.

My little cousins love cars so much, look at them pose! awwww.

NOTE BELOW: sure.... I let them out without brushing their hair, BUT I bundled them in my jacket & scarf since they forgot theirs. Sadly they refused to take pictures in it, I think they were ashamed of my awesome oversized clothing lol, I doubt they will ever forget their clothes again ;)
if you look well in picture 4, you will see m little cousin chose to wear his shirt inside out!!! *sigh* I let that go too lol.

The place was pretty cool, it reminded me of WipeOut, Global Gladiators, and those racing games I watched as a kid. The kids got to play in bouncing castles  *Don't You Dare Forget Your Socks!!! or you'll have to buy some for about $2* To enter each kid was about $10. I was free. ps: Am I cheap or does food in such places seem so expensive!! Like nachos, or even a slice of pizza is some kind of expensive delicacy. I promise you I made sure my little cousins ate a lot before we got there but did that help?? not really they still ate a bit there.

It was a lot of fun, and my girl Meron came out to hang with me.

By the end of the night, my cousins were passed out.


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