Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earworms & Stalking Photographers {digital treasure chest}

I love these 4 songs!

(PS: please mute music at the top right of my blog to listen)

NO 1: Miguel - Sure Thing (I probably took this song over by 300plays on youtube, they dont allow embedding hence this link)

NO 2: Black Eyes Peas: Can't Get Enough

NO 3: Katy Perry - Extraterrestrial ft Kanye

funny enough I don't own them, so I just replay them constantly on youtube or via Grooveshark's pretty cool, it's like Pandora radio, but you can choose with songs you want. Feels like upgrading from an ipod shuffle to an ipod, or an ipod nano.

oh and I'm sooooo obsessed with photography, gosh I've turned into a photography net stalker trying to absorb everything.

4: Photographers
so found this video via Anthony Q, who I wanted to originally stalk, but ended up stalking Tim King & once he gave me permission to stalk him on twitter it was over!,  and then went back to Anthony's page. And I started stalking them all because I stalk Jasmine Star's life on the board walk (silly jersey shore joke, ala Pauly D)

other photographer blog I'm stalking: rhphotos. the post that made me stalk him? here(pics 11 & 12).. or here

oooh & I originally started stalking Jasmine, because I saw a fellow blogger's wedding pictures (Lipstick & Ruffles), and they were above & beyond beautiful. I was captivated, and asked her on twitter who shot it, and then I fell in lust.


here's the video

so made me search for an interview of him:

he's actually American, but moved to Bermuda at age 5. orginally when I watched the video I kept wondering what his ethnicity was, black & albino?, white?, mixed? what? regardless pretty cool.

NO 5: omg Dj-Ecool my buddy had a crazy ass party.
Had too much fun!!!! Nels, Courtney @GlamourMeUp , Me, Nneka @OnyeGucci ---lol was hiding my swollen eye

& luckily he gave out his mix tape of nigerian music! very sad that he's one of my best buddies and I never downloaded it, and now I have it, it's the only album in my car (well except, lupe fiasco, kanye, and 2 old albums from 3 years ago that I dont listen to)

THIS is my FAV song on the mix tape (his mix is much nicer too)

Naeto C feat Asa

Dj Ecool's Album (funny thing, anytime Im on the phone with anyone from the party, i'm like is that Ebi's mix tape!!!)

LINK: DJ E-COOL PRESENTS NAIJA TAKEOVER Vol3 2011 (Currently 33,313+ downloads, yup its that good)

or listen at the linked site before you download

PS: dear people n Atlanta, if you have anyone that I could 2nd shoot, or even 3rd shoot for, please email me!!! & If you are a photographer, and you have tips or a blog, hit me up & I promise to stalk you, lol :).


  1. Oh yes we have Easter holidays
    What kind of music Kanye?

  2. Fabulous tunes, darling!
    And you and your friends are absolutely gorgeous!


  3. LMFAO at the Jersey Shore reference, my bestie says that to me when I talk about my crush (the 3yr old crush)...I love Kanye's part in E.T.

    You ladies look lovely, your just effin' adorable.

    Hmmm, if I become a photographer, & I am good at it, I would be honored if you stalked me.

    xo $ARMIN

  4. great songs!! thanks for sharing!! :D


  5. Hahaha! yup! I have finally established your trademark photo smile. Happy Easter!!!

  6. Love asa- share my blessings plus I can't get enough of Katy and Kanye


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