Friday, April 29, 2011

My friend Titi's wedding

Went to Houston for my friend's wedding which was on the 10th of April. I've known Titi since I was 10years old (7th grade). We went to boarding school together, and both moves to the United States at 16yrs  after graduating high school. We used to be super close, but it's been almost a decade, we're still cool friends though not as close as besties like when we we're kids, we still love each other.
Getting Ready

Me in the Bridal Room

Yvonne, Me, Charlotte

Makeup was by HauteFaces in Houston, TX

Love these 2 pictures!!!!!!!! woot woot for my skills & pretty bride helped a bit lol

After experiencing 6 years with a lovely group of guys and girls, you have a strong bond, and you don't need to talk everyday to validate your friendship. I have friends I haven't spoken to for over 5 years from High School and when they are in the States or Atlanta they hit me up, and we pick up right were we stopped.

For some reason I didn't RSVP until a week before the wedding. Trust, once Titi sent me a bbm message, I RSVP'd booked my ticket the next day or so & stopped slacking.

I had a blast, I got to see some people I haven't seen in 10+ years, like Charlotte my birthday mate (date, year everything), Afam 10 yrs, Yvonne one of my besties (6years, we talk everyday but she's demoted from official bestfriend to "one of" because she went M.I.A for a few months). It was almost like a mini reunion.
Bridesmaids getting ready. (dress color: Regency)

What I wore to the wedding (my mum actually bought this outfit in LA, for her store in Nigeria)

Onyiye (who encourages my pic & video taking) & Tochi (High School Mate)

Bumped in Jimi all the way from ATL, he's also friend's with Titi

Jenny (my family friend who saved me from Hunger Sat) , Me & Yewande
I smiled!! Abeg smiling with all this contraptions in my mouth is hard

Titi & DJ

Me, Charlotte, Titi, DJ, Yvonne, Tochi

Afam (High School Mates)

Kemi & Tochi (Boarding School mates)

Brides Gorgeous Sisters & Tochi in the middle

My favorite picture from the reception!!! (smh he posed twice & I messed up the settings)

Get It. (I have a video 2 posts back)

Congratulations Titi & DJ: Lovely couple

I wanted to practice my manual photography, see if I could figure out my flash at the reception etc. I freaked out when my setting weren't good at the reception, but got encouragement from the people on my table, and everything turned out cool. Had a blast in Houston: so glad I met so many cool people, I partied Friday, and Sunday after the wedding (Saturday I was sick the whole day and felt i was going to pass out).
My cool reception table (Jenny, Yewande, & Liafis are on my right missing from the picture) (left 2 engaged, how romantic!)

& For those who love pictures & would like to see more you can view this slideshow:

OR you can go to the full gallery here & watch the video of the dance here

That all folks, hope you enjoyed the pictures.
ps: The Royal wedding (Prince William + Kate) happened today, I was asleep so didn't catch it, I'll try to watch the highlights later. I wasn't bothered until after the fact, and I was like darn it, I missed a moment of history. Eitherways I really really want to watch the Lifetime Network movie on them, I hope it's good, I need to check what time it comes on again & the real pictures Ive seen on everyone's blackberry messenger of their first kiss, looked EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!

then I watched this video:  (don't watch this video if you like the above Epicness of the video)

royal kiss via: Huffintonpost & video via CBS News

did any of you wake up about 6am US time to watch it. Kendall I know you did!! and who stayed up around the world to watch it.

ps: A replay of the whole thing starts 11am aka in 14mins on E channle


  1. Awww I loved the royal wedding...I generally just ADORE weddings!
    Just did a BLEURGH on it too...your friend's wedding looks good x

  2. love you!!! big fan girl and i like the way you step up to the plate!!! keep it up!!! chek me out it u got 2 min

  3. You looks so beautiful in your dress!!!! So gorgeous :)

  4. these images are amazing! You did a great job with the pics-what camera are you using again?

  5. Your friends wedding was lovely!! I love how close you are with your friedns and family it really shows in all your posts!

  6. The wedding looks beautiful, The dress you wore is gorgeous!

  7. wow!!! what an exquisite wedding!!!

  8. Wow the wedding looks amazing. You ladies all look beautiful and the bride hands down is GORG with the glow ;)

  9. You did an amazing job with the pictures! you do have the eye!!!

    I woke up at 4am to watch it! Yes I am a sucker for love...

  10. Your friend is gorgeous. I love Tochi's turban/headdress. It's really beautiful. Kate's got nothing over your friends.

  11. thanks for yor comment. wow,love these gorgeous pictures of the wedding. its so colourful and i like to look at it :D

  12. lovely pictures! love ur dress

  13. Good job on the wedding - you've got some great shots! My favorite ones are the 2 of the bride just after she got her make-up done.

    Loved the Royal Wedding, I stayed up all night to watch it haha

  14. Wedding time!!!

    I agree with you on Friends. My friends and I don't communicate for the longest time, but we are just as close as we all were years ago. Prayers and blessings for the glowing bride.

  15. thats great that you got reinunited with your friends after all those years, you look great in the pink dress!

    and ohh kate middleton was soo pretty!

  16. I LOVE nigerian weddings! I went to my first one this past november (the bf's sister's) and it was beautiful just like this one! I loved how the different families coordinated with the same material in different styles. Ghanaians on the other hand just show up as if it were a fashion show haha

    You friend made such a beautiful bride!! and you did great job capturing the prep process. how did it feel to reunite with your boarding school friends? I went to boarding school in the 1st and 3rd grade but no one liked me because i was American so I have no friends to reunite with lol

    WOW that was quite the ramble. ill stop now.

    Shelly a la mode

  17. Woot woot! I love attending weddings and you did such a gorgeous job on the bride!! i LOVE how edgy your blog is!

  18. oh she was a beautiful bride and your dress was so pretty i loved it!!!

  19. Great pics! And awesome blog =)

  20. I saw your post on facebook and visited your blog.. Wow, i love your photos! Amazing!!
    Visit my blog and if u like, become my follower:)
    Kiss, Fashion Haze

  21. Beautifulllll wedding, so much color! & the pitcures you captured are superb

  22. She looks beautiful, I love your dress! & these photos are just amazing!


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