Monday, May 9, 2011

Atlanta's Sexy Geek for Halloween/ School Nerd (aka BOREDOM)

I was just going through my pictures folder, and found I found my webcam pictures from last Halloween. So yall know I LOVE LOVE Halloween, costumes etc! Well last year's halloween weekend I went out with my girl, Meron. I should really post pictures, but they are still in my regular (non DSLR) camera (the stupid battery kept dying & I was too lazy/ cheap to buy new batteries).

So Halloween was a blast! then I got home & i was so BORED!! omg I was beyond bored. I begged my friends to come on skype, I was bored on twitter, I was just sooo freaking bored, so i decided to take pictures with my webcam. lol now yall get to see some part of the stupidity that takes place when I'm alone , maybe one day I'll post of video of miming/ dancing to songs.
 Funny thing, I had two possible costumes, Jazzercise Instructor & Sexy Geek/ Nerd. I went cheap and created a costume based out of stuff from my closet. I was originally going to be Katara from Avatar, and not her water costume. I even bought material etc, and met with a seamstress, but I felt my midriff was a few burgers & spare ribs too much to be viewed by the public, so maybe next year I'll sew it.

I couldn't decide on white or black borders, so i guess you get to see it twice. Which do you prefer for the future.

Love Bombchell.

pictures with: Microsoft LifeCam (smh, yea my PC needs an external microphone & webcam)
collage: photoscape (free download)


  1. I really like your hair
    xoxo Debby

  2. Hmmm not sure if I like black or white best....both! I love that you've posted something from a few months ago...sometimes I find those gems too :)

  3. What does it say about me that I was totally checking out your rack?
    Your Friend, m.

  4. @ Debby:
    Thanks Luv

    @ A Fine Balance:
    I go to events etc with the intention of posting pictures, then somewhere it gets too late, maybe because i wanted to post process them, and the stress was too much lol.

    @ Mark:
    LMAO!!!!!!!!! you always crack me up with your comments

  5. Webcam pics are always fun. I like the one with the black border better because it looks like you posted 12 pictures, not 1

  6. Love those glasses.. definitely need a pair for the summer.. Your blog is super sexy.. love it!!
    Posh culture xx

  7. Dunno which color I like but love your Halloween expression.

  8. The white border! I was bored recently and did exactly this with my webcam lol

    Cool blog



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