Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beautiful Retro inspired Storyline Photoshoot.

Artist: Ben Sandler

I love the retro (futuristic) vibe. Can't believe this building, Maison Louis Carré actually exists. The images are so beautiful. enjoy. They were inspired by AMC's Madmen, which is on my Netflix waiting list (@Annette007 said it's great, and since we both enjoy the same type of dysfunctionial TV shows I'm sure I'll love it). It also reminds me a bit of Tom Ford's movie A Single Man (Thanks $armin for recommending A Single Man!)


more pictures: Fast Company's Don Draper Meets Alvar Aalto, In Retro-Chic Photos
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  1. Awesome retro, always.

  2. GORGEOUS! Just gorgoues!
    Photos (& talent) like this, makes me wanna be a photographer.
    & they do look like stills from A Single Man.

    What kind of camera do you use? I love the photos from your friend's wedding.
    & if we lived closer, I would totally bake you cupcakes. They not that good, but I am getting better. That was only my 2nd time.

    xo $ARMIN

  3. This is refreshingly unique! The photos are beautiful. I admit I'm a bit perplexed about all those appliances in the kitchen shot.

    Now following your blog, which I found through A Fine Balance. Hope you'll visit and follow me too!

  4. I adore retro, this pictures are amazing!

  5. Beautiful! I love photoshoots that tell a story. They're more interesting



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