Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Behind The Scenes (Monday) & Movies that are out

so 2 days I assisted Jeno with a photoshoot. I have some behind the scenes but i have to ask the makeup artist if it's cool to post it cause it was for her portfolio.

Learned some stuff pretty cool.

Was trying something out, so took this of Kenny, the videographer (check his stuff out on )

okay so now the truth of the matter, this picture came out with this awesome music video vibe that I love so much by mistake. Then I corrected everything to be normal, aka stood away from the front of the light, and later spent a few minutes later trying to recapture it again, just incase i want to reproduce it :)

Anyways it was a fun shoot & I learned a lot light, don't stand in front of the soft box when taking a picture.

PS: I've officially seen almost every movie out right now
Pirates of the Caribbean - check  : 8.5/10 but long (saw it yesterday regular movie style, non 3d)

Something Borrowed - check  : 7/10 (It's okay... i probably gave it a 7 because I'm a romance nut and they were all sooo pretty)

Jumping the Broom - check 6/10 (Tolerable, the main female character's sweetness seemed too fake)

Thor - check 9/10 (saw it IMAX & 3D)

Bridesmaids - check  6/10 (too much slapstick humour for me, and I wanted to smack the main character at one time, "the toilet" scene was grossly fun. I left thinking i should have just waited for hangover 2, i expected this to be a female hangover from the commercials, guess it kind of slightly was.)

Priest - I don't want to see it, unless someone thinks it's great
Fast Five - I might see it


  1. I feel u on jumping d broom. Paula Patton was a little too much for me.

    Bridesmaids-Ditto. It was funny but not THAT funny. I hateeee exaggerated, by force humor.

    Thor-- naa. not my cup of tea. didn't last past 10mins.

    Fast five- U totally have to go see!!!

  2. I am doing my movie marathon this weekend. Oh, and Kenny is cute. Waiting for pictures.

  3. the pictures are cool! haha I still want to see something borrowed :D



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