Thursday, May 5, 2011

Can a fashion guru identify the shoes the kardasians are wearing in their season 6 campaign?

Ok I'm not great ID-ing shoes, bags or clothes. I don't go to the mall that often, or look at magazines. For most of this year I've just stalked photography. Remember the post on how I have very few shoes, like 1 red shoe, 1 black shoe, 1 clubbing shoe, steal 2 shoes from my sisters.... yeah.

Well now I'm growing up & I'm building a closet, so could someone help me I.D. these shoes, no one on twitter could help. The red one's are worn by Kourtney, and the gorgeous ones in the back are being worn by Kylie & Kendall. thanks.

 from this promo
I actually haven't watched this show in forever. For the past couple of months I've probably watched a total of 3 hours of TV a week, and we know 1 hour goes to Gossip girl, and the other goes to Vampire diaries. So if you know any great shows, do suggest them. I saw part of a show called Happy Ending & enjoyed it.

1 Shoe found by Michelle from Shelly à la mode. Thanks chica, Michelle's do rock :)

Kourtney's shoe is the Christian Louboutin Lady Peep ($895.00)Red Patent leather platform peep toe pump. 150mm heel

can be found here at Barney's (or probably Neiman Marcus and the usual stores). Sigh why couldn't it be something cheap like Aldo, or better yet even bebe since they work bebe. lol.


  1. Fred and I just Netflixed 4 or 5 years of 30 Rock and loved it. Just a suggestion. m.

  2. kourtney is wearing these louboutins,default,pd.html?utm_source=shopstyle&utm_medium=cse

    as for kendall and kylie im now sure but Check (their stylist) monica rose's blog she always lists what they wore for their shoots, events, sightings etc.

    hope this helps cause girl you need more shoess!!

  3. it has to be a louboutin, khloe just had her closet photographed and i havent seen so much louboutins in one place, not even in their warehouse. lol

  4. those red ones are absolutely stunning!

  5. khloe's shoes are by gucci, they're the 'sigrid' heel. they came out last year so its probably gonna be hard to track them down


  6. khloes shoes are gucci, they're the sigrid heel.

  7. Hey i wanted to know the shoes that Kylie is wearing they are so pretty? Can you please help


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