Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Diva Shades in the club? who did that shit? ME!!

hey.... It's my blog, my camera, so I cam-whore all I want... yeaaaaaah lol

Last Friday went to GoldRoom with a bunch of friends, Nneka, Nelysia, Adaeze, Lola flew into the country. Charles, met Pricci, Lorenzo, it was also a birthday party with the guys so constant champagne. Had a blast especially since I could drink because i wasn't driving.

the top of my hair broke off! and was a hot freaking mess, I tried the guido ed hardy hat, but it didn't look right, then I tried my black hat, but I felt like i was in a halloween gangsta costume :(. So I said *fuck it* while in character I'll put on some shades.
why I chose not to wear a hat--- this aint halloween

Kids please dont try this at home, you might bump into stuff, it might take you a minute to find your homegirls, and the club will be even darker so watch your step & don't step on anyone.... (innocent face) not that I would know anything about that lol.

You know what? shades in the club isn't so bad, especially when your too lazy for eye makeup & wanna be in your own world.
Shades: A-moir by Kerin.rose ::::: Love/Hate convertible chain glasses: $250
Click image to buy from A-moir

same people that made the barracuda glasses Rihanna wore in the run this vid.

Anyways to balance it:
my dress was from Forever 21, for under $10. YUP under $10
wish I had a full picture of the dress. it's short, nice fitting, and freaking badass.
OMG my hair's so fucked up!!!! it broke off I wanna cry, soo pissed, badly wanted a hat

oooh and proof on the price being under $10:

click bottom image to buy
Click Image to buy from f21

so yup this night was all about the shades ;)

Confess have you ever worn shades to the club? or in a building & You knew darn well that there was NO sun!

Love Bombchell.
(or & shoutout to my sis Amanda for letting me rock her shades, and finding me this bargain dress)


  1. Um, how did your hair break? I wear quick weaves, so that hasn't happen to me yet, or nor do I want it to happen to me. How does that even happen? & I wear my sunnies pretty much every where, during the day time, night time, I am not Diddy, or I am not that cool. But, kinda wanna try it in the club now. Hot dress! $10, good job!

    xo $ARMIN

    xo $ARMIN

  2. oh my gosh those glasses are the business!!!! and yes I was one of the ones in the club with the darkest shades I could find and nope I could not see anything!!!!

  3. those are some amazing shades! they need to be displayed in a club or not haha

  4. Nice shade..loving the pink lip stick..
    Take it easy on the hair and tell us the story :)

  5. those shades are so fun on you haha you're so bling bling!

  6. I have def worn shades inside before lol...i didn't even care! i was too busted looking that day with big old bags under my eyes from staying up late studying so i think i deserve a pass for that!! lol :)

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  7. LOVE the shades, but most importantly you make braces look SO cute!!!

  8. ooh girl, the shades are so bad-ass. I'm jeaaaalous :p


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