Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all the fab mum's out there, who try their best. It's definitely a hard  important job, and mostly Happy Mother's Day to the mum who raised me, well all 5 of us. Yeah imagine that :) and she still looks great.

I've probably said Happy Mother's day twice before this, Uk/ Nigerian mother's day, Catholic I think Mother's Day, a lot of days. My sis Amanda tells what day to say Happy Mother's day,and I chant it like a Zombie. BUT this is a day I didn't need any help, well except from commercials, it's U.S. Mother's day :) & I live in the U.S!! So this is actually Mother's day!

So c'mon burn that toast while cooking for her, stay patiently on the phone for longer than 10 mins, run to the grocery store and buy her the last flowers. She'll enjoy the thought & the effort, and struggle to eat the burnt food :)

lol funny video. which kid are you? Brad (yellow tie) or Tucker (black shirt).
I can't decide which one I am, I think I'm more of a Tucker than a Brad :)


  1. Cute video. You've still got May 29th to wish your mom a Joyeuse Fête des Mères.
    I'm sure she's glad she had you.

  2. Def! Being a mom is not beans! Happy Mother's day :D (belated hehe). I actually missed it oh



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