Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reality Show Messyness (Catching up with BasketBall Wives)

OMG Reality shows are just messy, but this show takes the piss. The women here are vile, i really hope it's staged. It's too much drama. But you know what? trust me, real life has almost as much drama, maybe even more. If i were to write a confessional book of the random stuff around me it would be juicy, worse than movies, but I guess that's everyone.

Anyways finally caught up on reality shows, I watched part 2 of the reunion (gives you a back story/ refresher)

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Then i watched Episode 1 of the new season! (full episode below)


1) Jennifer looks light skin!

2) at the end, why did Shaunie put that scene of Royce's blurred out vajajay, you know in some countries they don't blur it out

3) New chick Mika or whatever her name is, Is trying TOOO damn hard to make friends. It's not that serious, and if your trying to be sly, be sly!! not obvious.

4) Did you notice Suzy talking smack in the interviews? Im glad the old season 1 Suzie that told Jen to have an affair on her cheating husband is back, and not the Suzie constantly begging for Evelyn's friendship

5) I still want to know WTF happened in Vegas that made Suzie & Evelyn fall off.

6) Shaunie is freaking ghetto! She's a bully, she showed her behind when she was bullying Gloria last season.

7) Royce, she looks really nice now, finally!! took her 2 season, but her new makeover is gorgeous. Tammy's so pretty too & I'm loving her hair.

8) Anyways I really liek all the girls, well maybe except shaunie, such that she's executive producer so she's always in a positive light and makes her look fake, compared to every other chick that's messy.

9) Had no clue Jennifer had nude pics. (I saw one that was outta left field, I really hope it was fake). I've had friends that people leaked their pics and broadcasted it. Not sure why people act shocked about nude pictures, everyone sends em. The only lesson I see here is always wear lingerie, or photoshop then send.

10) smh did you notice how they titled Ashley, basically called her a baby mama... not a girlfriend, ex, wife, fiance, basically called her a baby mama.


  1. "Your are a non mother fucking factor bitch...No bitch, you are a non mother fucking factor." -Ev/Tammy

    This show is just crazy...I have seen season 1/2, saw the one from last night, & these girls are just crazy! I like Shaunie, Tammy last season was just CRAZY! I thought something was worng with her, & I swear she has a drinking problem, but now I like her, & her hair did look cute last night. However, season 2, no! Ev/Jenn, Ev I don't care, Jenn, she has her moments. Suzie, she is the only one who's baller dude was hot, yes I googled him. So, good job Suzie. & yeah, totally want to find out what happened in Vegas...New chick, Meeka, don't like her, & can't wait to see the fight between her & Tammy...

    But yeah, did you watch Single Ladies? OMFG! I want to live in Atlanta! Stacey Dash, HOT! The dude that plays Malcolm Franks, I am in love with him. I tried to google him, couldn't get his real name. I know I have seen him in other stuff, but who is he? He looks/acts like RED!

    xo $ARMIN

  2. omg $ARMIN I sooooo agree with you!!!!!

    Yea i just finished watching single ladies!!! lol It's what single ladies deal with, and because i'll be moving out of Atl soon it made me almost teary to see the scenes and places here

  3. Yes. I definitely noticed Jennifer looking a little lighter, I've always thought she was pretty but been a little iffy that she wears colored contacts. That's a little too tacky for my liking.

  4. haha I dont watch reality shows much and wish I had the time...but watch reruns of the game when its in love with that show....

  5. Congrats on finishing school! What did you major in? I will be in finish in 5 weeks, they will mail my diploma, which is lame, but whatever...Where are you moving to? & why? If I was there, I don't think I want to leave Atl.

    xo $ARMIN

  6. I have never watched these reality shows, hehe but it looks like I am missing out! ;)

    The Cat Hag

  7. @ #1 Yess! I noticed how light Jenn looked too lol Im thinking they R playing up the drama a bit though. (i dont mind)

  8. The show's drama can be addictive. It is nice seeing Suzie not beggging again. Jen can't do much with Evenlyn around. And the new chic--she will probably be the next bully target. LOL!

  9. OMG! You echoed all my thoughts!
    Except that unlike you i actually do not like Evelyn. She's too much off a bully bitch for my liking. As for Shaunie, she's definitely shady, playing mother superior and instigating on the low.
    That new Meeka girl is the worst. Can't wait for Tami to deal with her. And i LOVE Tami. The fact that she gives it to you straight, no chaser, no matter who you are plus she looks so pretty this season and she says she's stopped smoking now. I'm happy for her.
    I wish Jen would step out of Evelyns shadow and have her own opinion.
    And whatever went down in vegas it must've been mad to have Suzie so humble and Evelyn so mad.

    Can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.


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