Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bombchell's Last Weekend in Atlanta. (Going Away Dinner @ Divan)

Yay! Made it safe to Lagos today! It was an 11 hour direct flight from Atlanta, GA to Lagos, Nigeria. I left around midnight so I mostly slept, I also watched Adjustment Bureau & Most of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 1 (ooh flew Delta).

My brother & Sister will be at work tomorrow so I might be bored out of my mind. I only have 2 luggages as of now, I have about 3 more than I'll need to fly here. Hope i don't run out of clothes. And our inverter needs to be fixed!! ARGH.... ok let me back up, and explain the whole inverter thing.

So in Nigeria, we use NEPA for electricity, kinda like i used GA Power in Atlanta. However NEPA's for the whole country, and doesn't provide constant power aka a lot of times there's no electricity. So when NEPA takes light, most people use generators, it's pretty standard but i think it can expensive with diesel or something... i dunno, but it's expensive to run. So apparently, now people use interverters (I'm not even sure of the spelling), but it charges when there's a big power supply like NEPA, so it canpower up little stuff like fans etc when there's no light (that's my rough knowledge, if i'm wrong someone will correct in the comments).

My point is, tomorrow will NOT be a fun there if i have no light! lol. Anyways back to Friday, 3 days ago :)

here are the pictures from my going away get together
Gorgoeus Buki!! @BukiBaby love this picture, gonna miss watching chick flicks with you! & I love love love your hair cut!
I've known Buki for a long time, almost since I moved to Atlanta, she's friends with Nneka's older sister. We have a bunch of mutual friends & just started getting close, then i decided to "up & leave."
Meron!!! my oldest friend in the states!!
 I met Meron at Oxford of Emory, when i was 16 and we attended college together. Love this chick to pieces. (People sometimes ask me how to meet friends, and in this case we rekindled. We never quarreled we just lost touch, and found ourselves later).

Her hair looks great right?? i'll show you what she did earlier in the day before she came. Sorry luv don't kill me, oh well you can't catch me 'til Dec:

& me & my brown hair!! 
some ladies have asked about my hair. It's extensions, dark brown, I dyed it. Nneka sells hair, but i bought this (Indian hair extensions) from SheizAdiva (my sis & cousins brand). You can email them to order at because i mixed used and new pieces.

Guess what this is?

It's my clutch!!! big deal cuz I barely carry bags, got it from DSW for under $30

We Went to DIVAN in buckhead, where you can smoke hookah, we're mostly newbies so it was a fun experience.
3125 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30305
(404) 467-4297
Open Mon-Thu 7pm-12pm; Fri-Sat 7pm-2am; Sun 7pm-11pm

ps: their kinda anal about time so if you make an appointment for a large party, make sure they are there within 20mins. i kinda lied to my friends and told them an earlier time, smh some were still late!! lmao.

It was getting dark so kept doing camera tests for the right light

camera test 2

you must test!!

*TEAR DROPS!!!!!* M & N, what shall we do!!!???? 

My gorgeous cousin Nneka

Cynthia (@therealbuchi) & Nneka (@OnyeGucci) are sisters. Funny thing you don't see Cynthia much on my blog, but if you go back 3 years ago you'll find her in my first posts. :( gonna miss you!!

and just incase someone asks: Nneka is wearing the extensions she sells, and so in Cynthia (she dyed hers)

My cousin Adaora flew in from LA. (total jet setter!!! she was just in Ethiopia & bout to be in London, I need to hide in her suitcase)

Me & Nneka

My dear friend Onuwa. We're like Tom & Jerry it's silly, but we mean well. Really great guy & def glad I'm friends with him. ps: I better see you in 6 weeks

remember i told yall my braces have barely helped!! PS: The refund i told you about came in. amen!!

LMAO!!!!!! I love this picture!!!!!!!

SOSA!!!!!!!!!!! came in from Alabama *sigh*  waaaaaaaaaaay too many memories. At my bachelorette party she'll def have all the stories! Love you girl. Amen for bbm.

MY BUDDY JUSTIN!!!! we've known each other since 04 he says. but we' became friends later. LOVE YOU BABE. def miss you, you better come on SKYPE (>_<) and you really really should visit :) oh yeah ladies he was in my Hot guy Friends list.

to my friends from dinner :( I miss everyone!!! and love yall soooo much!! glad yall came out to dinner, had a lot of fun & better visit soon!!!

to everyone that commented in the last post: Thanks for all the well wishes it really means a lot to me, because i was nervous about the trip. Guess we'll see what Lagos has to offer. Time to meet old friends & make some new ones.

Where's the food porn!! you say!? HERE IT IS :)
Buki's food

Meron's food

Shish Kebab's on right & left

Adaora's food

YUP everyone else got shish kebabs
It felt like i had a birthday party :)

Jet lagged!


  1. Hey Doll!!! Sorry I missed it!!! I got my hair done then went to work for a few hours (on my day off) I'm making up for not working the past few years. I work on either Sat or Sun to catch up :( I'm afraid to work from home bc it wont stop. We will have to Skype sometime. Remind me to turn it on

  2. omgoshhh that food looks so delicious! I absolutely love shrimp. . .*drools*

    These pictures are really great quality! What camera do you use?

  3. @ Carrymel

    I used a sony a33, with an f1.4 lens in these pics

  4. amazing pictures! You look beautiful and I love that clutch. I also love hookah, looks like you have a great time!

  5. so im guessing hookah is shisha right, anyways thats what we call it here!!!
    so the INVERTER, what you said is right that pretty much how it works, it charges when PHCN(lol its no more nepa) gives electricity or some people charge it with generators, it depends on how big yours is, some inverters can carry AC's and freezers some can carry only fans and TV's
    you know some GORGEOUS men, OMDayzzzzzz
    the pictures are absolutely stunning
    did you curl your hair yourself?
    have fun in lagos, is it weird that im jealous, i miss home

  6. nice!!love the pictures...........

  7. nice pics!

    what a gorg clutch!!!!


  8. hope you are enjoying most of whats left of your time in Atlanta!

    and as some other readers have pointed do you curl your hair?

  9. Malcolm is pissing me off, did you see last Monday? I don't even know when you left...But I still totally want him.
    I LOVE your new hair color, I was kinda worried at 1st, but LOVE! Nneka & you are just too gorgeous! I am in love with her eyebrows. I am total eyebrow person. Hookah! Haven't done that in almost three years, my gosh I wanna go now...The food looks amazing. The shish Kebab's & nun look mouth watering. Glad you made it home safely. & I hear such horror stories about electricity in Bangladesh, it doesn't make me wanna go there. I get the village area where my grandparents live, but in the capital too? Really, yeah really...

    xo $ARMIN

  10. I LOVEEEEEEEEEE @bukibaby's hair. What did she do to it/how did they get it to look like that??...unless she's mixed n she's naturally curly :-/

    Mehn get ready to be frustrated your first few weeks in Naija. You'll eventually get used to the madness but just get ready...

  11. Goodbyes are never easy, but at least you guys had fun!

  12. Hey B..!

    First off, Buki is stunning- her eyes are incredible. I love that hair color on you. You all look great. "Like they say- happiness enhances a woman's beauty far more than cosmetics could ever dare too."

    Just dropping by to remind and invite you to our chat tonight. We are teaming up with Ms. Deja of (NBA) and hosting a relationship chat later tonight on the site. We hope to "hear" from you then. 8pm Eastern time. The chat will be located at the top of the homepage, where the music videos usally are. We could use strong minds and strong, tasteful opinions.


    Sojo ; FWB (

  13. Yummy food!!
    Buki 's hair- LOVE! If i could get my hair to lay like that I would do that cut

  14. Hey Gorgeous,

    I am loving this post, you and your friends are all so beautiful!! And the hairstyles are perfection. ♥♥

    The Cat Hag

  15. Yay you came over to the light side of weave! Love it!

  16. Oh looks like fun. Did you cry? I know i'd have wept.

    Everyone looks gorge. I'm in love with Buki's hair.

    Thank God for journey mercies.

  17. Awww i'm sure they'll miss you! Hope you had a good trip. And hope there's light lol


  18. miam miam
    this post is so DELICIOUS :D


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