Friday, June 24, 2011

Entering Shopping Rehab (Top 4 Shoes & Some Sales in the city)

So i've been shopping for shoes. Ya'll will be so proud of me. I can't believe i went from the girl with 1 black heeled shoes, to the girl with about 4 different black heeled shoes in one month.

I'm moving so I'm doing about 1 year's worth of shopping, my bank almost cried when I left MAC cosmetics, I spent over $200 there. I've been telling Nelysia & Nneka that I feel so.... sick from all this shopping. Nneka claims the cure will come when i wear all the new clothes, shoes etc.

I think I've bought enough shoes to last me 2-3 years. You don't understand, I've rocked my black Tory Burch flats so.... much that the sole is insanely worn out, I asked about resoling it today (YES i can be that cheap), they said it starts at $80, HECK NO!! i'd rather kill these shoes with 3 more months, and buy em for $195 next year. I'm really glad I'm moving out the country, because after this one month of constant shopping, any more time and i think I will become a shopaholic.  Dear shopaholics i'm even starting to recognize products that look similar, and say stuff like "Omg I saw this shoe at DSW yesterday," or "Michael Kors has a similar product," and even "you can get this same Bakers sandals at Shoeland for $20." Yes i definitely need rehab. So i've declared today My last shopping day. So Nneka please stop welcoming me to the dark side!! I rebuke it.

I've probably bought about 16- 20 shoes in the past month. Here's my top 4 from today & yesterday since i promised Nneka & Lynda

Mini Shoe Haul

I call em my Pink Dorothy Shoes (ala wizard of Oz) -- got em yesterday from DSW for under $100. name: Steve Madden

yesterday from DSW. name: Madden Girl about $45

OMG MY FAVE!!!! got em today from Jedal at Phipps Plaza $99 (I secretly don't want to say the price, cause they look more expensive, but i love yall). oh name: Psh

Got these from DSW. SE Boutique by Sam Edelman Group

Randoms to help Shopaholics. *SALES*

- Zara is having a sale starting tomorrow (according to Nneka, and she knows her stuff).

- Jedal is at Phipps plaza, and doing buy 1 get 1 FREE!!!! some shoes are 200-500 but if you look hard you'll see some for $99, and say hi to Yarill / @Toych3st for me. (OMG he is soooo cool, he showed me a picture wearing some badass red & black heeless shoes!!!!!! )

- Karen Millen has some dresses for 70% off.  (down stairs lenox mall) (got a dress for $100, it was $350 before)

- Express is having a great sale!! MEN: $15 & up shirts
& Ladies they have jeans buy 1 get one 1/2 off, and dresses on sale

- Victoria Secret is having their semi annual sale

- Shoeland (where shoes are from $15 - $35) if you buy 10 ask for a discount (10%), all year.

- Bath & Body Works is having buy 1 get the other 50% off.

- DSW & Nordstrom Rack : Are right by each other and have great deals! (up to size 11 shoes)

as you can tell from this list my credit card is having an eating disorder right now, fat today skinny tomorrow, then fat again, and the cycle continues.

omg i can't wait to watch Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz!!! ugh I have to start packing, it's sooooo much i don't even know where to start.


  1. Love the studdede shoes!


  2. Oh love, I think I am in love with all but the red one. I like the style of the red one, I just don't like the color red. The gray once, OMG, fuck me heels! I wanna see the rest! The gray one is making my drool alil bit...Damn, I wish I could wear heels. I am still think about your purple Topshop heels, those were just sex. Yeah, I don't even know what that means.

    Goodluck with packing, don't forget anything, make a list!

    xo $ARMIN

  3. I think I need to get a shoe fix after reading this. That red pair is too cute and of course the Lorissa get a thumbs up.

  4. Love love love all of them! Great taste. Like you, I'm slowly building my shoe collection. So far stores I love are Bakers & Marshalls. Lmao @ entering shopping Rehab. Good luck girl! Btw, where are you moving to? Hope you are still gonna blog xo

  5. seriously love them all, Hot!

  6. OMG! all the shoes are too dope!!! love it!!! naija is not ready for you tho!!! #POW!!!

  7. The studs look very Leboutain-esque!

  8. the dorothy's are so cute my sister in law has some that are gold but the have the toes out but they are so gorgeous!

  9. The pink dorothy shoes are fierce as hell! And I like the ones you call "your favs" as well. You have great style! I swear I need to get rich so I can support my inner shopping habit. . .lol.

    check me out when you get a chance!:

  10. thanks for visiting my page hun! Now following btw :)

  11. You definitely have a great fashion sense! Those shoes are amazing!

    Please follow/comment on my blog &
    I'll definitely return the favor :)

  12. those shoes are so HOTTTTT!

  13. OOOEEEMMMGGGEEE!!!! I dunno which ones I love more... the white or the black ones.. They are soo sexxed!! Thanks so much for sharing! Following you NOW!!! lol


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