Sunday, June 26, 2011

I'm Moving out of Atlanta to.... (quick video)

edit: some people have a problem with the music that's normally on the top right of my blog, so I decided to remove it, so people can watch videos easily (& people have always had a love/hate relationship with it lol)

1st video: 2009: live video on my first trip to miami
2nd video: 2010: goofy video about silly moment, i confess I was on the master cleanse and that's why i was in that predicament.

i've been promising to make another video ever since, so I decided, why not make another one? As awkward as videos are I decided to personally answer a question that I've been getting since I've been talking about moving, but have not really said where I'm moving to.

It's a quick video under 5 mins. I just got done with my dinner & I already miss everyone. This video answers where I'm moving to, and the few others I get. Enjoy.


  1. Lol I guessed as much that u were moving back home to Naij. Have fun, it'll be fun for the first couple of weeks and then there might be the reality check that u r not on vacation but that uve actually moved. Make sure u have a plan so that way u have things to keep u busy and u dnt get bored or begin second guessing ur move.

    Love love love the hair! Did your cousin OnyeGucci get it for you? I shd hit her up but I keep worrying about the prices being ridic lol.

    Safe trip!!!!

    PS: naija internet sucks, but try to blog as much as you can!

  2. @ Miss Enigma

    I'll definitely try to keep busy. I think I'm only worried mostly about 2 things right now Internet & light cause i'll be quite unhappy if there's no AC or fan. I'll probably start youth service in October.

    ps: yeah @OnyeGucci did my extensions, and helped me color it, but I actually bought the hair from my sister & cousin, they also sell hair extensions. Theyre prices are pretty decent to me, but there's no harm in asking em right?

    Thanks Luv. super nervous!

  3. Bombchell, I can't hear you talk in you vid because the background soundrack is so LOUD! HELP! I did figure out that you're moving to Nigeria and need that SPF100 sunblock, though!

  4. @ Jamilla

    oh no there isnt a soundtrack. my blog has music on the top right. you have to turn the blog music off/ mute. i guess ill remove it.

  5. I've given you an award!! Check it out ♥

  6. Have a safe move! Also I cant wait to share the new experiences with you keep on blogging!! lol

  7. I LOVE your extensions. I think long hair looks the most awesome on you.

    I'm curious, what made you want to move to Atlanta?

    Safe trip!

  8. I sure wish you the very best; lots of new friends, new opportunities and maybe a hot new honey.
    Take care and have a safe move. And get back to blogging fast!

  9. I've never left a comment, but I absolutely love, love your blog. Its terrific. Safe travels & all the best in Lagos. I grew up in Lagos as well and love that city to bits. Hoping to move back in the near future. Pls, pls keep blogging; would love to see what you're up to in Gidi :)

  10. Chell!!! I just heard from Meron and then I saw your blog post. Aww. I was looking forward to seeing you when I came home but at least I have someone to visit in Lagos (my parents moved back to Abuja). Awesome. I'll keep reading your blog for naija updates, my parents are trying to pester me into doing youth corps there :)

  11. :(
    I thought for sure you were gonna say NYC for some reason. But I'm sure itll be great to be back home, being with your family again and stuff, it cannot be easy being so far away from your family for so long. I can only imagin how excited you are.
    I wish you all the best!! Keep blogging! I'd like to see how you're settling back into Naija Land lol

  12. Aww Bombchell!!!
    First i love the color!Looks fab on you ..I wish you all you wish yourself and so much more with the move.I will be looking forward to "Bombchell in Lagos" or Bombchell in Africa|" Global Domination all the way!

    Also looking forward to watching you as you expand the brand!Very Glad we meet..


  13. I suppose congratz are in order have fun and be safe!!! I've never been outside of the states that is actually on my list of places to visit before i kick the bucket!!! Cant wait to see what it looks like over there!!!!

  14. Your hair is beautiful! And you making me want to go back this December to visit Naija lol. Have a great time, be safe, and stay gorgeous :-)

  15. Oh ok...pls what's your sister/cousins info so I can hit 'em up for their prices. Cos that hair looks soo fab on you!

  16. awwww you are going back to naija???
    loool have fun dear
    Lagos is an amazing city, i just moved to canada 6months ago, been in lagos my whole life.
    Lagos is lots of fun when you know the right people.
    after a while you are going to miss Georgia like crazy, the stress of nepa and all of that.
    and keep blogging.
    PS i was one of those complaining about the music on your blog X_X, i have tweeted about it a couple of times, thank God its down now lol

  17. I'm in-love with your voice.

  18. I also suspected you are moving to Lagos. There is no place like home. Safe travels :) Love the hair!

  19. What no Lions? I will pass...& wish you the best!
    Can't wait to read/see photos of your first date back home.

    xo $ARMIN

  20. Oh, & I love your voice! Its cool to finally put a voice to someone's words.

    xo $ARMIN

  21. Damn girl your moving back home hey!!

    No place like home right ?!? That's cool.

    I really hope you'll be happy and I love your voice and accent.


  22. Yay no music!!! lol.

    I'm excited for you....... i think.
    I wish you all the best with the move, safe journey and all of that. However start to steel yourself mentally because it will be a bit of a shock, 10yrs is a long time. NEPA will torment you, traffic will make you want to cry, people will be rude for no reason....

    I'm sure you'll be fine though. And yay maybe i'll bump into you when i'm home in dec.

    Please, please, please, please try to keep blogging. Naija internet is frustrating, that's why i have all the extra pleases included.

    Take care.

  23. Love you hair dear! Aww.. Hope you enjoy it! I haven't lived there in years. Maybe we can hang out if I visit this December--"if" emphasized LOL!. I want to see pictures of places to visit in Lagos. Have fun!


  24. O my goodness, 1st time commenting. Wish you all the best at home...I am right behind you. I pray you reap the best that our dear country has to offer. I will be in another part of the country and I am stoked to be going home.

    PS-Love your accent.


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