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A-Z of my horrible experience with Family Orthodontics of Georgia (aka / Damon braces

I hate bad customer service, i really detest it. Sadly the horrible rotten apples that work in customer service tarnish the name for most people that work there, and keep the stereotype going. Sometimes I have an experience so bad that I get so angry and i can't believe it's real.

Well this is a shitty experience. and worst $5000 i ever spent, and how i'm fighting to get my refund before i leave the country.

I feel bad because the doctors I've dealt with have been really nice, their assistants were nice, but... the other people have been soo... bad, rude and frustrating that it has made my whole experience a nightmare. Here's the A-Z of my experience. so buyers beware.

A) while looking for braces, I chose Damon Braces solely from internet research, it seemed clear or tiny (which if you have seen my blog pictures know it def isnt clear and it is VERY visible) and it claimed to be faster which hasn't been the case.
from Damon Braces cite (well guess what it's definitely metal below & visible when i smile)
i swear i must be wearing a different brand of braces, cause my metals are def visible as you've seen

B) I picked the Dr that was closest to Buckhead because i hate driving and sometimes get anxious when i drive. My friends and family know i barely go past 10 miles, and hate even being a passenger. I hate driving far.

C)  This organization is called Family Orthodontics about 2.3 miles away.

D)  Though advertised as close by, I was told that the closer location would not be completed for a few months, this ended up being about 6 months later.

So i was stuck at the Roswell location
 E) It looked like a children's dentistry place, with gorgeous murals, and cartoons playing on TV screens, video games everywhere, it's definitely better than a chuck e cheese. But I was assured that they treated adults (its both children's dentistry and a some orthodontics).

F) I was shown damon braces, and had also seen the videos on their site. During my consultation the braces seemed clear. The Reality: after i paid the middle top 8 are clear and the bottom, and top sides are metal. and i had seen a strictly demonstrationional model or whatever they call it.
yup! that's what I got :)

G) ACTUALLY on day 1, even though i paid $500 extra for clear brackets they made a mistake and gave me all metal brackets because the lady forgot to write it in the chart. I then had to sit down  and wait for them to take it out, and put the right ones in, torture.

h) I left confused about the metal brackets on my bottom jaw, because i was shown a clear model on both top and bottom jaw. but it was too late to go anywhere i had paid in full.

I) Knowing that I would be might be moving out of the country in a year i asked about the refund before I got my braces and was told i would be refunded for services that weren't done.

J) One appointment i went there, and the power was out, I'm not sure why, so I was taken by the window and the assistant didn't put my wires in correctly which i realized after i had left.

k) Since they have 3 orthodontics and so many locations, certain dr's are assigned to certain locations, which they operate from only once a week.

l) I week i was schedules for an appointment i tried to change the date to no avail because i had a huge exam. Guess what  the morning of my appointment, due to the weather they didn't show up, nor did they have the courtesy to call me and cancel. t

j) Customer service sent me a target gift card (of about $25 or 40) to apologize for the various inconveniences i had dealt with.

k) a dentist told me i had a lot of cavaties and an orthodotist should have never put braces on me without checking, my dr. looked and said i was fine, and made the dentist seem like a quack. life went on

l) last year I asked for a tally of my possible refund to me emailed, and no one ever gave it to me.

At the new closer location
m) This year when the location close to me finally opened i switched to that location, and didn't miss the far drive

n) This year I went to the dentist  again and he told me i had cavities. I told my new orthodontist who informed me that normal procedure they made sure you get checked out before you can wear braces, and he called the lady who works in children's dentistry to check on me, and guess what she said my teeth are in really bad shape, and i definitely need to have get it taken care of, and the braces would make it worse.

o) well it's been almost a year since Ive had braces, and my new orthodontist informed me that my teeth are moving so slowly that braces might not work for me.

p) moving forward, I'll be leaving the country soon, can I please have my refund. sure no problem, you can pick it up on your last appointment right before you have to leave the country.

q) for 2 months I've been asking the company Damon braces to give me a list of their international dr which was listed last year when i decided to get Damon braces, but thanks to a website redesign international dr's are no longer listed.

r) on appointment day, can i please get my check? oh wow they have no idea what I'm talking about and haven't tallied my check!!!! This is a month later!!! and no check!!! So they tally it up, it's supposedly only about $1000 left. fine give me my check. no they'll mail it to me. problem it might not get here soon enough.

s) A week later, I call, what's going on with my check. I'm transferred to Traci who tells me she has heard about my nasty attitude and she has heard the story about me leaving the country but i have only 2 choices. to drive all the way to Woodstock, (41minutes!!!) to get my check, or she can mail it to me. Great it's been a week and this bitch hasn't mailed it. So I ask if she can expedite it or when the check will get here and she informs me that she is not the mailman.

t) Obviously I'm very pissed. Not only will i have to find a new Dr overseas (they finally gave me a lady's name overseas), and pay a new dr, but worst of all the bitches don't want to give me my refund!!!

u) The customer service is so horrible. I feel like bitch slapping the receptionist at the Sandy Springs location that looks like she 18 and has zero manners, I always wonder how she got that job.

v) Before you pay 5 thousand dollars in full for braces, make sure it's not with this company, or at least go in prepared to deal with a bitch at the front desk, a fat cow called desiree (office manager), another bitch behind the phone called tracy that probably has no life and refuses to give you back your money, which she probably cheated you off in the calculations.

w) If you did read all, and even if you didn't summary. Be careful about choosing companies based of the internet. be careful about refund policies. be careful about this company especially if you want an orthodonitc refund.

x) Again I feel bad because the dr's and their assistants are nice. And in my last rant about horrible companies & customer service, someone mentioned to me that it is unfair when I do not put the company's name so people can be warned.

Y) Animal Farm,
Where the most bitches hibernate
Family Orthodontics (about 6 locations, I've only dealt with 3)

2230 Towne Lake Parkway
Building 1100, Suite 100
Woodstock, GA 30189

Phone: 678.445.9191

yeah right, its open just once a week in my location for a few hrs.

Z) so if any of you do feel sorry for me in anyway, and have any ideas of how I can collect my refund, $1,000 might be nothing to you but thats a lot! Please contact them via Twitter, Facebook, or on their site, and tell them to improve their customer service & please give me my refund before i leave the country! (oh well, Guess i'll probably have to road trip to see the fat pig and get my refund & records)

more random B.S about Damon clear which maybe the name is deceiving and i should have paid more attention, so please dont be as silly as me, do more research or better yet save yourself the hassle and get traditional braces, or traditional clear braces, and you won't need a specialized dr.

Anyways that's my lovely rant.

edit 10.33am: I called that I was going to pick it up like some of you suggested, and guess what Tracy claims she mailed it out yesterday, but has no tracking number because she sent it out in regular mail. so there goes my check and my records.

edit Mon: i finally got my check! amen!


  1. You're leaving the country? Where too boo boo? Shit, I got braces...the metal kind b/c I thought they were cute! I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but you should def complain to the BBB!

  2. yes luv I'm leaving next week!! omg you got braces!!!!! ARGHHHH how cool! i really wish i got regular braces, because with these Damon if you go to a dentist they don't have the tools, and it's been more headache than pros.

    Ill def look into the BBB. thanks luv.

  3. Wow...pretty bad experience. I had braces from 2006-2008 and i didn't do any kind of research about anything. My dentist referred me to the orthodontist where i ended up paying $6150 but i didn't have to pay all upfront and since it was one location and one orthodontist, i never had any problems.

    I wish i could suggest something to help but i have no clue. You could report them, like Sonya suggested.

  4. Tell them to cut a new check then schedule UPS or Fedex to pick it up for next day air! Where u moving to?

  5. Wow. What a really terrible & unprofessional experience.

    IDK Michelle, I don't think continuing to seek treatment with this company is a good idea. I'd suggest just biting the bullet and physically go and pick up your refund check. They've already shown to be extremely nonchalant about everything and the last thing you want is the check to get "mysteriously" lost in the mail. I definitely wouldn't trust them mailing it out.

    I know you said you’ve paid in full but I’d honestly just count it as a loss and have them remove the braces. Possibly start fresh somewhere else with more creditable ppl. I wouldn’t even seek to continue service with them when you move overseas. I know you mentioned that you feel bad b/c the doctors are nice but at the end of the day a company is only as good as their customer service and they should still be accountable.

    I have braces and I’ve had them for about a year and a half now. I started off wanting invisaligns and had a few consultations for them. The very first “ortho” I saw told me that I was a good candidate for them during my consultation, mind you he hadn’t done any x-rays or thorough exams, he was just ready to set a date to order and put them on. I’ve always been one to get 2nd and sometimes 3rd opinions so I went to another ortho and he was honest with me and told me that I wasn’t a good candidate for them and that braces would suite me better. As heartbroken as I was about that I still wanted to move forward with whatever was in the best interest of straightening my teeth, so I went ahead and decided to get braces. Well long story short I had issues with that ortho too, the staff kept losing my files etc. And this was all in a 1 week timeframe. I just knew right away that if I was having problems with them up front then clearly that wasn’t the place for me. So I waited a few months and once again tried another ortho, which is who I’m currently with. I’m satisfied and glad that I waited.

    Bottom line is a good dentist will tell you the truth. All solutions don’t work for all ppl. Every individual case is different and they should’ve told you that up front. Clearly it just seems like they were just more interested in getting your business ( $ ) more than improving the quality of your teeth.

    It sucks you had to go through this :o( I hope you get your money back! But I still suggest that you RUN! Cut off all dealings with them take some time and start fresh when you’re ready. And after your refund check clears go ape shit on those bitches at the front desk!! LOL

    Good Luck!

  6. @ Odara
    wow what a horrible experience. You know what I never considered just removing it all and starting with a different type. It's very unfortunate how some companies treat people when all they want is your money. After reading your comment i've decided to go there tomorrow or friday and ask for my check, and before they claim they have mailed it out, I will call them asap to hold it at the office.

    @Madame Sting
    Im so happy for you that you had a good experience, my case shows you that even research can be misleading. I'm just glad it wasn't a plastic surgeon or something on that spectrum.

    @ Patience they are being so difficult and didn't take any suggestions. I'm probably just going to have to go there. I'll probably say where I'm moving to soon :) but a few people have figured it out

  7. Go with another company. Do not even bother trying to stick with these people. Get the ones in your mouth removed and start your process all over again. Who knows if there were other dental issues you may have that they never recorded.

    I would also contact the BBB, submit something to the American Dental Association about them and whatever board there is about their license. They are doing shodding work and ripping people off. Get your money girl

  8. what a horrible service
    ahn ahn
    SUE jare
    1000 dollars is a lot of money
    especially as that botch knows that you wouldnt be there to receive the check
    she probably didnt even mail it
    WHat nonsense

  9. Sorry you are had a horrible experience with your orthodontist. I just got braces and I choose the metal because they work faster but I really wanted the lingual braces but could not afford them. Have you thought about getting lingual braces? They go on the inside of your teeth.

  10. wow that is so horrible!:( Hope you get your money back!


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