Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lagos: Week 1

This has been my past week:

though i've been mostly a lot has happened.

Everyone keeps asking me "how I'm doing?" "How is Lagos?" etc etc and the easiest answer I've come up with is "I'm adjusting."

I honestly thought I'd come back after almost a decade and adjust easily, well I visited 6 years ago. Hmm it's so.... not the case. It's a huge adjustment. Customer service sucks. Prices are freaking expensive. For the money here, I could probably live in Soho. Better stuff, for this price!

For example:
- Looking for a gym: $ dollar equivalents. $100- $400 a month
- Went to an orthodontist here: ortho $100 consultation, $100 dentist consultation & $100 xrays. (basically paid $300 for a consult)
(trust me you dont want to see the rest of the bill for the future)

Fun Stuff:
- Been hanging with friends & family that I haven't seen in ages! Luckily Ive maintained friendships since nursery & primary school, and made some more along the way. social networks & blackberry messenger rock with keeping in contact!

- It's raining season!! so it's barely hot (we have 2 seasons: Raining & Dry). I can say it's not worse than the Atlanta heat that I dealt with before traveling.

Blonde Stuff: I didn't know I grew up on an Island (it sounds soo weird to say I live on an island, I must look into it cause it doesn't seem real)
- I live on an island, it doesn't really look like one, so...... i kinda never knew it was an island until this week until this week. Its complicated. Okay I live in Lagos, it's a city in Nigeria. I lived somewhere (apparently the mainland), then at age 9, I moved elsewhere (apparently the island), at 10 I went to boarding school in a different state for 6 years (visited for breaks). And somehow over the years, It never clicked!!! I don't know how, It just didn't.

I swear it's like they just made it an island last week, everyone tells me "OMG Michelle what did you think the bridge was for??" My reply "Bridges exist without islands! How would i have known" Blame the map not me, it didn't look like an island. Oh well people thought the world was flat for a long time. I only just realized because this week a lot people kept saying stuff like "I'm coming to the Island" "I work on the Mainland" so I asked, and I got an answer.

I know, I should be ashamed to write all this, but I honestly had no clue, and it feels insane.

Crazy Moment
People in this city can party!!!! Gosh went out on Saturday and partied into the morning. Since it was raining season, there was a huge puddle/ flood outside the club so... imagine NY where people are always ready to hustle, here in Lagos there were men there with umbrella's helping ladies (and perhaps other guys if they wish) by carrying you across so you don't mess up your shoes etc lol and you tip them afterwards. NICE!!!!

Bad Moment
My computer!! My darling MacBook Pro got messed up!!!! It used to vibrate when plugged in which is weird because most computers are dual voltage. Then 2 days ago it stopped charging, and shocked me 3 times when i tried to charge it!! Yea my friends say I need to wear rubber slippers.

Def learning a lot, it's pretty interesting, and that's a bit of what has happened to me Week 1.

Love Bombchell (comp battery dies in 30 mins, smh)
(shirt: H &M, gif animation made with GifFun for mac)


  1. love ur blog:-)most people don't realise that living in nigeria is more expensive than living abroad.........

  2. glad to hear you're ok! Get a surge protector for the Mac.

  3. love ur blog:-)!

  4. Hmmm, a bottle of coke in BD is like 100 taka, which is like a $1 & some change...Is that the same thing? & I didn't know Manhattan was a island until I was 8 yrs old. It should take some time to adjust, you haven't lived there in 10 yrs, but I am sure your going to have fun along the way. Its a good thing that you kept in contact with your childhood friends. If I go back to NY City, I have no friends. I am gonna be all alone but my family, & I don't think I wanna be going to the 40/40 with my fam. The weather seems like BD...I love the rain, I would take the rain over AZ's heat any day. & I don't get the thing about your computer, but I am sorry that it shocked you. That's not nice.

    PS: Do you get Single Ladies there? & What about Gossip Girl?

    xo $ARMIN

  5. the rains are heavy at the moment and it is really hot.

    SO are you vacationing or have you relocated.
    Either ways enjoy yourself, checkout the night life, eat some nkwobi, isiewu and gala

  6. Ahhhh ur a lagos chick now!
    Woop woop!
    Gurlll pls do not get me started with customer service in Nigeria.
    As a matter of fact that word does not exist in Nigeria and ur right, certain things are stupidly expensive in Nigeria, but some things are also cheap.

    Looking 4wd to more of your lagos diaries

  7. Glad to hear that there is some fun going on. Is there national health insurance there? If so, does it cover dental work?
    Ask your friends to send you care packages of stuff from the US. As for the gym, how about some weights chez toi?

  8. Go to the Lagos State Dental Clinic at Ikeja. They are the best and its relatively cheap, but you have to know someone to get quick service (yeah, Naija for you). All the best o!

  9. Aww darling - that’s just awful about your computer! Can you cal call apple for some Technical support or something?

    Also That’s hilarious about the big burly guy carrying you across. : ) sounds like you're living it up though and "adjusting"

  10. I hope your computer gets better, hate to know it's shocking ya...:=( Just have lots of fun in Lagos, suya is good too, ask about it. Stay safe too.

  11. Happy to get an update. Can't wait for pictures of Lagos and the mansions there. I always see them in Nigerian movies :)

  12. Aww hun! Glad you got there safe and are settling in nicely! Hope you adjust soon! keep us posted!

  13. Enjoy Lagos. There are other gyms you could check out, on the Island too. There is one off Adeola Odeku and I know they have a package for about 5k a month, that's roughly about $35.

  14. omg! Didnt know of the island
    Well each day is a learning process

    and your Mac doesnt work anymore
    I'd be so upset if mine did that

    Hope everything gets better
    As the days pass


  15. i hope this doesnt seem rude, but do ppl who havent been back to nigeria always complain about it?

  16. Lol @ you not knowing there's a mainland and island. It's a huge shock but i'm sure you'll adjust.

    Lagos people party hard, no lie. Plus everybody is a hustler.
    I visited earlier in the year and i kept getting angry every time i had to spend money, like seriously everything costs so much.

  17. you are too funny. lol@ your blonde moment.


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