Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Feature: the wrap top sexy dress.

I love some DIY's (Do it Yourself) especially the ones that are executed properly. I hardly ever do D.I.Y's I dunno maybe I'm lazy, don't want to buy the equipment, procrastination, fear it won't turn out right... Well regardless of my reason for not doing D.I.Y's I don't think you readers should suffer and not enjoy these various creative efforts that other people have done, and maybe it'll inspire you.

So i've decided to feature some D.I.Y's that I've enjoyed.
You should see the back!!! omg it makes it super sexy.

i'll call this the wrap top sexy dress, cuz you wrap the top, and it matches your skirt to form a dress. It's really nice, but to those with big boobs and those who can't go braless, we'll just have to admire from afar...

or maybe.... we could just tie it super tight and pray it doesnt budge, i remember something about duct tape in college when i decided to wear my pink scarf as a top, or a pink halter, thank heavens my memory is fuzzy, but i slightly remember after a night of crazy dancing, that duct tape wasnt as strong, so dont be deceived by that green Versace dress that J-lo wore to the 2000 Grammy's (then again her boobs aren't huge, so maybe if you have big boobs envy this style from afar.)

A Pair & a Space
An Aussie girl living in Hong Kong via London.

SO here's 1 option:

her full blog post can be found here and how she made the belt here

2nd option:

1. Place the strip of fabric over your shoulder.

2. Tuck one end of the fabric into the maxi skirt.

3.Twist and tighten the fabric over your shoulder, making sure to cover your breast properly.

4. Still twisting, bring the fabric around behind your back.

5. Bring the fabric across the front covering your other breast.

6. Bring the fabric around tightly behind your back again.

7. Keep wrapping tightly until you have run out of fabric. When this happens tuck the end into the wrapped fabric and stitch down.

Voila! You're done!

Made this collage so you could see all the sides & the back that I love so much.

here's her full post on this tutorial.

gosh it's such a sexy dress! I'm considering trying to modify it as a bikini coverup but we'll see. Hope you enjoyed this.

If you have any lovely D.I.Y's do share in the comment section or email me & I'd love to see it if you try this D.I.Y.

Love Bombchell.


  1. i'm not a DIYer for the exact same reasons you listed, but i might have to give this one a try! i know the second option would make a bomb photoshoot!

    thanks for the post & inspiration

  2. I loved this DIY! Might just have to give it a try as well

  3. I have big boobs and cannot go braless. So I will admire from afar. Great post. Seems so sexy. Pity, I cannot try it.

  4. Now that is friggin gorgeous. I think I'm much, much too flat for this to work on me. Extremely jealous.


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