Monday, August 29, 2011

Everywhere that ive been The only thing I see is Is.... Beautiful people

so that's Chuka, I'm actually older than him!! Ladies you can stalk him here @CChuka lol

Friday I went to a club in Lekki with my brother. It was pretty cool, normally it’s a men’s club, age 40+, and members only, but this event was open. It was mellow, but I had a great time, especially since I haven’t really been out in a while. Well I had fun this weekend, met some really cool people (it seems like everyone is gorgeous in Lagos!!! I almost wanna burst out in a Chris Brown song. Ok maybe not technically everyone but A LOT OF PEOPLE)

Everywhere that I’ve been
The only thing I see is
Is beautiful people
Beautiful people
Beautiful people

Don’t you know, don’t you know
Beautiful, don’t you know, know, know?

Your beauty's deep inside.
Inside you.
Don't let 'em bring you down, no!...

There's me!

 club hopped, partied with old friends. Had a blast (Don’t worry I’ll soon start doing a few nightlife pictures)

not sure how i feel about this picture

got the Dress from Cache a few years ago, the belt also from Cache this year.
a bit blurry but you can make it out

Bracelet: I can't remember.

Shoes: Borrowed without permission from my sis, Sheila's shoes rack: their from Bakers (she has too many glittered gold shoes, i doubt she'd notice)

Hair: I curled it with a curling iron, Then: i used bendy rollers to hold the curls in place while i did my makeup so the curls wouldn't get lose.

Some people tell me that my skin is great, please don’t be deceived by lighting or my photoshopping. I have crappy skin, don’t worry: my skin takes no offense to reading this insult cause it’s true. I’ve probably tried everything except Accutane, and maybe if I start drinking the recommended amount of water rather than 2 bottles a day, and stop eating groundnuts it might help. Either ways my skin is tryna fuck with my bride price!!!! Lol. It really really sucks. My skin has so many issues, which made me overly conscious, like I’d never see anyone without wearing powder to hide my acne spots (which I have even when I’m not breaking out). I could be running late to class but I’d stop to put on powder: hey…. It’s all about priorities. Now I’ve reached a point where I’m like oh well “F” it, if someone meets me and I have acne, they don’t care, and it’s more me that’s conscious about breaking out than them, so now when I breakout I’m like “Stupid acne, you can’t screw me over, cause I’m a bad chick in person & I can destroy you in pictures.”

I know some still don’t believe, and this picture below will demystify my hotness, but oh well. Remember my skin had issues in December, Tumini’s birthday, well now I didn’t realize how bad it was till I took this closeup. It’s much worse than December but, Oh well it’ll clear in a few days, then come back after, it’s a cycle that has been going on for a decade *shrugs*
Dear heaven i love these lashes! the brand is Darkness.

Saturday was amazing, went to a club opening, hung out with some friends from high school, and partied my ass off. I kept itching to bring my camera but had to behave myself, ick. I'm going to have to fix my small camera asap so i can take pictures or carry my big camera everywhere even if i feel awkward.

okay gotta run :)
Love Bombchell


  1. I think everyone is used to a little bit of acne. You look great as usual. Take care...

  2. So pretty you are. I buy a LOT of new music and can't believe that I never heard that song until last night's VMA's (he was amazing, btw). Glad to see you're having fun. I'll be posting on my blog, as well.

  3. Luv your lashes!!! looking good babes

  4. Everytime I visit this site... all I see is Beauty-Full Bombchell Baby ;-)))

  5. Love how you're having fun in Lagos. I'm almost jealous enough to almost want to move back.
    And it's true, so many foine as hell people in Nigeria, like really.

    And i used to pride myself on the smoothness of my skin but now i think the devil is trying to punish me for something terrible i must've done because lately my skin has been acting up and it doesn't help that i'm not the foundation/powder type girl so my bride price is probably in shambles right now.

    Be sure to continue posting pictures so i can live vicariously through them.

  6. Keep having fun girl and tell us all about it. The guy's hot no doubt. Love your lashes. I wouldn't worry about acne, tons of ppl have them.

  7. Oh well, I ALWAYS knew you were a mortal. Acne. Hmmm... Listen, first off, that's pretty much everyone's problem. Then, lady, you might have skin issues, but well, you hang out with Le Chuka, who is gorgeousness. Ahem!

    Seems like you are having a good time. Keep playing.

  8. Thanks for commenting in my blog!... Your hair is amazing.. and haha, great, you've got a pair of golden shorts.. x


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