Monday, August 1, 2011

watch TV SHOW: Single Ladies overseas (season 1, Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 etc)

Ok so I'm obsessed with watching Vh1's Single ladies. I loved it when I was in Atlanta, and I still love it now. but now every time i watch it I *sigh* cause it makes me miss Atlanta a little. I hope people realize it's fiction and this isn't exactly how Atlanta is. Then again yall are allowed to think so because heaven knows i thought Sex & the City portrayed NYC well since i had never been. LOL so now everyone probably imagines ATL has an abundance of sexy wealthy chocolate men with gorgeous women who are a bit too "progressive" sleeping around-wise. ok well the sexy women part is ACCURATE, Atl chicks are hot, yall know it ;)

If you are in the U.S you can easily watch it online via the vh1 website or catch it on TV Mondays at 9pm/8c on VH1. but if you are abroad it's a bit tricky due to your location vh1 won't let you watch it. bummmer:

to watch episodes 1 -10 on my blog: had to break the post because it made my blog slow to load. click below to continue:

thanks to  Mr Yardie for all the videos & for alternates if these videos stop working go here to letmewatchthis and there'll be a ton of links to stream videos.

so here's Ep 1 "Two Hour Premiere"

Episode 2 "Cry Me a River"

(alternate episode 2 video players)

ep 3. "Indecent Proposal"

(alternates episode 3 vids)

i added alternative video streams because though megavideo is the fastest so far, after watching 72mins they kinda time you out, so you can use a different stream like potluck

ep 4. "Confidence Games"


(alternate ep 4 vids)

wonder what happened to Lauren london's charcter since episode 1, she was in a lot of the promos before it aired
hello new intern

ps: hope you've noticed you can click the bottom right to make it fullscreen :)

ep 5. "That's What Friends are For"


ep 6. "Old Dogs, New Tricks"


My fave characters: Malcolm & Keisha. I always love the fucked up relationships lol 

*sigh* Malcolm breathes swag doesn't he!?

ep 7. "Take Me to the Next Phase"


not even a single cell in my body misses Daryll

ep 8: ‘Lost Without You’


ep 9. "Can't Hide Love"


ep 10. "Everything Ain't What It Seems"

ep 11. Season Finale: Is This The End:

Links to watch 11 are HERE, HERE and HERE:

if your too busy here's vh1's episode summaries.


hope this helped  & kept you entertained & hopefully no one tries to shut down my blog for putting these up o_o lol.

WOW what a great show, can't wait for the new season!


  1. Malcolm is my baby daddy, you already know that.
    Its Monday, Yay! & what? Are you telling me I am not gonna find my chocolate man in ATL? I like Lauren London, I thought she was gonna be on the show on the reg. & What? Daryl is gone? I worked last Monday, so I didn't watch, boo!

    xo SARMIN

  2. whaaat. i stopped at episode 3...i would be back after work hours to catch up...
    i looooooooove this series

  3. I'm obsessed with this show. Since it aired I've been plotting my move to ATL lol

  4. I watch the show a lot and it's very classy, shows black people in a positive light, you know what I men, my hubby watches it with me most times and we laugh together, great show to

  5. I watch to see what Lisa and the other lady (Lord what is her name, the older lady that refuses to age...won't google it, too lazy) are wearing. Cool show. I might have been away from the A for too long but not much about the show except a few skyline shots remind me of Atlanta (although I was a suburb of the city dweller). Hope Naija is treating you very well dear, it seems like look great!!

  6. I love this show soo much, alot of people complain about their acting skills but i could careless bout that. And of course i have to comment on MALCOM MALCOM MALCOM, OH MALCOM!!! Im in love with the guy, he is my MR.PERFECT :D

  7. @ above comments:

    OMG!!! I LOVE MALCOLM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    at first episode I was like un uh this man has issues, but dear heaven he breathes swag!!!!! he is so cool it doesnt make any sense. I want a Malcolm!! with less issue though, gosh i love them.

    @ 1st Anonymous
    Stacey Dash. Yes!!! she refuses to age i think she is 45!!!!!!!!!! CRAZY!!!

    lol don't be deceived we have more cute gay black guys than they portray, there's way more of that her male assistant in the A. but I love ATL, def black hollywood.

  8. love love LOVE this show!
    Where has it been all our lives? SO much better than Girlfriends in my opnion, Lisa Ray just needs more acting classes to tame her icy acting.
    Other than that, J'adore!!

  9. omg im sooo obesessed with this show, cnt wait for season 2! :)

  10. I watched this all weekend, I'm obsessed. Boy I got a weak spot for my white boys and KC mmm mm mm haha .. but hold on when did DB Woodside get so ripped when I saw him in the temptations movie he got no look in!

  11. Is episode 11 the last episode of the season? If yes when is season 2 coming out?


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