Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Have I been up to? 2nd month in Lagos

This week i started interning with a nice ad agency here in Lagos (mon - thurs). What's cool about this apart from the experience, and that i work with some extremely talented people is that the office is close to my aunts house. Since it's pretty close to my aunt's house she sends her cook to my office with a home cooked lunch to me. Sweet Right!

Took this on Tuesday,  then i had about 5 mins to look civil and see Horrible Bosses. --- that shirt is my "home" shirt. I wear it every single time i'm home. lol ask everyone who skypes me. it's like my hoodie.
This week i saw Horrible Bosses on Tuesday & Captain America (in 3d) on Thursday, both at the Palms Genesis Cinema. I admit i liked both movies though i found out a lot of people didn't like them. LOL not even the atlantic ocean can mess with my love for movies, and the cinemas here are pretty up to date, AMEN!!! I give the 3d experience a "B" OR "B-", didn't get a headache thankfully but some parts could have been less blurred/ double/ you know the 3d thingie that the glasses make 1, well i could still see 2 in certain scenes. Regular movies are N1500, 3D IS N2500 and omg wednesday is super cheap about N700, cant remember but get ready for a crowd. (N160 = $1)

I went to a lovely mexican restaurant, bottles with a friend from Nursery school. Nice food, expensive though. Apparently a lot of businesses don't have names outside them. Seriously there's no name, i think it has something to do with extra tax from the government. I wonder how my friends find out about new places. (I'll go again with my camera)

With photography I've met and heard about a couple of really good & experienced photographers here. I'm considering working with some, interning with one (fri - sat), second shooting, shadowing, etc. I'm still not sure which photographer I'll end up with, but i hope it's settled by next week, I would love to increase my photography skills, and retouching too.

contributing writer: i wrote an feature for a bi-weekly magazine that's based in Africa. I can't wait for it to come out, it'll be my first print, and hopefully I can scan it and show it to you guys.

well that's that. gotta run or I'll be late for some walk that my church is doing and i refuse to drive. OMG i need to tell you about how people drive in Lagos. It shouldn't be called driving.

Love Bombchell
(yea... i know: not much pics in this post)


  1. Glad to see you're doing well and are happy! Thanks for the update!

  2. I think about you on Mondays.
    We didn't talk about the last episode...
    Malcolm dude, TROUBLE!
    I have my black hanes tshirts tat I cut up, that I only wear around the house. Congrats on magazine gig, very cool! I have yet to see a movie in 3D. I don't see movies much, maybe 3 times a year. Weird about the business not having names.

    xo SARMIN

  3. Wow girl, your doing well. I'm so glad you got a lot going on for you. Hopefully we get to see the magazine piece :o) can't wait and wooo just like Sarmin said ... Malcom is messy woo. xoxo

  4. It seems like you are adjusting quite well. I hope you enjoy your Internships. I am curious about the restaurant--I am taking notes on where to eat when I get there :)


  5. Glad to see everything's going so well for you. I really liked Horrible Bosses but heard a lot of people didn't like Captain America. My next movie to see is 'Colombiana'. I can't wait to see it lol.

  6. It sounds like you are making yourself right at home there. Good for you!
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Awww you seem like everything is going well for you :) I am happy darling

  8. Wow, you've really conquered all this summer! Congrats on your internship & feature. And best of wishes in all that you continue to do doll! Definitely a great model for other girls of how you can reach the stars when you're reaching for them ;].


  9. Don't worry dear you'll get used to Lagos driving AND traffic. Oh, AND police men looking for power-must-change hands. lol

  10. I didn't know you moved to Lagos? All the best dear, driving in Lagos is so crazy, lol..

  11. Aww you sound like you are having a blast!!! I cant wait to come home for Christmas!

  12. sounds like you have a sweet job and someone who cook you lunch?! amazing!!

  13. *gasps* you did tell me you were no longer in Atlanta... now I'm sad that you're out of the country too... but I am really really happy you are doing well. I liked Captain America. I am tryna get my boyfriend to watch it with me. But he won't go because I already watched it :-/
    I think your photos are amazing. I am on my way to your photo blog right now.

  14. Seems like a lot is happening. Really sweet of your aunt to get you food everyday.

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead.

  15. love your blog. i am a photographer but i haven't taken pictures in over a year. i want to resume now. looking for a partner.
    and trust me i am now your follower.


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