Saturday, December 17, 2011

How to fix a shredding silk dress

Sue me it feels like silk, though the ingredients are probably something else. Eitherways my dress is super sensitive and got destroyed by my gorgeous bag (well my mum's gorgeous gold bag that I borrowed).

I wanted to cry by the end of the night!! It was my first time wearing this dress, I barely walked around or cam whored, and it decided to get ruined!!! Geez c'mon!! It's freaking Karen Millen dress I'd expect more (it's like my Bebe Upgrade, u know), I have a Cache dress that looks very identical. (Don't ask, while shopping to move to Lagos, I don't know how I bought two very identical dresses). Eitherways this dress was the more expensive one, so I need to find a way to revive it! I actually tried to sell of the Cache twin, but didn't work, so I'm glad to have an extra.

Ejeme (Jini designer from MMR post) suggested I try to shave it with a shaving stick, and after constantly seeing that DSTV style tip where they shave a shredding fuzzy pink sweater with a shaving stick, I was game.

I couldn't breeze through the shaving with the stick, it made it worse, I had to gently go section by section, with my hand inside holding the dress, and shave side to side, to prevent much scuffs or scratches.

The results were quite nice.

(not perfect, you can see scuffs & some lines)

but doable

I'll prob try rewearing it somewhere, maybe somewhere dark! or get there when everyone's drunk lol.

I didn't take any pictures when I wore em, but I got this one via bbm/ cell phone :) here's a glimpse of the awesome night. I had a blast, they had an artist perform, tons of food, okay so i dealt with a tiny awkward scene but everything else was freaking awesome lol.

Sis Sheila, Ejeme, Me, Carmen (lol we were all looking a diff cameras) You can see the gorgeous bag

Hope everyone's having an awesome week/ weekend. I have about 3-4 events going on tomorrow at the same time, not sure how I'll share myself, but it's great that i get to knock out a bunch of events with one dress and don't appear like "I'm repeating" clothes lol.


  1. You all look great! Yep, you're absolutely right about the razor - works for other fabrics, too!

  2. Ssooo sorry about the dress! It doesn't look that bad now. "Get there when everyone's drunk", funny...I have be super careful if I am wearing some delicate, my bangles/rings will snag. It sucks!

    xo SARMIN

  3. Lovely photo of you out. Sorry about the dress. Bad Gorgeous bag. Nice work with the shaving stick.

  4. I've never heard of this nifty trick but thanks for sharing. It sucks that it got ruined during the first wear.. I'm so clumsy that this sort of stuff usually always happens when I wear silk

  5. This is such a nifty trick. At least you didn't give up on a ruined dress & can wear it again now :)

  6. oh no! so sorry to hear about your dress, but i think you did a great job restoring it. love this tip!

  7. WOW, I'm shocked at how much better it looks!
    I was thinking it was a goner when I saw the first picture :/ But it looks MUCH BETTER now :)


  8. Just got caught up on your blog. I love that you've resumed blogging regularly/ *knocks on wood* The restoration wasn't bad at all. I'll keep it in mind for future dress mishaps.

  9. Absolutely stunning and clever o you.
    Well done.
    Thanks a lot for your visit and comment.
    Merry Christmas.

  10. Great post, I am a new follower.


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