Friday, February 25, 2011

{Freakin . Love . Fridays} The Sexy & Artsy video collection

Why Not bring it back: the artist naughtiness that you missed ;)

I saw a video on TheWritingBudhha which led me to check out which then led me to various lovely videos especially Greg Williams's Vimeo. I saw too many videos I loved & couldn't help but bring back F.L.F. This week's F.LF consists of videos. & $armin also thinks it's a great idea to bring the meme back.

:::before you watch the videos. Mute the blog music on the top right::::

I love the Rain, I always have since I was a kid, I find it so beautiful & mesmerizing.


3. Lol I swear I do this in my room, beside my 2 mirrors (one is full length & makes anyone look 10lbs lighter, I love it! It's My $10 feel-great-quick-therapy & the other mirror is normal, and just upper body).

As much as I go out you'd think I dance a lot, I don't. I'm sort of shy or insecure about dancing, so i just do two steps. It's an odd cycle, I grew up being shy about dancing - to being the girl dancing like crazy at 5am in club Europe without a care in the world, and preferred dancing alone rather than with boys (felt restricted when trying to be in rhythm with someone else) - to being that girl who doesn't dance anymore. Perhaps because my friends and scenes have changed. But however, one thing hasn't changed, I still dance like crazy in my room, with clothes, underwear, strip, everything, no inhibitions.
cool dance video

4. So I went on his vimeo & found more cool vids by Greg Williams : Agent Provocateur : I LOVE LINGERIE!

now for some sexy actors/ actresses:

5. Megan Fox for Esquire by Greg Williams:
I think Megan Fox is one of the most beautiful women ever!! *sigh* I keep meeting Engineers, IT guys & Accountants, you'd think one day I'd meet a videographer or photographer so I could have bad ass pictures or a video like this. *sigh* guess I'll do it myself! watch & see :)

6. sexy ass Jude Law by Greg Williams-

& this reminded me of

7. Matthew  McConaughey's Dolce & Gabbana Perfume Ad: The One

8. collage of hot men, many of have have net stalked or would like to stalk:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

20 Fun Things you should do in Atlanta

These are mostly based on fun stuff I've done & enjoyed.
(background image via ThundaFunda free online pictures)

1. Find your perfect spot. Mine is a restaurant/bar in Buckhead, I go there with girlfriends, dates, to hangout, drink, eat, on the prowl, birthdays etc. All in one spot, and it's free parking! find your spot.

2. African Clubs. most clubs in Atlanta close at 2am, but African clubs close at 5am or 6am. It's pretty cool that I can go to one of these clubs and have fun listening to Nigerian music etc. for fun days, I go on special event days hosted by dejavu, rising sun, djecool or rarely I host a party etc

3. Kiss on a first date - it's fun, especially if he's cute. I'll be honest most girls in Atlanta are single. The ratio of girls to guys seems like 15:1 and if you take away gay ones, which is a lot, the young ones, the unattractive ones ... you see where I'm going with this? very few guys + lots of gorgeous women = very few guys that want relationships. so have fun, be naughty, if you like him, kiss him, you never know. It's a once, twice or three times in a life experience, I'm not judging. (& people don't always limit yourself to race & ethnicity, sometimes try personality & height).
(image via eharmony blog)

4. Atlantic Station - there's bars, a movie theater, shopping, a gym, bowling alley etc. I call it "a little Gotham city," because it's so cute and looks like it belongs in a movie set, it's a like a little factory made city. I love it.

5. Lenox & Phipps - best or most expensive shopping you can find in Atlanta. Pretty interesting on the weekends (there's a free shuttle called the BUC Ride that goes to these malls, and the hotels in the Buckhead area)

6. Little 5 points - eclectic shopping, dining, and various subcultures.

7. Online Dating - there's the free, or paid options like &, or if your dreaming of grandeur, goodluck with Or easier alternatives like facebook, like i said, I don't judge (well maybe with I do judge, but It's not like i judge

8. Strip Clubs: our strip clubs are huge!! people come down to go to our strip clubs, I could name most of them and what nights are good, races of strippers, and names etc, and I've never been. Yup, i'm so used to answering questions about the strip clubs, that I'm like a tourist map.

ps: yeah women do go the strip clubs here, there's barely any taboo, and you might even find club photographers there, or you could check out the male strip club called Swinging Richards

9. Pole Dancing or Strip tease class with friends: that was really fun, we only did one watered down class, but it was still a lot giggles & we intend to take a full sexy dance course sometime.

10. Clubbing - Atlanta is a party city. some people call it black Hollywood. Unlike LA where everyone's an aspiring model, actor or filmmaker, here everyone a musician, stripper, or video girl. and of course we have our Dr's etc but you know I'm talking about the scene. And I love it!!! You can party everyday, and not have to repeat a club. I really mean everyday!!! Sunday used to be the best but now Monday & Thursday are competing. A few years ago, over summer break when Buckhead used to have a lot of clubs, my cousin and I clubbed for 2 weeks straight without repeating a club/ lounge. now that's dedication.

11. Blogging. - I started blogging about living in Atlanta & random stuff about myself, and I've got to meet a lot of cool people via blogging.

12. A good maid. - trust me sometimes a girl needs some quality help that's cheap and safe. when you get a good referral save it! You never know when you might be too busy to clean, throw a party and need help or something.

13. - pretty cool fun way to meet people with similar interests such as soccer, cooking, movies, girls night etc to make friends or hangout especially if your new to town (the also operate outside Georgia)

14. Stone Mountain Park - touristy  (went in college on a field trip, its actually cool)
Stone Mountain (image via FlamingoEduTours)

15. Georgia Aquarium - tourist attraction. I think it's the world's largest aquarium, you've seen it in several movies, and should be fun to go with friends, dates or the family.

16CNN & World Of Coke. - tourist attraction

17 MLK center - tourist attraction

(I admit i haven't done 15-17 because I'm not really into touristy stuff but people love it)

18. Comfortable Gym & a Workout Buddy: If you don't like gyms, we have a lot of gorgeous parks.

19. Fox Theatre: I don't know how you'll get there, but go there. It's one of those places that everyone ends up going to. I went there for a Spring Formal in college, and for a New Years Eve Party. Some go there for prom, and others actually go there to see plays!! it's lovely!

20. The High Museum of Art: I love this place!!!!!! If I'm ever proposed to in public, I want it to be a grand museum, I remember seeing a similar event in LA and it touched my heart. I love museums. (& normally i would hate to be proposed to in public especially on a talk show)

There you go, 10 20 random fun things I believe you'll enjoy doing in Atlanta.

[I originally typed out 90% of this post on April 5th last year but never got to post. I'm really I found it, it's a bit tongue & cheek, but pretty true, and I think you'll enjoy doing some of this no matter where you are]

I would love to hear about things you do in your city (even if it's Atlanta), so post the link below so anyone interested & I can check it out. (comments are also welcome)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{ BLOG GIVEAWAY } Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

I've heard a lot about Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, from a lot of girls with natural or mixed hair (by that I mean non chemically processed black hair, any one with an afro, people with mixed ethnicities and curly hair, twa etc, the list goes on).

I was at a Target event, and realized Miss Jessie's will now be available at 422 target locations, pretty cool.  I'm going to be doing a bunch of giveaways, so I'll start with this, for all the ladies (& guys) who've heard about or wanted to try Miss Jessie's product but didn't want to pay, you get it for free.

I giving out the 16oz Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding

1. you must be a public follower of my blog. (just click follow if you haven't)
2. Comment below & say count me in, or something similar.

& that's it! pretty simple, and a lucky girl or guy will get to try this product :) for them or their child

Right now my hair's in transition, and I don't know what I'll do with it, eitherways I have extensions in now, so I wont try this product for a while.

Please Note: I have never tried this product, I've just heard a lot about it, so if you've always wanted it or want to try it, this is your chance. (I did smell it & it smells great but thats all I can tell you for now).

so I'll leave this open for a week (it will end 11.59 pm on march 2nd ), if only one person enters, great, only that person wins. I understand it's a bit limited to those with curly, wavy or kinky hair, and most of my readers might not have curly hair (ps: it supposedly works on White, Asian, curly hair too, basically any curly hair or length, tell me how it goes)

This is a style that can be done with the curly pudding for those with afros.

The giveaway is open world wide.

Random Eye candy :) to show it can be used on guys  too ;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{Fashion Problem} ill fitting dress pants

sorry the pants in question can't really be seen in this post, I was running late and didn't have time to mount my camera to a tripod. Most of my pants are baggy and oversize, I can see Sosa nodding.

It feels weird when dress pants are tight!! You can see those weird squiggly lines at the crotch area or is that how they are to fit? I just started wearing skinny jeans that are actually tight about a year or 2 ago. I don't think it's appropriate for anyone the see the size of your bum in dress pants, cause it's mostly for work, church or to be proper, and when they're tight it seems too sexy for these places (I sound so prudish).

Everytime I shop I console myself with a line Oprah said, about how most pants that are ready-made aren't perfect for most consumers, and we need to alter or tailor our pants. So... I buy big pants with the pretense of tailoring them to fit me perfectly in the future (one day I will).

So yesterday this is the exact brand & style I wore (above, & me below).
I really need to fix my eye ASAP

The pose is odd, normally there are no scrunches, just bagginess

Unfortunately as you can see my pants don't fit like that.  I can fit  both my hands comfortably into my pants, with some space left, luckily my pants don't fall off my waist. Buying pants is so hard, these are a size 10 from Express, I love the length, and that its not too snug. It's so hard to find big, rightly, fitted comfy pants. They seem to be too big, or too tight, or scrunched at the front area. *sigh*

I'm sure there's a trick to this, I just have to figure it out. What if I go to an alterations company and they jack up all my pants!! then I would have to buy new ones, and start all over again. You know what? in boarding school I actually got my uniforms altered.... hmmm.... this actually makes sense and might be the right solution. The only problem is, then I knew exactly what I wanted, and now I'm not quite sure how pants are to fit, or how on earth to wear a scarf correctly, gosh grown up clothes are so complicated.

Oh yea... you might have noticed my eye hasn't healed yet, been super busy and haven't gone to the pharmacy  all week. But I will today! Procrastination.... smh

Sunday, February 20, 2011

{Digital Treasure Chest} cutout shirt & Christine Centenera

While surfing the net, I found this gorgeous cutout shirt. I love cutout shirts & Sheer tops.

after some surfing I found out that the designer is Therese Rawsthorne

The lady in the picture is Christine Centenera, the Fashion Editor of Harper Bazaar Australia

she's absolutely gorgeous, and has been featured on the Satorialist.

All other images are by Jak&Jil, where she describes some of her favorite things, like


so these are 2 other pictures from the post.

What I love... almost more than the clothes, is the photography.

She looks quite young, I wonder how old she is. FashionSquared has some more pictures on her lovely style & you can always google.

what are some of your favorite things?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lunch with friends.

This is definitely called procrastination. I need to behave myself & go work.

Here are a few pictures from Lunch yesterday & Today.

So yesterday Melissa & I went to Fresh 2 Order. it was really yummy!!!!! I loved it. I don't have any good pictures of the food because they were partly blurry and just not right. Luckily at the end of the night, our waiter, James taught me to use my new lens (it arrived yesterday Im super excited, hence these quickly posting pictures: I got a Sony 50mm f1.4)

If you follow me on twitter, you've heard me complain about my swollen eye!! well it's come down, so I no longer have to be a diva & wear shades at night, smh. Lunch ended up being late, well really really late. But it made the food even more delicious (OMG if you go to Fresh2Order you need to ask for their bread!!!!  melt in your mouth yummy croissants, that seem to be trickled with honey, they taste so heavenly).

The weather was so lovely.

I couldn't figure out how to work my lens.... see how the bottom is blurry?

My girl Nelly, (1st time on my blog, heeeeey). You'll probably see more of her when we go to Miami

The weather today was absolutely lovely!!!!!!!!!!! So met up with J & went to the Tavern @ phipps. Funny yesterday I took pictures of us, not food. & Today I have pictures of the food, without us.

Omg my food picture looks professional!!!! YAY lol thanks camera & post processing on photoshop
hmmm... did it taste as good as it looks??  Yeah it did, didn't eat my veggies though.

his food :)

Thanks for lunch babes!!!!

Omg I can't believe I posted this fast, I'm really procrastinating. I'd rather go watch I AM NUMBER FOUR, than work :(

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yay Finally bought my Hermes Belt

Okay so.... on my list lust list last year (2009-2010, my xmas wishlist lasted a year) I wanted this belt. I don't know why I've wanted it so much, but I have. At first I saw it was just a cute belt that I always saw around, so I decided to get it. Then I saw how much it was & was like wtf!! So... I put it on my lust list for the year & told myself I would get it before Christmas, well no on gave it to me, so I finally got it for myself few days before Christmas 2010.

You know what sucked was that I couldn't "borrow" from my mum's closet because her waist size is different.

I used to want the blue one, but I decided to go for the brown & black reversible.

Before I bought the belt I heard mixed things, like you can't buy a belt without a buckle etc, price differences etc. So I'm going to clear the confusion up.

The catch is:
1. You can buy as many straps as you want (without buckles)
2.  BUT to own a buckle you must by a strap. (so pick your buckles wisely, I chose the braised one for now)
.... so this means, If I want to buy an additional buckle for my belt, I have to buy another strap.

They are sold separately which brings the price to what it is. (after last weeks voting result, with most people in support of posting receipts or not caring, I've added the receipt to the bottom for those interested in seeing how the buckle price, strap price, freaking tax come together)

if the image doesn't show: it says , belt  leather 390, buckle 195, Subtotal 585, tax 46.80. Total $631.80

ooooh & reason why you shouldn't buy a fake:

a. You're smart enough to compare it to the original & you wanna make sure it's a Grade A fake
b. It' a gift and you don't know
c. you don't plan to visit Italy with it, cause you could end up in jail.

oh well I promise to do the above, because you can see how embarrassing that $10 fake I got one year from Cali is. I actually wore it once (well the black of it) & I'm glad to say I've trashed it, & promise to never wear a fake again, unless it's a, b, or c which I'll still avoid for peace of mind & paranoia.

Funny enough I've wanted this belt for 3 years!!! On my trip to the Hermes store here in Buchkead, I learned that they don't bite, they are actually nice, they're not stuck up, and the lady, Manuela explained to me how one really tiny bag cost $27,000 (I couldn't help but burst out laughing, apparently "it's croc"). She was a good sport, & I didn't feel weird about not currently affording a $27,000 bag (can you imagine the tax!).  From surfing websites I've alway stared at Hermes Birkins & Kellys, and from the net on the difference I assumed the Kelly was always smaller. I saw a big bag & assumed it was a birkin in my head, so i asked what the bag was and she said it was a kelly, .  Well she explained to me the difference between a Birkin & a Kelly. It's not the size difference, but it's the difference in the straps. The Birkin has 2 handles (straps) & the kelly has just one Handle/ strap. For those who've watches Le Divorce you remember the whole big deal with her Kelly bag.

(image via Those 4 extra inches )

The sad thing is I'm that girl who might choose to starve, not do her nails, and not buy clothes, so she can save all her money to buy one big item like this bag. LOL heeeey we all have our vice, some collect coins, shoes, go on trips, or a Vitamix 5200 blender for a raw foodie. Currently mine happens to be with photography (UGH even photography is expensive). Are they any cheap hobbies??

Oh the location in Atlanta: (it's right by the Buckhead Library & the new Fados Irish Pub)

Herm├Ęs of Paris
3393 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30326
Neighborhood: Buckhead
(404) 233-1011

That's all folks, so I'm curious what the last big purchase you made that was over $200? (equivalent to €147, £123.69, ₦30,645) & you can list the price if you remember it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

"Love distills desire upon the eyes, love brings bewitching grace into the heart."- Euripides

made this post for you

cause...  1. You all cheer me up with witty comments. 2. You get me & make me appear sane (if I didn't blog, I'd probably talk to myself & seem cuckoo) 3.You must me my valentine, since I don't see anyone here in Atl so.... :) it's non-negotiable!

so.... now that that's settled


Larry Fink Hollywood,  2000-2009 (via ClubMonaco CC)

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith, Essence magazine

Yeah this is the ride to our fabulous date & car action

(who knows what car is this? I find it fascinating that some people can see a section of a car & they know what it is!)

(JakandJil via style)

“Love of Beauty is Taste. The Creation of Beauty is Art.”  
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love Bombchell Dair

Gossip Girl's Dan & Blair, lol someone made this with photohop I'm guessing.
((lol yup right now I'm interested in these two, we'll see what happens tonight))

Someone else out there also has to be in team Dair.


If not....try not to be a Peeping Tom
(this and some others  via dangerously debonair)

Friday, February 11, 2011

To post purchase receipts or not?

Many of us have wish lists, and when we get it, we're excited to share it with friends, and blog readers. Or sometimes we want to show what you got that might interest you & we include the price, such as lipsticks, camera's or clothes.

(psst: you can easily make your own custom receipt here)

Now the problem occurs when stuff is pricey. Some people see it as bragging when you buy something that's priced above the norm. I like looking at blogs & websites & oohing & ahhing over how much it cost; cheap deal, or psycho expensive.

I recently purchased an item on my wish list, and plan to blog about it next. Unfortunately I'm worried about societal constraints, and never want to appear like I'm bragging or crass.  Saying how much an item costs is now more acceptable, especially if the person your speaking too might be interested in it, however posting receipts of prices above $200 can be seen as offensive & classless. Receipts help show validity, and bring more truth to a post, but Im torn.

So I would like to know what you think. And it will help me set precedence over future posts. You've read my biased opinion & logic, so please help me make the right decision.

             THE POLL RESULTS

EDIT: thanks for voting. Poll was opened from the 2nd & I closed it to make my post today the 17th.

These are the results. Over half of my blog readers (58%) think I should post receipts, 24% don't care if I do or don't, and a small percentage think its distasteful (14%). so...... Receipts it is :) thanks for the comments, poll & responses. (& to the few who think it's distasteful, I feel you)

PS: I changed my hairstyle!!!! Goodbye bangs

last night I did my hair & decided to out go with Ada & Uche, yup even though it snowed!! SMH I know. (it never snows in Atlanta, so even when it's less an an inch no one goes out! lol & the news channels constantly warn us about the severe weather, while people from other states think we're nuts & freaking out about nothing) 

C'mon you know when you get your hair done, you wanna go out. & You think to yourself "someone!! anyone!! must see my hair today!!" Best believe I was feeling myself. Battery died at the lounge/ club so no pics :(

apart from these :

Hair stylist: Nneka! as always (call her do get your extensions & layering for under $100)
Hair brand: SheIzAdiva (contact info:  -- This is my first time trying Indian Hair (I got it LONG 14" 18" 20" & 24") & I love it. 

That's all folks :)
Luv Bombchell

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lady gaga Lipglass, Ada's Photoshoot & Figo Pasta

Trying the Lady Gaga Lipstick with the Lady Gaga "Lipglass"
Ok so normally i wear the M.A.C lady gaga lipstick with the real image lipglass (as you can see here). I guess I used it too much & my Real Image lipglass finished. I decided to try & replace it with the Lady gaga Lipglass.
My Lady Gaga Lipstick

Review: I'm not sure how I feel. Sometimes the lipgloss looked okay (mostly the beginning of the day), but as the day progressed I felt like it looked really pale,  almost as if I was wearing white lipstick. I dont think it goes with my skin tone. Maybe it's because face makeup gets darker after a while of wearing it, and the lipstick stayed the same pale pink, whatever the reason, it was very odd, & I felt like an odd mime. What do you (nicely) think about the gloss on me, yay or nay? eitherways gotta finish the tube.

Atlanta was really sunny on Saturday, about 69 -71 degrees!! So i indulged, didn't wear a jacket, and I committed what a lot of people consider atrocious, I let my bra strap show & no it didn't match my top. If it makes you feel better, it got cooler at night, so I had to put my jacket on, and the straps were finally hidden.

Later that day Mean Mugging, while I was waiting on Ada  to take my picture, lol apparently she took a bunch like this one, it just didnt flash so I had no clue lol

I think I lost only 2lbs all January!!!! how??? oh well

So we went to the MAC in the Cumberland Mall to get her makeup done.

Her makeup artist was Tasha, a really nice lady, you should definitely check her out.

Adaeza & Makeup Artist Tasha (Cumberland Mall) --- thanks for the tips :)

I also met Alicia this weekend (Ada's college buddy), she's pretty hilarious, and a bunch of fun. Might have to crash at her spot when I'm tried of being land locked & need some beach & sun.

At the shoot. she used photographer Mr Jeno, which one of her friends recommended (his site, pretty badass work).

good gosh I look..... in this picture, but you can see what I mean about the Lipgloss!

behind the scenes --- lol thats sounds so cool. ok... I'll stop

Then we finally drove back, gosh the place / drive was so.......... far!!! If I were the kid in the Toyota Highlander commercial, I might have scored 2 movies, well 1.5.

At the end of the night Ada treated us to Figo. I heard about this pasta place a week ago, and how they make their own pasta from scratch as you order, pretty cool huh? Surprisingly the food is really affordable. bout $4 for the pasta, whole wheat, spinach or regular, and $4 for the sauce (so you mix & match what you want). They have about 7 or 8 locations all over Atlanta (Buckhead, Perimeter, Vinings, West Side, Decatur, North Point, Litle 5 Points, North Point, & I think Virginia Highlands), you should check em out.

We went to the Vinings Location:

2941 Paces Ferry Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30339
Tel 770-431-4988
M-TH 11:30-9:30
FRI 11:30-10:00
SAT 12:00-10:00
SUNDAY 12:00-9:30


Do you think they noticed my flash?

And I know ladies might ask. Ada's extensions are our friends brand . I've had mine in forever so it looks.....  yeah ready to be redone, been months.

Thanks for the meal babe!!

Too hungry to take a clearer picture & forgot to order it whole wheat or spinach

I know I'm doing a competition, but I felt better since my competition is Ada :)

& PS: I LOVED ALL THE COMMENTS IN MY GUY FRIENDS POST. They were pretty hilarious!! they deserve a post of their own. Most Ladies enjoyed them & so I'll listen and probably do another in a few months, and then I'll officially be out of guy friends :)

Hope everyone's having a good year. Happy February, & try to revisit your new year's resolutions.

Luv Bombchell