Friday, July 29, 2011

Churrasco with the family (Brazilian Steakhouse in Lagos)

ME: top & shorts: MANGO in NYC, Belt: Amanda's closet (sis), bag: mum's closet (not much has changed lol)

so sexy!!!! lol All diva'd out.

Ejeme "Jini"  (for those who asked her collection isn't available yet online she's working on her website)

Sheila drove :) ---- OMG i have to find a way to show u guy how people drive in this city: Its like Wacky Racers!!!!

Here in Lagos we went to Churrasco for lunch, it's a lovely Brazilian steakhouse (for those in the states its quite similar to Fogo de Chao). It wasn't just an ordinary Sunday lunch, my aunt took us there to celebrate my mum's birthday (we actually celebrated friday, but it's a special day so we had to do it twice). I was quite excited to check it out because I had heard about it.

Bar, Salad Bar Brazilian BBQ, Churrascaria, Restaurant
1c, Ozumba Mbadiwe Road
Victoria Island, Lagos
Tel: 01-760 7171, 07063037776. 

another section of the Lagoon restaurant (Churrasco is part of it), nice view of the lagoon

It's a Churrascaria, apparently that means Brazilian steakhouse. The location is pretty cool, you can look out and see the lagoon, people on their jet ski's, the staff is really friendly, it's pretty clean, I had a fun time, and the food rocks. Oh yea as if i were a tourist, I took a ton of pictures. How I see it: better to take it with family than on a date, right?? I'd rather embarrass my brother than get stared at on a date. That's one thing i'm having a problem with, "when is it okay to bring my camera?"

My brother charles, who's escaped my blog cause he moved out of Atlanta

 Salad Bar

You can see a bit of the grilling through the window

 The Bar

Anyways back to food: You could get meat, or mixed (which was seafood & meat), there's no option of just seafood. Obviously I picked mixed lol. They had about 16 different types of meat (I didn't count, just asked the waiter). There were a bunch of nice meats (Im not a meat guru after a while i can't really tell you the difference), but omg the prawns were great!!! The prawns in this country are so huge it's great!!!! The lobster was nice, I wasn't too fond of the garlicky sauce but i still enjoyed it.
OMG!!! their Chapman is great!! (I don't know what goes into a Chapman or why chapman varies from restaurant to restarant, but it was nice! oh yea it's non alcoholic) would make a great daiquiri with some alcohol.

spicy meat

I made the waiter drop like 3 at a time on my plate. (I used that red sauce with almost everything)

The cool thing about being in Nigeria compared to abroad is that I'm not a raw meat, or medium rare person, and abroad it's all the rage, so whenever i asked for well done, i tended to get "almost burnt" but here there's a lot of people like me so I never got burnt meat, yay :) Whatever, I can hear all you medium rare fanatics shaking your heads saying I'm losing the quality & taste, I'm not eating it right bla blah lol tomato, tomato, same thing, well done meat tastes great to me, hence it's called "Well done!" lol.

I'll probably call the restaurant to get the exact price for those interested in checking it out.
I know our bill was about 130,000, we were a party of about maybe 14 people .  It's a fixed price, and buffet style.
Cost: ₦6,500 for meat, & ₦8,500 for mixed (sea food & meat) this includes the salad bar, and excludes drinks

Ejeme & my sis are such goofballs! Love this picture! - Mancini took it - wish I could take credit lol

my little cousins are so adorable!

bumped into Amaka (haven't seen her since this old post in 2009)! it's crazy how you bump into people in Lagos.

Mancini (finally I grabbed a pic) & Amanda

dueces! that's about it (rode out with Amanda, then we bumped into more friends)

Hope you enjoyed the post!!
Really sorry I've been MIA on the net and haven't been able to reply twits or facebook messages, but... I now have a charger (which from here we drove to pick it up), YAY i can now blog, I got a surge protector so hopefully everything will be fine.

I know a lot of people haven't seen Nigeria & have crazy images about it, which some parts might be true, but through my blog I hope you get to see another view, we have cars :), we have roads, I can still watch vh1's Single Ladies & HBO's Trueblood  via the net (don't ask how, lol same way those in the UK do it). My point is though there might be a ton of crap, there's also a lot of good, and Lagos is as normal as other metropolitan cities can be :)

Love Bombchell

In case I check out Ghana sometime this summer, would love to hear recommendations of places to check out from those who've been :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chocolat Royal for Breakfast

Heaven Help me i'm gonna be a fattie!!

Chocolat Royal is a pastries, ice cream place here in Lagos. After church we decided to stop by and buy a bunch of goodies. I went in with the intention of buying about 3 chocolate filled croissants, and left with this.

Potato, Potato, Cookies or Biscuit.

each pastry was about N300-400 (roughly about $1.70 - $3, so pretty normal). It looked prettier than it tasted, It was ok....  I ended up adding a 4th, the chocolate croissant which i preferred to the almond (ick). So next time I might stick with my original choice of croissants, maybe a donut, and ice crream.

yea yea... quite unhealthy, i know, but I'm proud i didn't add any icecream. I probably would have added it but they only allow me to taste just 2 out of the many options that they had. Crazy huh?? How am i to pick a flavor by sight alone? I only do that with novels. so I saved myself some calories and N200 a scoop.

Chocolat Royal
267A Etim Iyang Crescent,
Victoria Island,
Lagos, Nigeria.
+234 1 2714157

I wish I could say after this i had a healthy lunch but it was quite the opposite. Anyways can't wait to watch the HBO True Blood Episode from last night!! poor Jason!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

How i dyed my extensions & curled my hair

*whew* I still don't have a charger. Yup Im being cheap I can't justify buying a N35,000 apple charger  (about $200) when it's worth about $87ish (under N15k)!!!  So since all my friends with mac laptops decided to go on holiday, I've been computerless.

This post is thanks to Lola's charger! & this week Bawo's bringing me a charger from the States, yay! I swear i wont be a happy camper if the current in Nigeria messes with my charger again. Oh well let me not front, I'll pay that 35k, this way if it messes up a third time, I'll walk right into the store and act-a-fool.

so back to the post :) How i dyed my hair.

I had dark brown hair, and really dark off black extensions that I wanted to dye. I got Nneka's help 'cause she's an experienced hair guru, and I've never dyed extensions. My goal was blonde brown, but i got dark brown/light brown, which is fine. So here's what I did.

the new extension bundles i got & added in were super dark, a color 1b

& yea I got this particular extensions from

It is processed Indian hair!!! (I didn't buy virgin hair, I'm too lazy to be bothered with maintaining virgin hair). This is proof that processed hair can dye, it just takes forever, and the lady at Sally's scared me saying adding bleach, color etc would mess it up. Well it didn't!! i bought good hair, so thankfully it came out great (and the fact that my sis, and cousins have dyed their hair in the past made me less nervous)

You can probably also dye hair from the store from brands like Bohyme or Velvet, but you might as well just buy it colored, I had to color mine cuz I got it natural color.

went to Sally's beauty supply & did russian roulette.

I mixed the blondes together and dyed the hair then put in a plastic bag.
Then I dyed the browns then put in a plastic bag.

then after all that hard work I realized i forgot to dye a whole bundle of  very dark extensions!!!!

so I said "F it" and bought a kit from target, it has all the instructions, so you don't need to buy a developer etc, I already had already bought the bulk of it, and i was in between moving.
no matter what color the rest came out, I figured this would blend in. (got courage & sprinkled in some bleach)

And that was it, then I went to Nneka to sew it in & layer it.

she does hair in Atlanta, makeup, bridal parties, lol so hit her up.

ps: now I'm in Lagos, if you have any recommendations on a good hair salon/ stylist, PLS let me know. thanks.



A lot of people have asked how I curl my hair, So i'll give  a general one.

Bendy Rollers!! Bendy rollers are great, cheap, easy & quick. & you don't need electricity to use them. I grab 4-8 depending on my mood, and roll, then bend and put it in a bonnet, and sleep. So once I wake up, my hair is in curls.
flexible/ bendy rollers come in different sizes, colors, lengths & brands - i use whatever bends -- make sure they work, Ive had friends get shitty packs that refused to bend, so they had to return it. but most work.

i normally buy the purple ones
To be specific last brand I bought:
Annie: Sof Twist Rollers, 5pcs, 3/4" diameter, for $5.99

I normally part my hair into about 4-8 and roll them neatly (no hair product, spritz or anything, just air and bendy rollers.) then i put em in a silk bonnet and sleep. This is a NEPA resistant style, so you'll be fine with or without electricity.

However this night was different. I had partied super late the night before and didn't bother rolling my hair & It had to air out, smelled of smoke. I refused to go to the salon knowing i'd be partying the night of MMR and it'd smell of smoke again. Gosh I hate that people can smoke in clubs here, you leave smelling gross. So... Honestly I rolled my haphazardly 2 hours before the event.

proof you don't need to be a genius to get decent hair

I swear i take the sexiest pictures ever lol :)

considering it was just 2hrs, the curls weren't as strong, so I used a curling iron to add 4 curls to the front, and that was it!

 Someone asked if i dyed my real hair, Nope, I couldn't. sadly my real hair breaks off if i dye or rinse it so I'm stuck with what i've got, and we know how my hair loved to break. I'm still waiting on the center part of my hair to grow back. OOh and my hair is natural so i have to flat iron it sparingly, however, I think I'm tired, and will perm it tomorrow.

so that's how I did my hair for the event, and later than night... with all the humidity... it still looked okay:
i didn't blog about other people in the event, but she (bella naija) did so you can check out her post on the red carpet here

Hope this helped someone else a bit!!! And wasn't too confusing. 
Love Bombchell.

ps: Nigeria's still fine, partied my ass off last weekend with fam & new friends, probably gonna start slightly working next week.