Monday, August 29, 2011

Everywhere that ive been The only thing I see is Is.... Beautiful people

so that's Chuka, I'm actually older than him!! Ladies you can stalk him here @CChuka lol

Friday I went to a club in Lekki with my brother. It was pretty cool, normally it’s a men’s club, age 40+, and members only, but this event was open. It was mellow, but I had a great time, especially since I haven’t really been out in a while. Well I had fun this weekend, met some really cool people (it seems like everyone is gorgeous in Lagos!!! I almost wanna burst out in a Chris Brown song. Ok maybe not technically everyone but A LOT OF PEOPLE)

Everywhere that I’ve been
The only thing I see is
Is beautiful people
Beautiful people
Beautiful people

Don’t you know, don’t you know
Beautiful, don’t you know, know, know?

Your beauty's deep inside.
Inside you.
Don't let 'em bring you down, no!...

There's me!

 club hopped, partied with old friends. Had a blast (Don’t worry I’ll soon start doing a few nightlife pictures)

not sure how i feel about this picture

got the Dress from Cache a few years ago, the belt also from Cache this year.
a bit blurry but you can make it out

Bracelet: I can't remember.

Shoes: Borrowed without permission from my sis, Sheila's shoes rack: their from Bakers (she has too many glittered gold shoes, i doubt she'd notice)

Hair: I curled it with a curling iron, Then: i used bendy rollers to hold the curls in place while i did my makeup so the curls wouldn't get lose.

Some people tell me that my skin is great, please don’t be deceived by lighting or my photoshopping. I have crappy skin, don’t worry: my skin takes no offense to reading this insult cause it’s true. I’ve probably tried everything except Accutane, and maybe if I start drinking the recommended amount of water rather than 2 bottles a day, and stop eating groundnuts it might help. Either ways my skin is tryna fuck with my bride price!!!! Lol. It really really sucks. My skin has so many issues, which made me overly conscious, like I’d never see anyone without wearing powder to hide my acne spots (which I have even when I’m not breaking out). I could be running late to class but I’d stop to put on powder: hey…. It’s all about priorities. Now I’ve reached a point where I’m like oh well “F” it, if someone meets me and I have acne, they don’t care, and it’s more me that’s conscious about breaking out than them, so now when I breakout I’m like “Stupid acne, you can’t screw me over, cause I’m a bad chick in person & I can destroy you in pictures.”

I know some still don’t believe, and this picture below will demystify my hotness, but oh well. Remember my skin had issues in December, Tumini’s birthday, well now I didn’t realize how bad it was till I took this closeup. It’s much worse than December but, Oh well it’ll clear in a few days, then come back after, it’s a cycle that has been going on for a decade *shrugs*
Dear heaven i love these lashes! the brand is Darkness.

Saturday was amazing, went to a club opening, hung out with some friends from high school, and partied my ass off. I kept itching to bring my camera but had to behave myself, ick. I'm going to have to fix my small camera asap so i can take pictures or carry my big camera everywhere even if i feel awkward.

okay gotta run :)
Love Bombchell

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Have I been up to? 2nd month in Lagos

This week i started interning with a nice ad agency here in Lagos (mon - thurs). What's cool about this apart from the experience, and that i work with some extremely talented people is that the office is close to my aunts house. Since it's pretty close to my aunt's house she sends her cook to my office with a home cooked lunch to me. Sweet Right!

Took this on Tuesday,  then i had about 5 mins to look civil and see Horrible Bosses. --- that shirt is my "home" shirt. I wear it every single time i'm home. lol ask everyone who skypes me. it's like my hoodie.
This week i saw Horrible Bosses on Tuesday & Captain America (in 3d) on Thursday, both at the Palms Genesis Cinema. I admit i liked both movies though i found out a lot of people didn't like them. LOL not even the atlantic ocean can mess with my love for movies, and the cinemas here are pretty up to date, AMEN!!! I give the 3d experience a "B" OR "B-", didn't get a headache thankfully but some parts could have been less blurred/ double/ you know the 3d thingie that the glasses make 1, well i could still see 2 in certain scenes. Regular movies are N1500, 3D IS N2500 and omg wednesday is super cheap about N700, cant remember but get ready for a crowd. (N160 = $1)

I went to a lovely mexican restaurant, bottles with a friend from Nursery school. Nice food, expensive though. Apparently a lot of businesses don't have names outside them. Seriously there's no name, i think it has something to do with extra tax from the government. I wonder how my friends find out about new places. (I'll go again with my camera)

With photography I've met and heard about a couple of really good & experienced photographers here. I'm considering working with some, interning with one (fri - sat), second shooting, shadowing, etc. I'm still not sure which photographer I'll end up with, but i hope it's settled by next week, I would love to increase my photography skills, and retouching too.

contributing writer: i wrote an feature for a bi-weekly magazine that's based in Africa. I can't wait for it to come out, it'll be my first print, and hopefully I can scan it and show it to you guys.

well that's that. gotta run or I'll be late for some walk that my church is doing and i refuse to drive. OMG i need to tell you about how people drive in Lagos. It shouldn't be called driving.

Love Bombchell
(yea... i know: not much pics in this post)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Is Your Genotype?

Different places different issues.

As a kid I was sick a lot (well allergies, cold, i guess i still get them but it was bad then) so I generally assumed i was AS (because based on my genetic makeup I was either AA or AS), no biggie life went on. Then in boarding school I found out I was AA and was quite shocked because I'd always assumed i was AS. Now in adulthood my mother has no idea where i pulled my results from, and i don't remember exactly where i got the epiphany that i was AA, so while in the hospital today I checked my file, and there was no genotype listed. SO.... I went to the lab & took the test. Ugh I had to get the injection in my wrist cause they couldn't find my vien  OUCH! it still hurts. Results will be in tomorrow, I'm going to the beach so I'll pick it up some other time, it's not that serious right now for me (but it's a serious issue).

yup I look like crap, not cause of the blood test but because i'm currently about to change into my pj's and sleep

So when someone here asks you "What's your genotype?" you might be puzzled and wonder if you're on a gameshow or if it's a science quiz. Funny enough most people that live in Nigeria, or West Africa are used to this question, and normally know the answer.

When people ask this, they are normally referring to your hemoglobin, (i know.... i see confused faces) basically they want to know if you have a sickle cell trait. Are you AA/AS/SS? This is a lecture from primary school that i definitely remember. (genotype could be whatever genetic makeup, but here these are the traits they are referring to)

What is Sickle Cell?

Sickle cell disease (also called sickle cell anemia) is an inherited blood disorder that affects red blood cells. The sickle cell gene causes the body to produce abnormal hemoglobin. In sickle cell disease, the hemoglobin clumps together, which causes red blood cells to become stiff and develop a C-shaped (“sickle”) form. These sickled red blood cells can block blood vessels, reducing blood flow in many parts of the body. This process results in tissue and organ damage.

I'll explain in a quick Legally Blonde way.
AA is normal and good
SS isn't good, it's sickle cell anemia. (has the sickle cell disease)
AS is a result of parents that are AA + AS or parents with AA + SS. get it? (does not have the disease but is a carrier)

So a lot of people who want to have kids (and single people who want to get married) take this highly into consideration. A high population of people here and have the AS hemoglobin , and it's very important to know because if an AS & AS get married chances for an SS child are 25%, AS child 50% and AA child 25%. The main thing to know is that Sickle Cell Disease is a red blood disease that can be prevented, and that's why people care and make it a big deal. (ps: it's not just an African problem "It is the most common genetic disease in the U.S. An estimated 70,000-80,000 Americans have sickle cell disease." - SSCDA)

So most people who are AS are advised to marry AA to be safe or not have children because of the risk of having an SS child. You can imagine how complicated it gets with dating and child bearing. People fall in love that are AS and have to make serious decisions.

ps: those with AS are more resistant to malaria, so they have an advantage.

- If you are born in the United States they normally test you as a child.
- I was born in England and i guess they didn't
- Times might have changed and maybe now it's normal for all babies globally to be tested, i have no clue, so if you're preggers i guess you might wanna ask your Dr.

As a kid i remember the lifespan for those that were SS was quite short, I just read here in the National Heart & Blood Institute that with treatment now some live up to their 40's, 50's or more which is great news.

For more info checkout NHLBI and here for Kids or WHO for some figures.
Again: What is Sickle Cell Disease? (this has the gory parts)

Sickle cell disease is a serious blood disorder that causes acute pain, severe anemia, infections, and vascular blockages that can lead to widespread organ damage and death. It is a genetic disease, the most common inherited blood disorder in the United States, where it occurs most often in African-Americans and Hispanics. Until the past few decades, most people with SCD did not live beyond young adulthood, but advances in treatment have improved and lengthened the lives of patients who have access to good medical care.

I admit if i happen to be AS I'll be a bit bummed since for almost a decade i thought I was AA, but oh well... life goes on. I'll just hope real hard that whoever I fall for happens to be AA. You know what I'll have to be proactive & nip it in the bud by asking the guy "What's your genotype?" definitely before, or on date No 5. at the latest.


6.14 AM EDIT:

Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Feature: the wrap top sexy dress.

I love some DIY's (Do it Yourself) especially the ones that are executed properly. I hardly ever do D.I.Y's I dunno maybe I'm lazy, don't want to buy the equipment, procrastination, fear it won't turn out right... Well regardless of my reason for not doing D.I.Y's I don't think you readers should suffer and not enjoy these various creative efforts that other people have done, and maybe it'll inspire you.

So i've decided to feature some D.I.Y's that I've enjoyed.
You should see the back!!! omg it makes it super sexy.

i'll call this the wrap top sexy dress, cuz you wrap the top, and it matches your skirt to form a dress. It's really nice, but to those with big boobs and those who can't go braless, we'll just have to admire from afar...

or maybe.... we could just tie it super tight and pray it doesnt budge, i remember something about duct tape in college when i decided to wear my pink scarf as a top, or a pink halter, thank heavens my memory is fuzzy, but i slightly remember after a night of crazy dancing, that duct tape wasnt as strong, so dont be deceived by that green Versace dress that J-lo wore to the 2000 Grammy's (then again her boobs aren't huge, so maybe if you have big boobs envy this style from afar.)

Monday, August 1, 2011

watch TV SHOW: Single Ladies overseas (season 1, Episodes 1, 2, 3, 4 etc)

Ok so I'm obsessed with watching Vh1's Single ladies. I loved it when I was in Atlanta, and I still love it now. but now every time i watch it I *sigh* cause it makes me miss Atlanta a little. I hope people realize it's fiction and this isn't exactly how Atlanta is. Then again yall are allowed to think so because heaven knows i thought Sex & the City portrayed NYC well since i had never been. LOL so now everyone probably imagines ATL has an abundance of sexy wealthy chocolate men with gorgeous women who are a bit too "progressive" sleeping around-wise. ok well the sexy women part is ACCURATE, Atl chicks are hot, yall know it ;)

If you are in the U.S you can easily watch it online via the vh1 website or catch it on TV Mondays at 9pm/8c on VH1. but if you are abroad it's a bit tricky due to your location vh1 won't let you watch it. bummmer:

to watch episodes 1 -10 on my blog: had to break the post because it made my blog slow to load. click below to continue: