Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Carmen, House Party, Shoes, Wind & Gutters.

My friend Carmen came to visit from London: woot woot. Female friends are rare in Lagos so I'm excited to have a girl to hang with.

Sometimes i joke we're blonde & blonder, dear heaven this night was straight out of a movie. I secretly wonder if my life is scripted. In fact my weekend was filled with made for TV moments.

Close up on Carmen: Isn't she stunning!!! She's so funny love her to bits.

We were going to a cocktail/ house party on Banana Island. So to be safe I picked a formal looking dress that was also sexy aka short. I assumed the party would be indoors: WRONG. Geez we were outside, the wind was blowing, I had to stop standing or accept my new profession as a flasher.  The party later moved inside and all was well with the world, i could dance, stand, and move around.

Me: look closer on the bottom right of my dress, gosh the wind wasn't my friend
I redid my hair in Nigeria: not bad huh *yea yea i know looks exactly the same as last week* BUT it only cost me  about $25,/ N4000.--- Compared to ATL i can do my hair every week, they take out your extensions, wash it, relax your hair, wash, sew, etc OMG!!!! CRAZY. Finally something cheap in the city.

LOVE her shoes!
My cousin Arinze came with us to the party: woot woot! I think this is the first time he's on my blog. LOL readers keep tryna snatch up my brothers, well now here's my cousin lol.

So after the house party Carmen, My brother Chuka (not seen in the picture), and I were about to head off and party in the club with all our friends. On my way into the car i stepped in a gutter!!! A FREAKING GUTTER!!! My new shoes, My whole right leg, up to my knees!!! I was sooooo repulsed I asked them to drop me off at home.
Poor shoes def didn't see that shit coming when I took this picture earlier in the night

luckily or unfortunately only my feet/ shoes were covered in black (I'm still telling myself it's grime and mud, but i can't help but think of pee and other gross stuff). The good news is my shoes currently look normal, and I don't seem to have developed any scary disease on my leg: AMEN!

well that's all folks, I hope i won't be a Marni (ala "You Again" (2010) ) this week, cause all week I felt I was channeling her.

Here's Marni & my fave scenes for those who haven't seen it, so you can get my cookie analogy

that's all folks :)