Friday, March 9, 2012

AMFW Pictures - THURSDAY - Day 3 - Pre Show (Arise 2012)

Ok so.... Penance it is. You have to forgive me for all the days... ok months that I didn't blog. So yesterday after a full day of work, I did my makeup, met up with Tobi (remember met her at camp, went to the beach few posts ago), who's an awesome host for Cool FM, so if you've heard her voice, now can put a name to the face!

Then we headed to Federal Palace for Thursdays event.

SPOTTED YESTERDAY: Can You Guess who this UK Boxer/ Model is?

After Wednesday's fiasco i was a bit apprehensive. So event day 3, but truly Day 1 of the fashion shows, but I'll go with the official event days, so no one gets confused.

Went to their restroom, which is definitely not crappy, and we proceeded to change. I really don't wear my work clothes out in civilization, well apart from church... yeah pretty formal for me.


So... this was originally a brown dress, but it was too short, outta options, so i changed it into a shirt, switched it around and put on a red skirt meant for a diff outfit.

lol doesn't she look like she just got married, outside the court room?... PS pls they arent a couple in anyway or form

LOVE the outfit!!! reminds me of something I'd see in SATC

i see them Vera Wang shoes

tomorrow I'll behave my self & get my air done, at least i brushed it :) (same sheizadiva extensions, last forever)

*sigh* I'd so steal his outfit, but I'd prob show some cleavage to make it girly :)

isnt she pretty & stylish?

I feel like I'm in Atlanta again! Fola & I  kept commenting how a lot of guys remind us of  ATL *happy dance* LOVE IT

The show had started so most people were already inside (started about 6pm so def better than wed's drama). So I quit taking pictures and on my way in.... Ian (thanks babe) showed me the guy from the Rihanna video. You know the one that looked like Chris Brown, in the We found love video! I was like best believe I'm getting a picture.

so he had to do an interview

then take a picture

and finally!!!! The eyes!!! I love his eyes!! He joked if i wanted to take a picture of him or his eyes. yup I was that bad. I love pretty eyes, cant help it. lol. Nice guy, totally didn't cross my mind to ask him what he was doing in Lagos, or ethnicity, or anything else. but you can google him Dudley O’Shaughnessy for more info.

Dudley O’Shaughnessy - UK Model/ Boxer - Rihanna's We Found Love video

then off to the show. I'll post the pictures later today of tomorrow, but here's a preview

I loved her walk and attitude the best! Reminded me of Naomi

Oh my good gosh She is STUNNING!
Here's a short video preview (under 2 mins), it's a bit noisy though.

Hope you enjoyed the post and felt like you were there. i was sooooo tired when I got home, even though i left before it ended and missed the musical act.

Love Bombchell.


  1. Is it me or were there a bunch of empty seats???

  2. lovely lovely lovelyyyyyyyyyyy

  3. u look so pretty in that outfit, missed reading your blog...great to have you back

  4. Great post. Loved the photos you catched at the red carpet

  5. is not only u lots of seat were empty. anywho great post.i like key

  6. Nice photos. What lens are you using? Thanks and more pictures!


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