Sunday, April 8, 2012

Aunt Julie's 50th Birthday (& 10 year reunion)

Hi Everyone,

I just realized this will be a super long post because the pictures are too much. I had three events to attend, my aunt Julie's 50th birthday, my 10 year high reunion dinner (YES boarding school was a decade ago, omg we're getting old, then again we all finished high school about ages 15-17), and lastly a wedding.

I kinda went really late, with a lot of people, and i think we only had two cars, 1 driver, horrible logistics, events were Nigerian time, and at the same time, so let's just say it was a crazy night. I sadly only made it to two events.

So the first my Aunt Julie's 50th. Crazy thing, my aunt & my mum have been friends since they were about 18 years old!! They're practically sisters. I just realized this post (in two parts) is filled with pictures of family and old friends.

Getting Ready. (oh yea... this was actually christmas time... let's pretend it happened now, HAPPY EASTER by the way!)

shall we pretend their mine... and not my mum's lol. Heaven help me, and I'm grateful for being able to fit into my mum's stuff & my sisters! Amen! --- Shoe & Bag: Stuart Wiezman

Hey Boy's brigade: "Always Be Prepared." When your feet starts to hurt, you'd also say, "screw you fashion," and I'm too classy to go barefoot. Even during my early college years, when my feet hurt in the club, I was classy enough to put my shoes under a table (so they don't get stolen) and stand on the table, unlike other people who where ghetto & dancing on the nasty floor, with spilled alcohol.... LMAO now that's class!!!!! Be happy for the upgrade, (sandals instead of feet, and they match my outfit) and don't worry I forgot the shoes in the car so ended up wearing heels all night.

Ejeme!! (Jini) All the other ladies take forever. We're smart enough to get ready quick so we can take pictures before the sun goes down lol

smh! She's obviously crazy!! that's why I love her!!!!

So who else can we get a glimpse of.



It's my gorgeous cousin Ifunanya! We all call her Sunshine though. Isn't she stunning!!! She's lucky I love her so much or I'd hate her, or get a complex, which ever wss easier. So many of my guy friends think she's beyond beautiful.  Some of you might remember her from when I went to DC for her graduation june 2010
click image, for the post


Into the car car we go & off to Eko Hotel & Suites. The event would be at Sky lounge, or Sky bar, someone help me with the name lol. The top section at Eko. It was really nice!! and the food was GREAT!!!!!!!

my two God brothers, and my brother. Aren't they soo tall!!  sings: Heeeey Ladies....!!!

Bumped into a friend from ATL who's also moved back


Awww look & my aunt & uncle. She looks sooo young it's crazy she's 50

:) i see my mum, God brothers, etc

Hope you liked the pictures! (click here for part 2 with the reunion pictures)
Love Bombchell


  1. nice pictures of all your family and look lovely

  2. The sequin skirt is hot and I could steal dem Stuarts... the fun never ends with u, girl

  3. pureetay. So much fun. J'adore the shoes!

  4. cute pictures, you look so pretty and glam in them!

  5. I am SOOOOO Bummed... I was typig a REALLY long comment and my comp reset itself. It was a generally long tirade on how girls with good looking brothers never lacked party invites in my college days.

    And yeah, your cousin is too damn gorgeous. I'd hate her if I met her.

    I am still bummed about losing that comment!

    1. UGH!!!! that sucks!!!! :( Trust me I get it. It's happened to me enough times, and I get soooo pissed off. still glad you still commented love. & thanks for the compliments.

      You know what funny enough in college me and my sisters didnt really do much college parties. my school wasnt too crazy, but.. we partied whenever we went home.

  6. - Yuh all are sooo pretty ! <3
    And yuhr outfits are on point

  7. Black women are so perfect. I was in Atlanta a few weekends ago and it was like being in the presence of God with so many beautiful African queens. I do not understand the down low brothers in Atlanta.

  8. 50 isn't old! your aunt looks good! looks like you guys had a great time! what were the lip colors you ladies were wearing??? and whew.. the guys look hot in their suits!

  9. You look really good, wow, you seemed to have changed a lot since you got to naija, your cheeks are fuller, hope you are working out oh, you've def gained some weight, you look really good now, but its something you should put in check, just cause we in naija dont eat with our health in mind, and tons of our food arent made to keep you in awesome shape. Sha no go eat forget o......

    btw I love your blog :)

    1. My dear are you answering my weight. Funny enough I was slimmer in Dec.

      when i left ATL i was about 165, in naij I lost weight and was 160 around xmas, then I lost more weight and was 155lbs. Now Im bummed out I'm back to 160, I'm afraid it'll climb up.

      i must be a sexy mum by force!! ( bear in mind single, not preggers, no bf, not engaged... but gotta plan for the future)

      I eat too much! got a new cook AMEN. and the guy makes stuff like Pizza and lasagna, heaven help me!!! LMAO looking for a gym close by that I dont have to pay 350k sha. but in regards to nij ive lost weight, tho recently added more.

  10. To all the comments above:

    thanks for the lovely comments, really warms my heart, and inflates my head which is better than food or alcohol :) *muah*

  11. Amazing looks, darling!
    You are all so gorgeous!


  12. Nice blog girl! Hope to check out my blog and follow me if you like it! :D
    Have a nice day and keep inspire us! <3


  13. OMG you look so great! All of you do. Inspired by you and my trip last year I've decided to move back to Nigeria and do NYSC (my parents had been trying to convince me for years). So I hope we can meet up unlike last time and I can get a piece of this glam life. I don't know many people my age there since I didn't really go to school there so all my ideas of Nigeria are based on stuff people my parents age do, so it's great to see another perspective.

  14. lovely pics!

    - True

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  16. I swear your family got hit with the pretty stick!
    You, the cousins, the brother(!!!) god damn.
    If I had cousin like Sunshine, I would have major problems...
    & what lipstick is she wearing? Gorgeous! & what red are you wearing? I need to find my red.

    xo SARMIN

  17. Lovely photos

  18. Vava Va VOOOOM!! Looking good!

  19. This is something new and I really like it! Would you like to follow each other darling?:X

  20. I am conducting a Survey on the consumption of cannabis in Nigeria could you pls tell me if you have ever smoked or if you have any friends who have, if so how many times have you ever smoked and how many friends of yours smoke and how often? pls Try to reply because asking on-line is the only way i can do this research....Thank you

    1. Bombchell's dad in disguise?lol

  21. You have got some gorgeous ladies in ur family!! Looking beautiful! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    NY Style Examiner

  22. Looks like you had fun....and oh, your cousin is gorgeous!

  23. Love your dress and lipstick. How do I get your cousin's absolutely gorgeous sequin skirt? me likes

  24. "sunshine" single as well?<3


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